3 Important Elements To Master The Art Of Photography
3 Important Elements To Master The Art Of Photography

3 important elements to master the art of photography

Photography is nothing short of an art form, which is why understanding the basics before you can even think of buying a professional grade camera for practice is essential. The right equipment, coupled with the right set of skills will help you go a long way and maybe one day even enable you to make a living out of taking pictures and auctioning or selling it to stock photo agencies. The concepts of camera and photo basics are applicable for still as well as digital photography.

A Digital Single Lens Reflex or DSLR camera is the best and basic equipment in professional photography to get started with the basic camera and photo concepts. Three very important points to understand while taking a picture include the shutter speed, aperture, and ISO (light sensitivity).

Shutter speed

  • The shutter speed refers to the movement of shutter elements in a professional grade camera that allows you to capture different types of images.
  • It refers to the time taken by the shutter to open and shut, allowing the light to fall on camera sensors for the image to be created.
  • Low shutter speed and high shutter speed images can be achieved by moderating the shutter snap. The concept behind shutter speed is quite simple, the longer the duration of which shutter remains open, more is the time allowed for light to enter and create the image on sensors and vice versa.
  • High shutter speed will allow photographers to capture high-speed images, like a race car or any fast moving object without the image getting blurred.
  • Low-speed shutter imaging allows for standard photography, with the universal shutter speed set at 60 which is 1/60th of a second to capture the image.


  • While shutter speed controls the duration for which light can enter, aperture controls the amount of light which is permitted on the sensors. This will determine whether the captured image is too bright or too dark, depending on the aperture settings.
  • Aperture has to be adjusted according to different lighting conditions to capture a perfectly created image, which is not too bright or dark without compromising any of the elements within the frame.
  • Aperture also controls the depth of field which also modulates the foreground and background objects composed within the frame.
  • Higher the aperture setting more will be the depth of field allowing decreased focus on a particular object and vice versa.
  • A shallower depth of field will allow more focus on the foreground objects, by blurring the background.


  • Also referred to as light sensitivity, the ISO is adjusted keeping in mind shutter speed and aperture to determine the perfect exposure for any image.
  • In simple terms, the sensor will not be very sensitive to light with a low ISO number as opposed to a higher number that indicates high sensitivity.

When shutter speed, ISO, and aperture are all combined, the exposure levels can be modified with ease to find the perfect balance between all colors. It takes a considerable amount of time and practice to find the right balance between all three after understanding the theory of all camera and photo concepts.

It is also important to understand the composition of any camera and photo shot since what will be included within the frame will determine aspects like shutter speed, aperture, and ISO settings after the proper white balance has been done. White balance is done to produce true RGB colors for the image by calibrating the camera settings to pure white color composition preset.

The composition also depends on camera and photo concepts like rule of thirds, looking direction, head room, nose room and distance from the object you want to capture. This will again depend on the type of object or type of landscape you want to capture in your frame and composition.

  • Your guide to getting FHA loan approvals

    A Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loan is a type of mortgage which is insured by the FHA and is considered one of the most affordable and fastest loans to procure.

    Simply put, the borrower needs to be approved by the FHA to get this loan. You may then look for different mortgage rates with different FHA-approved lenders. There are plenty of portals which may help you get fast quotes and you may subsequently take the process ahead with any lender whose rates you have found affordable.

    Important guidelines to get an FHA loan approval
    Discussed below are a few important aspects to keep in mind while applying for an FHA loan.

    Credit score
    The credit score requirement to get an FHA loan approval is not stringent. The minimum eligible credit score for the same is 580. Even if you do not have a credit history, your lender will need to evaluate your eligibility, based on a non-traditional merged credit. Some borrowers may require a score of 640-680 to be eligible for this loan.

    While this is a guideline set, many lenders also give a loan to people with a credit score of at least 500.

    Debt to income ratio
    The debt to income ratio is a critical guideline followed by lenders to evaluate the eligibility of a borrower. It is a way in which lenders (even mortgage lenders) calculate a borrower’s ability to repay the debts, considering their regular incomes. The acceptable limit of this ratio is 31:43 to get an FHA loan approval.

    Mortgage insurance
    Even though getting an approval for an FHA loan seems fairly easy, the real challenge arises in getting two types of mortgage insurances as prerequisites. One insurance needs to be paid fully while the other has to have a provision of being paid in monthly installments.

    Down payment
    The minimum down payment required for an FHA loan approval is 3.5%. While the standard rate for down payment runs at 20%, the 3.5% comes as a great relief for borrowers who cannot afford such a high amount.

    Other important areas
    A lender will look into your employment history, lawful residency in the US, as well as a valid Social Security number (SSN). You would also require to have an appraisal for the property from a verified FHA-approved appraiser.

    The other requirements differ from lender to lender, and it is always advisable to gather full information about your verified FHA loan lender before applying for a loan.

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  • 3 ways SMA patients and caregivers can maintain a healthy relationship

    The relationship between a person diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) and their caregiver is a two-way street. It is important to remember that both the patient and caregiver have their individual needs that should be communicated clearly. Irrespective of whether the primary caregiver is a parent, friend, or someone who has been hired to take care of the SMA patient, there are a few important things to consider for a healthy relationship between them. Below are three tips for SMA patients to maintain a healthy relationship with their caregivers-

    • Informing the caregiver in advance about any schedule changes
      SMA patients should remember that their caregivers, whether family, friends or professional caregivers, have their own schedules and needs. One needs to ensure that they don’t make any last-minute changes without informing the caregiver well in advance. A caregiver plans everything according to the SMA patient’s schedule, and any sudden changes might cause problems with the caregiver’s schedule and routine. It is important to remember that the caregiver is likely to have other jobs, people to meet, and other personal errands of their own. Hence, it is essential to inform the caregiver in advance if there are any changes to one’s schedule.
    • Conveying one’s needs clearly
      If an SMA patient is hiring someone through an agency or via the Internet, it is vital to know that the caregiver has probably had clients with a wide range of needs, levels of independence, and abilities. Hence, it is necessary for the patient to inform the caregiver about what their specific needs are, what tasks they can do, and what tasks they cannot perform. The best way that a caregiver will be able to help a patient properly and cater to all their needs is by just communicating with them. If one is used to doing certain things in a particular manner, let the caregiver know that beforehand so that they are able to do their job thoroughly by keeping their patient’s needs in mind.
    • It is okay to have disagreements with the caregiver
      When the caregiver is a friend or family member, fights and arguments are inevitable. However, when one has a fight, a confusion, a misunderstanding, or whether there is a simple disagreement with one’s caregiver, one needs to ensure that this tension does not last. It is important to communicate openly and work together towards solving the problem.
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  • Common Symptoms and Preventive Measures of Back Pain

    Back pain is one of the most common health problems. This is mostly due to a highly sedentary lifestyle. It has been observed that nearly every person experiences back pain at least once in their life. Despite the widespread prevalence of this problem, there are certain necessary measures that help in the prevention of back pain. Also, there are some simple home treatments that can be followed to get relief. It is only in very cases that a surgery is required to treat back pain.

    Symptoms of back muscle pain
    There are many symptoms of back muscle pain. Some of the common symptoms include the following.

    • Shooting or stabbing pain
    • Pain that improves with reclining
    • Pain that radiates down the leg
    • Muscle ache
    • Pain that worsens with lifting, bending, walking, or standing

    When should one see a doctor?
    Back muscle pain will generally go away with time. Mostly it takes about a week for the pain to go away. However, if the pain persists then one may need to visit a doctor. There are some rare cases where back muscle pain might indicate a serious medical issue. In such cases, be sure to take the assistance of a physician. Such extreme symptoms include the following:

    • Urinal problem
    • Back pain accompanied by fever
    • While A person with a pre-existing back pain condition falls on their back

    Prevention of back muscle pain

    • Workouts: In order to live an active lifestyle, workouts are important. With an active lifestyle, one can easily eliminate back muscle pain. A few low-pressure aerobic exercises can be helpful in improving the condition. These exercises will help the back muscles become flexible and gain enough strength.
    • Building muscles: If one regularly workout, then there is a risk of being affected by back muscle pain because when one builds abdominal muscles, the back also gains strength. This really helps to protect the back from the severe pain.
    • Maintain body weight: A person’s body weight puts a lot of pressure on the back. If one is obese then one is more prone to back pain than a person with normal weight. So, try to maintain a healthy weight to prevent back muscle pain.

    Finally, if an active lifestyle with proper dieting is the most effective way to prevent back muscle pain.

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  • 4 ways to get rid of back pain

    The back and the spine is that part of the body which supports our bodies and makes mobility possible. Any pain or injury in this area can make for much discomfort. There are many causes of back pain including strain or stress to the muscle and ligaments, injuries to the spine and lumbar area, degenerative diseases like arthritis which can affect the lower back or even the shoulders and neck. One should take appropriate measures for back pain relief so that the issue can be managed. Try these back pain treatment methods to cure the issue.

    Ice therapy
    This is one of the most recommended back pain treatment methods. The doctor will ask you to rest, take ice compress, conduct compression of the area and keep it elevated as well. Taking rest is essential to relieve back pain. You should also apply ice packs and ice compress, especially if this is an acute pain. For more chronic back pain, a heat compress will be more appropriate. Further, you should keep the area compressed with a belt which will give support and promote better blood circulation. And, finally, try and keep the area elevated.

    Your doctor may prescribe pain killers and steroids (in rare cases) for back pain relief. This will depend on the severity of your condition. In many cases, anti-inflammatory drugs may be prescribed as well. For more severe cases, one may require steroid injections. Muscle relaxants are also commonly prescribed for back pain treatment.

    Some amount of physiotherapy is required to keep the muscles and bones of the area in motion so that spasms and cramps do not set in.

    In case there is disc herniation, damage or nerve compression, one may even have to go through surgery for long term back pain relief. This is usually a final resort after the doctor has tried all other methods of treatment.

    You must take medical advice before you turn to any particular method of back pain treatment. This will ensure that your body does not react to the treatment or medication adversely.

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  • Why minibikes are not innocent toys?

    Minibikes, often treated as such, are not toys. Even the tiniest, cheapest, petrol-powered bikes can achieve speeds of at least 40 km/h. Their electric counterparts however typically can not exceed 10-25 km/h. Road laws vary by country and sometimes by state. For the most part minibikes do not meet the requirements to be deemed road-legal. The ones made by hobbyists typically tend to be the culprits here: no indicator lights, no rear view mirror, no horn, sometimes even no headlight.

    Small bikes, big dangers
    You could be deceived by its cute looks but these small pocket bikes have big dangers. These bikes have it all to fascinate kids, teens and even adults. However, to police, safety experts and doctors, minibikes are nothing more than a mess! Here’s why.

    Because of their petite demeanor, these super fast tiny bikes become difficult to notice by huge trucks and giant Suvs. Although these tiny monsters are way too noisy and make their presence known, they could be missed by people playing loud music or by those driving with their mirrors rolled up. Owing to fatal accidents and the overall danger caused by these, sale of minibikes sagged quite a bit during the early 2000s. Mini bike sale, however, was revived in the last few years when a road friendly and safer version of minibike began to be made. Some popular manufacturers like Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha and others have been making road-legal minibikes for enthusiasts at modes pricing schemes. The Honda Grom was perhaps the first entrant in the segment that was fully-featured and not to mention road-legal.These bikes have headlights, turn signals, tail/brake lights, a horn, and speedometer and also have speed limit in most scenarios (typically 4 stroke bikes with manual 4 speed transmissions can reach speeds of 55mph). In some cases, if the bike requires minor modification to meet requirements, one may be able to register it as a “unique/home-built.”

    Like real full-size motorcycles, the rider of a modified super pocket bike must carry insurance, have a current inspection, and wear a helmet if local laws require it. Depending on if the state classifies a pocket bike as a “moped” or full “motorcycle”, the rider may or may not need a special motorcycle license. If not, a regular driver’s license may suffice.

    Safety should be a major concern for anyone interested in riding these small wonders. Riding gas pocket bikes can provide miles of fun and enjoyment if one adheres to safety measures. Follow basic safety rules like wearing helmets, knee pads and shin guards to stay protected!

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  • Here’s how to save money with Harbor Freight coupons

    Harbor Freight Tools is a tool and equipment retailer with over 800 stores in the country.

    Harbor Freight Tools opened their very first store in 1980 and then slowly expanded and became a household name for tools and equipment. These tools and equipment can be used in repairs as well as remodeling. Harbor Freight Tools sells almost anything required for your home repairs like power tools, air tools, automotive and motorcycle tools, tool storage, hand tools, engines, generators, welding tools, material handling tools, and lawn and gardening tools.

    To save a few bucks while buying tools and equipment, you must use Harbor Freight coupons. These coupons come in the following two types.

    Printable coupons
    Printable coupons are available on their website as well as on their newsletters and emails. Harbor Freight Tools provides the best deals in the market, which will compel you to buy from them. Some Harbor Freight coupons enable you to buy tools at prices that are lower than the selling price, thereby helping you save money on tools. For example, with Harbor Freight coupon, you may get a Rapid Pump 3-ton steel heavy duty floor jack for just $79.99 in comparison to its selling price of $87.98 approximately.

    Harbor Freight coupons give you the cheapest options in comparison to similar models by other brands and show you how much you could end up saving. For example, you could end up saving around $2,155 on a deep cabinet with great offers. These are the Liquidation Super Coupons that can save you a lot of money while buying repairing tools.

    Digital coupons
    Harbor Freight coupons are also digital and can be redeemed online. Some of the coupons are called super coupons that provide free products with any purchase. These free products include a weather-free tarp, a pickup and reach tool, and swivel lens headlamps.

    There are also other digital super coupons that help you save money on a lot of products. There are some products that are sold at 99 cents. These products include latex coated work gloves, dust and particle masks, spring clamp set, screwdriver set and aluminum hooks.

    Harbor Freight coupons are better than most other companies because they provide the best deals and prices that drive you to make a purchase from them. The coupons are easy to print and easy to redeem as well. Their coupons are also refreshed every month. So, if you do not find anything interesting this month, their deals are going to give you a good option in the next month.

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  • Why learn to play a musical instrument

    Music completes the experience of being a human. It is amazing how it harmonizes even the unnoticed daily cacophonies. Everyone in this world might not be able to sing, but we all have an easy answer to what’s our favorite song. This is because every single one of us can resonate with the power of music. And even if you happen to be clumsy with chords and lines, learning a musical instrument will prove to be a fulfilling experience. It could be anything a guitar or a piano or drums set or even a triangle!

    Here are some reasons why you should learn to play a musical instrument.

    Relieves Stress
    Playing a musical instrument can be an absolute stress buster, you can let go of your worries and trepidation, and might just find the inspiration you were looking for. A lot of your time in the day involves thinking obsessively about concerns, overexerting your mind and body. Investing your time in practicing a musical instrument is a productive musical therapy.

    Makes you patient and disciplined
    The two virtues that are the hardest to master are patience and persistence. Playing a musical instrument will make you realize that your mistakes will eventually transform into strengths and your unrelenting attitude towards developing a talent will pay off. You just have to focus on what you have now and make the best out of it.

    Making music is a creative process, it is not just bound by certain lessons and rules, but it largely also dependent on your personal motivation and drive. Playing an instrument will offer you with an opportunity to think beyond what’s normal and conventional.

    Improves your memory
    Learning how to play a musical instrument requires one thing in abundance and that is undivided concentration. You observe, you feel, you process and then you attempt. The way you choose to dedicate your awareness plays an important role in how you choose to create memory techniques for yourself. If you want to know how to play again, you’ll have to remember, so master the art of concentration.

    Improves social skills and self-expression
    When you know how to play a musical instrument it opens avenues for you to express yourself in various ways. This will boost your confidence as you are using a completely different alternative to put forth your sentiments and feelings. Music is something that intensifies as you keep sharing it. It is a great medium to bring together your family and friends.

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  • The 1969 Camaro, muscle machine

    To say that the 1969 model Camaro is a highly-coveted car would be an understatement. The 1969 Camaro is known to be one of the best muscle cars in its genre. The Camaro line was introduced in 1967 but what makes the 1969 model the one to own is the fact that the design of this model was revamped. The new model came out with a more aggressive and sporty look that made it immensely popular. It has been nearly fifty years since it was first manufactured but one can still find a number of these beauties available for sale, across the United States. Restored, refurbished, in run down condition, in mint condition, with the majority of its original parts, in varied colors, with paint jobs that mirror the original lines you name it and it can be found. Private collectors and owners as well as dealerships of classic cars and certified pre owned dealers, often list the 1969 Camaro for sale.

    The V grille, the unique body style, the big and small blocks, V6 and V8 engines with powerful horsepower, the fact that there was a set of these that made it to the racetracks, and were superb machines to race. For all these reasons, 1969 Camaro remains many people’s dream car or something they once owned and now want again to relive the glory days, or else have always coveted and put on their car buying wish list. This last in the first generation Camaros, which were produced through 1969, actually has more models on the road for one simple reason due to various production and design related challenges in getting the manufacturing right, the car was put out in a prolonged year that lasted until November 1969. Which is good news for those looking for a 1969 Camaro for sale!

    With convertible and hard top options, single colored as well as two toned with the distinctive stripes on the hood, the 1969 Camaro was gorgeous to behold and fast to drive. You can find the car available for bid on eBay and also for purchase, as listed on websites like Car Guru and Classic Trader. You can also check with your local certified pre owned dealerships, used car dealers in your town, and classic car dealers, alongside private owners who can be found in the classified sections of local papers or check with the classic car enthusiasts in town.

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