4 face powders for glowing skin
4 face powders for glowing skin

Face powder seems like a basic product, but it is very easy to end up buying the wrong item. The reason for this is the lack of knowledge about the ingredients that make a good face powder. It is important to know what they are, as the right ingredients help mattify the face and absorb oil, keep makeup from sliding off throughout the day, and provide a radiant glow.

The best face powder formulas also feel light on the skin and go well with blush and foundation. In this article, we’ve rounded up the best face powders based on the ingredients in them.

Original Loose Powder Mineral Foundation SPF 15
Made from a combination of titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, mica, and bismuth oxychloride, this face powder sits comfortably on the skin and is also easy to apply. It is lightweight and covers the skin with a natural, luminous finish. The powder is also vegan and can help fight dark circles, as well as fine lines and wrinkles.

Airbrush Flawless Finish Setting Powder
This face powder boasts of its ability to provide a bright, illuminating finish on the skin. Mica, talc, and silica used in the powder help blur away fine lines and wrinkles and diffuse the light hitting your face. Meanwhile, the rose wax and almond oil help keep the skin hydrated throughout the day, enabling the product to blend flawlessly.

Translucent Loose Setting Powder
Unlike others, this powder doesn’t come in the form of a cake. The loose powder formula prevents caking under the eyes and helps lock in makeup for up to 16 hours, which is virtually unheard of. It also absorbs oil better than others, creates a flawless finish, and works on pretty much every skin tone, although people with oily, combo, or normal skin will like it better.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Highlighter
The ingredients used in this face powder have been dermatological tested, so you know you’re getting the best for your skin. The MAC multi-mineral complex and vitamin E-rich formula delivers a dimensional yet natural-satin finish, hiding the fine lines and wrinkles as well. The powder keeps the makeup intact better than most and is great for all skin tones.

  • How to select the best laptop for you

    If you look at the past 10 years, laptops have been growing in popularity in comparison with desktop computers. Several types of laptops are available in the market including nextbook laptops and it is your responsibility to choose the most suitable ones based on your needs. It has become really easy to identify a laptop that meets your needs.

    The fundamental question must always be what are you searching for in a laptop? What type of device is good for you to purchase? Are you interested in playing games on the laptop? Do you want a device that offers a long battery life? Are you going to carry the laptop wherever you go? These are some of the questions that you need to find answers prior to buying a laptop.

    Best devices for students

    Generally speaking, students will be searching for laptops that are cheap and they also look for the one that offers good battery life. That is why most students prefer a nextbook laptops or mini-laptop. This is a very good option and the battery life of these devices is pretty high compared to other devices. These types of devices are highly portable as well. Several students search for a slightly oversized nextbook laptops and these products come with a larger CPU with increased power as well.

    Best devices for travelers

    Businesses travelers always look for a laptop that has adequate computing power and they also want a highly portable one. Another important aspect is that the laptop must be built into a sturdy case for protecting all your work documents. Compact products such as Panasonic laptops are a good option. 12 to 15 inch laptops are definitely a good option and you should not focus on the price too much. The focus should be on the quality of the device.

    Best devices for the home users

    Home users must be careful picking the right option that meets their own requirements. It can be something pretty similar to a desktop and 15 inch laptops are really popular for this category. There are plenty of options available in the market and you have to be really careful while making a choice.

    Best devices for gamers

    The quality and functionality of gaming laptops have increased considerably. Gamers are always searching for laptops that come with best processing power and they also give utmost preference to good graphics/video card. 15 inches to 17 inches are the most preferred choices and some people opt for bigger versions. Top brands offer high end gaming laptops and you can customize them according to your needs using the latest parts.

    Your purpose must be given the top priority and the most suitable one must be selected after carefully considering all the options available in the market.

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  • Five of the best senior cell phone plans

    All cell phone plans these days come with high-speed internet and unlimited minutes. Both of these may not really be useful to seniors.

    They don’t let you browse use the internet or talk beyond a paltry limit. The best alternative, then, is to find senior citizen cell phone plans that are affordable, and suitable for your requirements. If you belong to the low-income category, you could get free cellphones for seniors under the Lifeline Assistance Program.

    You have a variety of smartphone plans for seniors to choose from. Here are a few.

    T-Mobile Pay As You Go: T-Mobile is one of the best cell phone service providers in the market. This carrier offers deals that suit everyone. Plus, they’ve also released mobile phone plans that are tailor-made for seniors. On the T-Mobile Pay As You Go plan, you have to pay a monthly fee of $3. You get either 30 minutes or 30 text messages in this plan. To avail this, you’ll need to have a compatible phone. Whether you bring your own phone or not, you will have to pay $20 for a sim starter kit. Also, there is no annual contract, no deposit, and no credit check.

    AT&T GoPhone Daily: One of the most trusted brand across the US, AT&T has a very convenient plan for seniors who hardly need to make any calls. The name of the plan is AT&T GoPhone Daily. The best part is that you have to pay $2 per day of usage of incoming and outgoing calls. It means that you don’t have to pay anything on the days that you don’t use your phone. This is one of the best senior phone plans. If you are using the phone for the day you get unlimited minutes and texts. You don’t even have to pay an activation fee. If you already have a compatible phone you can get a sim for $4.99. However, if you are buying the sim online you’ll have to be careful as a $25 refill card may be added. Make sure to uncheck this item while making a purchase.

    Republic Wireless 1GB: For seniors who use the internet often. Available at just $20 this plan gives you not only 1GB of data but also gives you unlimited minutes and texts and is one of the best phone plans for seniors. Republic Wireless is one of the newest service providers but has made a stand with offers such as this one. This plan has no contract but it is important to know that this is not a prepaid service.

    T-Mobile monthly basic: Yet another plan from T-Mobile that is ideal for seniors. This plan is priced at $30 per month. You get 5GB of high-speed internet and you get 100 minutes and unlimited texts. If you can make do with just 100 minutes of talk time this is one of the most reasonable cell phone plans for seniors out there.

    Greatcall WeTalk 200: Priced at $14.99, this plan gives you 200 minutes of talk time. It is important to note that you don’t get any texts or data.

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  • Causes and treatments of ingrown toenails

    An ingrown toenail could be the reason you feel that weird discomfort when you wear those closed shoes. And for all you know, that closed shoe could be worsening your ingrown toenail condition further. Recognize the problem before it gets serious and treat and control it before you feel much pain.

    An ingrown toenail occurs when the nail of a toe, especially of the big toe is growing or has grown into the skin under the nail. Though it is only discomforting and painful at times and not dangerous, ignorance and no treatment will lead to serious damage to the skin and that part of your foot. Therefore, it is important to care for your feet and toenails and in case of any ingrowth on nails, you must treat them.

    There are a few causes of ingrown nails. Improper trimming is one of the most common reasons for ingrown nails. When you trim your toenails too short or when you shape them round, you give way for ingrowth.

    Wearing tight socks or shoes can lead to the same problem. This happens because the pressure of those tight socks and/or shoes on the toes causes the growth in the inward direction leading to ingrown toenails.

    Injuries also cause ingrown toe nails. Sudden external pressure because of an injury can cause the nail to pierce into the skin causing this problem. In this situation, it is advised to see a doctor or a podiatrist.

    There are also some heredity and fungal infection that cause this problem. A podiatrist can help with the treatment in this case.

    Other treatments that you can give yourself include cutting off ingrowth with a nail cutter after soaking your feet in warm salt water for at least 1015 minutes. Also, soaking your feet in warm salt water for few days after the removal will help prevent further ingrowth. Other than soaking, keep your feet clean and dry at all times.

    You can stuff a tiny cotton ball under the ingrown nail to stop it from going further into your skin. If you see any soreness or redness in the skin, put an antibiotic ointment or band-aid to protect it from outer infection.

    The best way to prevent an ingrown toenail is to take proper care of your feet always. Wear well fitted shoes and socks and clean your feet on a regular basis. If you see things going beyond your control, visit a podiatrist.

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  • 6 Best crossover SUVs under $20,000

    If you don’t need too much of passenger or cargo space, but you still want to upgrade from a sedan to an SUV, then there are a lot of sub-compact SUVs that will fit your needs perfectly well. These new crossover SUVs are also affordable but give you great riding comfort. Let’s take a look at the top-tier new crossover SUVs that come with affordable prices:

    Honda HR-V: This is by far the best new sub-compact SUV that you can buy as it offers plenty of value for money. It comes with a spacious cabin, quality interior, and excellent cargo space. To top it all, this new crossover SUV offers one smooth ride.
    Mazda CX-3: This is an excellent pick as the CX-3 comes with great safety credentials. It resembles a car in its sporty handling capacities rather than an SUV. It also has a comparatively low base price although its interior is marked by impressive materials and it comes with a handsome design.
    Jeep Renegade: This is quite an impressive vehicle as it comes with surprisingly serious performance credentials. The Renegade is ranked for its on-and-off road performance. This crossover is the best pick if you are looking for an affordable off-roader.
    Fiat 500X: The Fiat 500X is probably the best affordable new SUV. Although quite stylish, it falls short when it comes to equipment and features. The standard features available are less when compared to other crossover SUVs. Still, the 500X comes with a high safety score that makes it worth the buy.
    Mitsubishi Outlander Sport: This crossover SUV stands out in two areas, its affordable price and its amazing warranty, thereby making it a decent choice for people who do not want to splurge and exceed their budgets. Features that are standard in other SUVs, like the infotainment system cost extra in the Outlander Sport.
    Jeep Patriot: The best attribute of the Jeep Patriot is its price. The engine provides sluggish acceleration, but due to its low price, you do have the option of upgrading to a larger engine.

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  • Replacement made easy with Maytag

    Are you a proud owner of Maytag appliances? If you’re facing trouble with any of the equipment, here’s good news for you. The leading brand of consumer appliances Maytag has made sourcing spare parts easy. Now, you can do repairs anytime with new components that have been made available for longer use. Maytag, which was acquired by Whirlpool in 2006, ensures its loyal customers for a hassle-free appliance parts replacement. Yes, now you can still procure replacement parts when required without any hassle and continue using your favorite Maytag kitchen gadgets.

    Fix the trouble
    With years, your kitchen appliances go through small damages like simple wear and tears that can hamper the usage or looks of the machines. And replacing these broken parts with new ones can be a tedious task. Not from now on, though. Whenever you encounter any problem you can always carry out the repair by purchasing the certified parts for any of your Maytag or Whirlpool equipment with ease. Maytag offers a wide range of consumer appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, washers, and dryers to iron, steamers and more. When you face any issue after the purchase, the first step is to examine the machine properly to decide on the part that needs to be replaced. In most of the cases, these can be fixed easily at home by following the instruction manual.

    Read the manual
    For instance, in the case of a dryer unit, if you find the machine has become noisy or leaves a mark on the clothes or takes longer than usual to complete the drying process, then the drum support roller kit might need to be replaced with a new set. In this situation, note down the part number, order the Maytag part either online or by visiting your nearest dealer and complete the repair as per the instruction sheet as it would not be difficult. Similarly, if you find the ice maker in your refrigerator isn’t working properly like it does usually or dispenses too much ice or would not start at all, then you will have to replace the ice maker component. You can easily fix this by using the installation instructions available on the internet or by watching DIY videos on the repair that are readily available. Most of the customers have done it and classify the repair work as easy or difficult; both of these require less than half an hour.

    Seek help
    If you find the repair difficult or do not have time for the same, you may contact an authorized service center that will help pinpoint the cause of the trouble and carry out the repair service for you. Maytag parts not only fit the Maytag and Whirlpool machines but can work for several other components from other brands such as Kenmore, Crosley, Hardwick, Amana and more. Just spot the problem and replace the faulty component with a trusted Maytag part for durability.

    The next time when you notice a problem with any of your Maytag appliances, observe for the issue for a while to check if the problem repeats. If so, identify the faulty part that is the cause of the trouble, and go for a replacement with the new Maytag parts.

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  • Common signs of pregnancy

    From fatigue to nausea and weight gain, several symptoms can indicate pregnancy. The entire pregnancy can last for about 40 weeks, and for some women, it may even sound scary. Having said that, understanding the symptoms of pregnancy and what to expect during this period can help make this period smooth and comfortable for women.

    Common symptoms of pregnancy

    Among the first things women should know are the signs that can help them understand that they are pregnant. Although the symptoms of pregnancy may differ among women, here’s a list of the most common ones:

    • A missed menstrual cycle: The most common and among the earliest signs of a pregnancy is a missed menstrual cycle. However, this is not a sure sign as irregular or delayed menstrual cycles can also be a result of ill health.
    • Tender breasts: Tender and sensitive breasts can also be a sign of pregnancy as they are caused by hormonal changes that occur during the early stages of pregnancy.
    • Nausea and vomiting: Nausea is a common symptom of pregnancy, and it generally starts a month after a woman conceives. However, it may occur earlier for some women, while others may not develop this symptom at all. This symptom is commonly known as morning sickness, but women may experience it at any time of the day.
    • Increased urination: Increased urination is another common symptom of pregnancy as a result of increased blood flow in a woman’s body. This leads to the kidneys working overtime to process more fluid and eliminate toxins, which increases the urge to urinate among pregnant women.
    • Fatigue: Exhaustion and fatigue are among the most common signs of pregnancy. The production of progesterone increases significantly among women during the early stages of pregnancy, which causes fatigue and sleepiness.

    Other than these symptoms, pregnancy may lead to bloating, mood swings, cramping, constipation, and sudden dislike for certain foods among women, even to the extent of throwing up at their sight or smell.

    Stages of pregnancy
    The stages of pregnancy are known as trimesters. By the 12th week, the baby starts developing muscles and nerves, along with the head. The second trimester lasts from week 13th to 28th, and the bone marrow of the baby starts creating blood cells during this time. Also, fingerprints and footprints form, the hair on the baby’s head starts growing, and the baby grows to around 12 inches long in the second trimester. In the third trimester, the organs of the baby start functioning on their own.

    Prevention of unwanted pregnancy
    Several birth control methods can be used by women with an active sex life if they do not wish to conceive. The most common contraceptive methods are condoms, cervical caps, oral contraceptive pills, and IUDs.

    If a woman notices any of these symptoms of pregnancy, she must take a pregnancy test. Modern home pregnancy tests can give a 99%-accurate result, but visiting a doctor can help women get a confirmation. The urine or blood test performed by a medical professional can confirm a pregnancy.

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  • 3 Products to Buy During the ALEX AND ANI Sale

    ALEX AND ANI is a famous brand that retails and manufactures jewelry. This brand designs jewelry with a touch of humanity and positivity. It was introduced to the market in 2004. The company makes different jewelry items like bracelets, bangles, necklaces, rings, and earrings. Most people love and appreciate the products of this company. It provides various offers and discounts on a variety of goods. To know more about sales on ALEX AND ANI products, you can visit its official website. You can also get to know about ALEX AND ANI sales by visiting other e-commerce websites like Amazon, 6 PM, Nordstrom, Zales, etc. Here are some of its best products that are currently on sale:

    Dragon Charm Bangle
    This classy bangle is available in two colors, gold and silver. You will find an impression of a mythical gold dragon on this bracelet. Some cultures perceive dragons as a teacher or an excellent guardian. This gold dragon provides strength to users so that they do not lose hope and maintain a sense of responsibility. Some people believe that golden dragons are responsible for prosperity and brightness because they are the experts of the sun and fire. By wearing this bangle, wearers can bring themselves out of the darkness and into the light.

    Inspiration In Flight Expandable Necklace
    This beautiful ALEX AND ANI necklace is available in the sale section of the 6 PM website at a 50% discount. This necklace comes in two colors, yellow gold and shiny silver. It has a kite-shaped pendant which gives the power of the human spirit to its user. This pendant and necklace inspire wearers to fly high and move in the direction where life takes them. It is the perfect gift option to boost the morale of people who are feeling low.

    Lobster Expandable Wire Charm Bracelet
    You can find this bracelet with a lobster charm on the Nordstrom website at a 47% discount. It has an expandable wire closure. This product is made with brass. It comes in one size that fits everyone as people can modify its size according to their needs.

    When you sign up on the ALEX AND ANI website, you will get an extra 15% discount on your purchase. You can buy other ALEX AND ANI products on sale like the Dreamcatcher necklace and earring set, Warrior of the Soul collection, Hamsa-style necklaces for men, etc.

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  • Benefits of hiring a personal injury lawyer

    The number of accidents happing in the country are increasing alarmingly, so is the need for good personal injury lawyers and attorney to represent your case in a court of law. Although many parties would prefer to settle out of court, to save time and money, there are some people who will try to settle these disputes on their own.

    It is advisable to hire professional help to resolve such issues for a number of reasons.

    Qualification and expertise: Two of the major elements which can help determine a positive outcome for the dispute. You may not understand all the legal terms and jargons and more importantly, how to work with them to arrive at an informed decision, but your attorney certainly will. Professional injury lawyers will know exact what to do and how to proceed with, after studying and understanding your case perfectly. They are more than qualified and also have the legal expertise to back you up against another attorney who just might be as good as he is.

    Money well spent: With a solid legal representation backing you, any charges and legal fees that you will incur during the proceedings, even before and after will be money well spent since it will increase your chances of winning the dispute and making that rightful claim. You can also get a couple of free consultations, since attorneys are also looking for prospective clients year-round. First few consultations might be on the house before you narrow down your choices.

    References: Going through a known source will be more beneficial as opposed to finding legal representation online. If you know a reliable source, a friend or a relative who hired legal representation previously, you should consider going through that source. This will also help you negotiate terms and conditions better, also will help you to arrive at reasonable legal fees and charges which will be incurred for the services hired.

    No stress or worries: Since your legal representation will be taking point on the case and make sure you get that claim, you don’t have to worry about a single thing and just do as he tells you to. Personal injury lawyers will know exactly know the who, why and what of everything that is relevant for your case and will ensure the best possible course of action.

    You might want to check with the person you are about to hire as to how he will be charging the fees for his professional services. Some attorneys take an advance before they take up the case, some are paid by the hour and others will only charge a fee in case the verdict is in favor of their client.

    You can always find out more about legal representation and personal injury lawyers for the state of Colorado by doing a simple web search or can ask for specialized service providers in your vicinity.

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