All You Need to Know About the iPod touch
All You Need to Know About the iPod touch

The sole surviving MP3 player from Apple is the iPod touch. It has been one of the most popular products introduced by Apple. It even comes with a marvelous camera and an A8 chip, making it quite a great choice. Here’s what you need to know about the iPod touch currently available in the market.

Five stunning colors
The iPod touch is available in five different colors, ranging from blue to pink, ensuring that there is a choice for everybody. The space grey color is a classic choice for the iPod touch, while the silver remains quite popular among the masses. The gold iPod touch is also an excellent option for people who want a product with a luxurious feel.

Amazing technology
The A8 chip of the product comes with Metal technology which helps developers with console-style game designing. This technology is optimized to allow the CPU and GPU to work together. It also has the capacity to process complex visual effects and detailed graphics. The iPod touch has a motion compressor with in-built advanced sensors that improve the touch technology of this device. It also has an accelerometer and a gyroscope. These features help the fitness applications on your iPod touch take accurate measurements.

Additionally, the 4-inch retina display with an 1136×640 resolution enhances your viewing experience.

More power, more portability
This model’s sleek design makes it an ideal companion for your trips, workouts, or for those times when you only want to listen to music. It also offers you a compelling gaming experience and ensures that your photos, music, and games are in one place. In short, it is your one-stop entertainment zone which can be carried with you everywhere.

Tech specs
The price of the iPod touch varies as per the capacity. The 32 GB variant is available for $199 and the 128 GB variant can be bought for $299 approximately. The product is extremely compact with a height of 4.86 inches and width of 2.31 inches. The 4-inch widescreen display, fingerprint-resistant coating, and the 800:1 contrast ratio are other advantages of this product. The iPod touch has an 8 MP camera for capturing memories. It also has ample storage for your music as well as your photos. The camera comes with improved face detection, and the exposure control ensures that your photos are always stunning.

  • Your guide to getting FHA loan approvals

    A Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loan is a type of mortgage which is insured by the FHA and is considered one of the most affordable and fastest loans to procure.

    Simply put, the borrower needs to be approved by the FHA to get this loan. You may then look for different mortgage rates with different FHA-approved lenders. There are plenty of portals which may help you get fast quotes and you may subsequently take the process ahead with any lender whose rates you have found affordable.

    Important guidelines to get an FHA loan approval
    Discussed below are a few important aspects to keep in mind while applying for an FHA loan.

    Credit score
    The credit score requirement to get an FHA loan approval is not stringent. The minimum eligible credit score for the same is 580. Even if you do not have a credit history, your lender will need to evaluate your eligibility, based on a non-traditional merged credit. Some borrowers may require a score of 640-680 to be eligible for this loan.

    While this is a guideline set, many lenders also give a loan to people with a credit score of at least 500.

    Debt to income ratio
    The debt to income ratio is a critical guideline followed by lenders to evaluate the eligibility of a borrower. It is a way in which lenders (even mortgage lenders) calculate a borrower’s ability to repay the debts, considering their regular incomes. The acceptable limit of this ratio is 31:43 to get an FHA loan approval.

    Mortgage insurance
    Even though getting an approval for an FHA loan seems fairly easy, the real challenge arises in getting two types of mortgage insurances as prerequisites. One insurance needs to be paid fully while the other has to have a provision of being paid in monthly installments.

    Down payment
    The minimum down payment required for an FHA loan approval is 3.5%. While the standard rate for down payment runs at 20%, the 3.5% comes as a great relief for borrowers who cannot afford such a high amount.

    Other important areas
    A lender will look into your employment history, lawful residency in the US, as well as a valid Social Security number (SSN). You would also require to have an appraisal for the property from a verified FHA-approved appraiser.

    The other requirements differ from lender to lender, and it is always advisable to gather full information about your verified FHA loan lender before applying for a loan.

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  • 3 ways SMA patients and caregivers can maintain a healthy relationship

    The relationship between a person diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) and their caregiver is a two-way street. It is important to remember that both the patient and caregiver have their individual needs that should be communicated clearly. Irrespective of whether the primary caregiver is a parent, friend, or someone who has been hired to take care of the SMA patient, there are a few important things to consider for a healthy relationship between them. Below are three tips for SMA patients to maintain a healthy relationship with their caregivers-

    • Informing the caregiver in advance about any schedule changes
      SMA patients should remember that their caregivers, whether family, friends or professional caregivers, have their own schedules and needs. One needs to ensure that they don’t make any last-minute changes without informing the caregiver well in advance. A caregiver plans everything according to the SMA patient’s schedule, and any sudden changes might cause problems with the caregiver’s schedule and routine. It is important to remember that the caregiver is likely to have other jobs, people to meet, and other personal errands of their own. Hence, it is essential to inform the caregiver in advance if there are any changes to one’s schedule.
    • Conveying one’s needs clearly
      If an SMA patient is hiring someone through an agency or via the Internet, it is vital to know that the caregiver has probably had clients with a wide range of needs, levels of independence, and abilities. Hence, it is necessary for the patient to inform the caregiver about what their specific needs are, what tasks they can do, and what tasks they cannot perform. The best way that a caregiver will be able to help a patient properly and cater to all their needs is by just communicating with them. If one is used to doing certain things in a particular manner, let the caregiver know that beforehand so that they are able to do their job thoroughly by keeping their patient’s needs in mind.
    • It is okay to have disagreements with the caregiver
      When the caregiver is a friend or family member, fights and arguments are inevitable. However, when one has a fight, a confusion, a misunderstanding, or whether there is a simple disagreement with one’s caregiver, one needs to ensure that this tension does not last. It is important to communicate openly and work together towards solving the problem.
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  • Why you must consider using business cards

    Did you know that the first use of a business card dates back to China in the 15th century? It is safe to say that using business cards is a centuries-old tradition that remains unaffected even with the evolution in the modes of communication. These cards are a smart and cost-effective promotional tool, even in the age of social media.

    If you are still not convinced about the use of business cards in today’s digital world, here are some points to convince you otherwise.

    • All your contact info in one place
      Business cards list your active calling numbers, current address, email accounts, and even toll-free numbers for customer support. All the information can be printed on one card with attractive fonts and themes. So, anyone looking to get in touch with you can have all the information handy.
    • Easy use and accessibility
      Keep your business cards in your wallet or stash a bundle in your bag. You don’t have to worry about having an active Internet connection or exchanging information. Instead, simply exchange a business card.
    • Great for advertising and marketing
      You can carry your business brand in your pocket stylishly. A custom business card represents your brand. So, the more cards in circulation, the better you can market your brand name and advertise your business. It is also a more economical way of advertising, as the printing cost is quite inexpensive in comparison to taking out a full-fledged advert in the local daily.
    • Help with business credibility
      There is a good amount of uncertainty surrounding a lucrative and profitable business, and one of the main challenges is to maintain credibility. Believe it or not, your business cards can help gain or recover credibility by earning the trust of your regular clients.
    • Not everyone is tech savvy
      Many don’t own a smartphone yet. Even Warren Buffet, the business goliath himself, prefers a simple phone to call and text. Seniors who are not tech savvy prefer an old-fashioned business card. So, always have a dozen prints handy in your wallet. Especially if that person is someone whose attention and investment is of paramount importance to you and your business.
    • Culturally appropriate
      In many countries, it is considered culturally appropriate to hand out a business card when asked for contact information. People from Japan expect a business card when you meet them for the first time to exchange information.
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  • List Of Copd Inhalers You Should Know

    According to study, 90 percent of people smoke and about 20-30 percent of smokers in the country develop chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). COPD is a lung disease caused mainly due to excessive smoking or exposure to chemicals. COPD makes it harder to inhale and exhale. There is no cure for COPD, but treatment can help to diagnose the symptoms. Its diagnosis usually involve imaging tests, blood and lung test. If left untreated, it can cause heart problems, lung infections and even death in severe cases it could lead to death.

    At early stages, COPD patients feel shortening of breath especially after physical activity, clearing of throat regularly and recurring cough. You may avoid walking and start skipping physical activities. As the time passes, symptoms become worse and you may feel dizziness, chest pain frequent cold, loss of energy, lung infections and many more.

    The main cause of COPD is subsequent years of smoking. Most people above 40 years old suffer from COPD and mostly will be smoking person.

    There is no special test for COPD, but when you visit a doctor make sure to tell him about the symptoms that you are facing. Tell them about family members (if any) who are suffering from COPD. Tell him about all the medications and allergies you are having.

    As said earlier, there is no pure cure for COPD, but treatment can give you strength to fight this disease. It prevents complications and generally slows down the progression of the disease.

    Different type of treatments available for COPD:

    • Medication
    • Oxygen Therapy
    • Surgery
    • Lifestyle Changes

    Lifestyle change is the best option to avoid this problem and medication such as using various COPD inhalers can help. Surgery is reserved for severe cases of COPD, i.e., lung transplant.

    List of COPD Inhalers that you should know

    • Proventil
      Proventil is a rescue COPD inhaler that helps to give a fast relief from sudden breathing problems. It consists of medications like albuterol, a bronchodilator. It gives immediate relaxation to lungs and eases the breathing process.

    Side Effects

    • It causes infection in the throat, ears, and nose
    • It causes nervousness, vomiting and rapid heartbeat
    • Atrovent
      Atrovent is one of the most popular COPD inhalers in the market today. It consists of ipratropium which is an anticholinergic bronchodilator. It is used in the treatment of COPD but not a rescue inhaler. It can’t cure sudden certain breathing problems.

    Side Effects

    • Feeling of chest pain during new dose
    • Blurred vision and eye pain can be one of the side effects
    • It may feel pain during urination
    • Brovana
      Brovana is considered as one of the top inhalers especially for COPD patients. It is not at all recommendable for asthma patients. Also, it can’t be used as rescue inhaler as its aim for long-term treatment. It should be taken twice a day once in morning another in evening.

    Side Effects

    • It can cause sudden shortness of breath after its intake
    • It also causes the rises in blood pressure and heart rate
    • It causes an allergic reaction such as skin rash and tongue swelling
    • Breo Ellipta
      This inhaler is made by combining two types of medications that is fluticasone furoate and vilanterol. Vilanterol helps in relaxing of muscles around your airways and also helps in clearing mucus. This medication is just once every day for COPD patients.

    Side Effects:

    • It also causes a rise in blood pressure and fast heart rate
    • It causes some certain types of allergic reactions in the body such as a headache, swallowing, tongue and lips swelling

    An inhaler is very important in the treatment of COPD, so take it only after proper doctor’s prescription as it can have side-effects on your health. You are not allowed to forget your dose on daily basis as per your doctor’s advice. It is advisable to take a long treatment inhaler along with one rescue inhaler for sudden breathing issues.

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  • Make outdoor parties perfect with portable ice makers

    Planning a party outdoors in your farmhouse or a boat is fun, but a party without chillers is not. If you want to serve your guests beverages that are cold, consider buying portable ice makers. These are the perfect solution for outdoor summer picnics. All you need to do is just plug in, add water, and wait for a few minutes for the ice to get ready. For those who throw outdoor parties often, buying icemakers on sale is the best bet. Here are the top five ice makers sale that you can consider.

    Igloo is an American company offering an extensive variety of portable ice makers, coolers, etc. Igloo products are extremely reliable as even the ones that come very cheap at an ice makers sale are known to be highly durable. They are known for creating attractive coolers with large spaces to store the ice.

    NewAir has received a lot of attention for their portable ice makers as they come with a large capacity of storage, making them favorites at most of the ice makers sale. Some of its popular features have been listed below.

    • These ice makers can produce about 28 pounds of ice daily.
    • It offers up to three choices of ice cubes.
    • Time taken to produce the ice is just 6 – 15 minutes.
    • Its push button drain offers convenience.
    • The AI-100BK model by NewAir is a great pick.

    This brand is a trusted name for portable ice makers, built-in ice makers, and commercial ice makers. Its distinguishing features are listed below.

    • It offers appropriate access to ice maker reparation parts in case of damage.
    • There are a variety of ice makers that fit both commercial and home-based purposes.

    Avalon Bay
    This company offers high-quality ice makers. Avalon Bay is another great pick for anyone interested in buying one at an ice makers sale.

    Ivation portable high-volume household ice makers can produce around 26 pounds of ice in one day. They work well with Yeti coolers when it comes to preserving such substantial amounts of ice.

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  • Guide to Buying a Flat-Screen TV

    The living room is incomplete without a TV. With television technology growing leaps and bounds, TV viewing experience has reached new heights. There is a wide choice of flat-screen TVs that offer superior picture quality. That is why it can be confusing to select the best TV for your home. Here is what you need to consider when you decide to buy a TV for your home:

    Room size

    Factoring your budget, the TV screen size must be in sync with your room size. Bigger sized rooms can accommodate big screens, as big as 65-inch flat screen TV, whereas if the size of your room is small, you may have to settle for a smaller screen, say a 32 inch or a 40 inch TV.

    Display type

    When you choose to buy a flat-screen TV, you have a choice of 3 displays; LCD, LED and Plasma. While Plasma TVs offer the highest resolution with excellent picture quality, they are very expensive. Panasonic, LG and Samsung manufacture Plasma flat screen TVs. Plasma TVs have a bigger screen size—42 inches, 65-inch flat screen TV and many in between. When it comes to affordability, LCDs fit the bill. You can find LCD flat screen TVs in smaller screen sizes—42 inches and less. Suitable to be installed in bright rooms and consuming less power, LCD TVs, however, offer minimum viewing angles. LCD flat screen TVs are the popular choice and a number of brands offer LCD flat screen TVs at competitive prices. LED TVs are similar to LCDs, but with added backlighting. They are energy efficient compared to LCD TVs and have super thin panels with better picture quality. The colors are vibrant. Of course, when it comes to picture quality, nothing can beat the Plasma 65-inch flat screen TV.

    Best flat-screen TVs

    With myriad choices of flat screen TVs, it is indeed tough making a buying decision. Here is the list of the best and top rated flat screen TVs.

    Vizio M701d-A3R

    This is a high definition smart TV that features an improved user interface. Being a smart TV, it offers internet connectivity, enabling you to access a multitude of online apps. The TV delivers full HD viewing in high resolution, with its 3D technology offering cinema-like quality. The refresh rate at 240Hz eliminates blurring and as a viewer what you get is unparalleled, crisp and rich viewing experience.


    One of the best in 65-inch flat screen TV, this smart TV offers excellent internet connectivity enabling you to streamline content of your choice. Whichever external device you choose, this smart TV offers seamless access. There is also the option to personalize the dashboard. So, your favorite channels can be easily reached. What you get from this TV is an excellent 1080p resolution in high definition. This LED flat screen TV comes with inbuilt Wi-Fi technology allowing you access to NetFlix, Amazon Videos, YouTube and Hulu Plus. On top of all these standout features, there is also an intuitive magic remote. With this remote, you can use gestures and voice to control the video content.

    Samsung UN40EH5000

    Coming from the home of the most trusted name in electronics, this LED 65-inch flat screen TV scores high on the green factor. The components used do not harm the environment. It is energy efficient as well. When it comes to picture clarity, nothing can beat this Samsung model. The Eco light sensor gets in the auto-configuring mode to tune the picture quality according to the levels of brightness in the room. If high action movies are your choice, this TV features Clear Motion Rate 120 that nullifies the blurriness. It also features a USB connection enabling you to view photos and play music and movies directly on the TV.

    You can fulfill your entertainment needs by buying a quality 65-inch flat screen TV. Choose the best, sit back and enjoy the visual treat.

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  • LG Washers and Dryers to Choose From

    Life can always become easy with electronic gadgets. LG has come up with a range of innovative Washers and Dryers which are set to make your life easy and simple. Below are listed some of the LG Washers and Dryers from which you can choose the one matching to your imminent need.

    LG Signature Washer/Dryer Combo (LUWM101 HWA)
    This is a combo of LG Washers and Dryers that you can get for your home. The dimensions of this washer and dryer combo are 23.625” in width, 33.5” in height and 26.5” in depth.

    User Interface
    This washer and dryer have a circular LCD display in its main washer which lets the users’ control two washers at one go. A track of usage pattern can also be kept to monitor the frequency of used cycles.

    Auto Dosing System
    LG Washers and Dryers like the Signature series are equipped with auto dosing function which detects the soil level in the laundry and dispenses the detergent dosage which is required for effective cleaning of the clothes.

    This washer and dryer is a front loader product which comes in the white color finish and has a capacity of 2.8 cu.ft.

    This washer and dryer come with a front control design look with easy to operate touch buttons.

    Wash Programs
    Expect 17 unique wash programs in the signature series of Lg Washers and Dryers. The water level also adjusts automatically to the size of the load in this washer and dryer. The washer is also equipped with Turbo Wash technology which leaves your soiled laundry spotlessly clean.

    Dryer Program
    The dryer is also equipped with inverter heat pump drying and has a range of dryer programs which can be used as per the fabric of the cloth.

    Smart Technology
    Energy monitoring and Wi-Fi compatibility make this washer and dryer truly compatible to the emerging technology and make it digital to the core.

    You can buy the innovative range of Lg Washers and Dryers online in the US at numerous authorized online retailer sites including AjMadison, Digi Plus and Karl’s. This Washer and Dryer is available for a retail price of about $3299.

    Front Load Washer Dryer Combo- WM 3997HWA
    If you have a slightly low budget for the Lg Washers and Dryers combo to be purchased, the front load washer dryer combo which retails for a price of about $1665 could be your ideal pick.

    This washer and dryer combo are capable of handling 4.3 cu.ft of clothes which means that all your laundry needs can be met in one go.

    Ventless Drying
    LG Washers and Dryers are known to provide ventless drying and you need not undertake external venting when the front load washer dryer combo is used.

    Fast Forwarding the Drying
    The LG enhanced turbo wash technology in this washer and dryer ensures that your clothes dry up to 30 minutes faster and thus save your precious time which would have otherwise gone in the drying of the clothes.

    Deep Clean Technology
    This washer and dryer are equipped with deep clean technology which ensures that the steam technology penetrates the fabric to eliminate any kind of dirt, odor, and wrinkles which otherwise could have spoilt the essence of your clothes.

    Smart Wash
    This washer and dryer have a smart wash technology which ensures that you get up to 6 different wash motions which provide you with a smarter cleaning experience, thus maximizing the washing performance.

    Warranty and Certifications
    If you purchase this series of Lg Washer and Dryers in the country, you are likely to receive a 10 year warranty on inverter direct drive motor along with certification on the safety of the product from Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America which certifies this range of washer and dryer to be safe enough to be used for any kind of washing and drying operations.

    Choose from the above listed LG Washer and Dryers and make your life easier to manage.

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  • 4 ways to use business text messaging effectively

    Business text messaging services are those types of services that let you send short, accurate messages to your customers. They are quick and convenient. It is the perfect mode to have professional conversations without having to make a phone call. Implementing this service can be difficult at first, and many business owners might feel that they don’t have enough bandwidth to manage a new communication channel. At the same time, many businesses who have already set up the service do not find it efficient enough.
    The truth is, it is much easier to manage than you think. This is because many customers regardless of their age, find it more convenient to get in touch with a business through messaging than to call personally. Here are a couple of ways you can apply to use business text messaging efficiently:

    Use business text messaging services from your desktop: There are various messaging services that give you the freedom to message from your computer, making the service more convenient without having to switch between devices. Business text messaging through desktop makes it more productive, helping your business provide better customer service.

    Use Email notifications: Business text messaging services are beneficial for a business as they provide an immediate response. But, sometimes there might be instances where you may not have your phone handy, if the business text messaging service does not offer a desktop application, it might result in loss of a business lead. In such cases, it is important to set up an email alert that will notify you when you receive a query from a customer on your email.

    Block unwanted calls and text: Unfortunately, SMS spams are real. They can be annoying to businesses as much as they are to regular customers. A system swamped with promotional messages can be difficult to manage. Blocking features offered by business text messaging services can be used in such cases. It works for both, calls and texts. You can also block incoming messages from particular numbers that have been spamming your inbox and making it difficult to organize your service.

    Personalized and targeted texts: It is always beneficial to address your customers by their name in the message. Keep the purchase history of all your customers handy; this will help you send targeted messages, thereby building a better customer relationship and improved sales over time.

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