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    6 factors to consider to find the right-sized tires for trucks

    Trucks are used to tackling rugged terrain and off-road travel. Having the correct tire size for trucks is critical as that improves ride quality, braking performance, cabin comfort, fuel efficiency, handling, steering directness, and other factors. However, reading and selecting options can get confusing due to the varied aspects involved in a tire’s overall size. Here are the factors to consider while zeroing in on the sizes of tires for trucks:

    Tire width
    Having the right-sized tire allows trucks to have excellent traction and stability on the road. If the tires fitted onto a truck are smaller or bigger, there is an increased risk of accidents or poor ride quality.
    One of the chief components of tire sizes is tire width. One can identify tire sizes by the unique code number written on them. For example, if the number is P225/70R16 91S, then the width of the tire is 225 mm (“P” stands for “passenger vehicle,” “LT” for “Light Truck Tire,” and “ST” for “Special Trailer”).
    If truck owners want their vehicles to have good road grip and cornering ability, they can select wider tires. Wider tires than the one the truck comes with are factory-fitted and positively affect the ride stability. However, one must only go for truck tires that are just the right height. Such tires can increase friction and rolling resistance and, as a result, reduce the vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Also, broader and heavier tires make the steering feel heavy and less stable.
    Tire width also needs to change depending on other factors. For example, narrower tires can provide some good traction on snow during winter, but stability issues will arise again if one goes too narrow.
    Similarly, it makes sense for truckers to go for broader truck tires if their vehicle has immense horsepower and torque. In such cases, the wider tire will provide better acceleration and reduced dangerous wheelspin.

    Tire height
    All these size-measuring components, such as tire height, width, and others, are relative to the measurements of the factory-fitted tires that come with trucks that owners purchase from their local dealerships.
    Taller tires are the ideal choice for increasing the ground clearance of a truck. As a result, selecting such tires means that trucks will not have scraped underbellies even when their owners drive them over rough, undulated, and unforgiving terrain.
    However, the boosted ground clearance comes at the vehicle’s overall handling cost. For example, taller truck tires translate into increased body roll while cornering.
    Additionally, if the tires are too tall or wide, there will be rubbing on the inside of the truck’s wheels, resulting in the frequent wearing of both the tires and wheels.

    Wheel diameter
    In P225/70R16 91S, the 16 denotes the wheel diameter of the tire in inches. As the name implies, wheel diameter is the measurement of the alloy or steel wheel fitted inside the truck tires. The wheel diameter is critical as it also influences the tire thickness.
    Larger wheels will need larger tires. Using more extensive and taller tires, as seen above, will negatively affect the ride and handling of a truck. Therefore, one needs to be careful while selecting wheels. Wheel diameter is a valuable metric for tire buyers as it enables them to select just the right size of tires for their vehicle.

    Aspect ratio
    The number right next to the slash in P225/70R16 91S is the aspect ratio of truck tires. The aspect ratio indicates the overall profile of truck tires. Usually, this number is denoted in percentages. To calculate the aspect ratio, tire makers divide a tire’s height (from its wheel rim) by width. So, the aspect ratio of 70 percent in the above numerical example translates into the tire’s height being 70 percent of its overall width.
    Tires with a lower aspect ratio, say, 60 percent or lower, offer better handling and road grip than higher ratio tires. In return, the ride quality of lower-ratio tires is worse than those with higher aspect ratios.

    Construction type
    The letter next to the aspect ratio in P225/70R16 91S is the construction type of the tire. These generally have two classifications – R for radial and D for diagonal. Now, radial tires are among the most used ones across the country. These tires have their internal ply cords oriented in a radial direction, meaning that they are at a 90-degree angle to the direction of rotation of the tire.
    While selecting tires, one must select these as they offer higher road grip, better mileage, greater ride comfort, higher reliability and durability, and lower rolling resistance.

    Speed rating
    The speed rating indicates the capability of a tire at a particular speed based on the lab tests run by tire makers. In the example, the speed rating is the last number accompanied by the letter S. A vehicle with a speed rating of 120 can cruise at that speed in their truck without the fear of damaging the tire. The higher the speed at which one regularly drives their vehicle, the greater the speed rating should be for their tires.

    By carefully considering these listed elements before buying tires, owners can ensure that the tire sizes are perfect for their specific trucking requirements.

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    Important factors to consider when buying tires

    While all tires might look the same, they are different from each other. There are different types of tires made for various purposes and terrain. It is essential to know which kind of tire works best for your vehicle. If you live in cold regions, you’ll need winter tires with soft rubber for better grip on slippery surfaces. For those living in tropical regions, opting for summer tires made with durable rubber is the best option. 

    Apart from these types, there are all-weather tires that function in all seasons. One must also consult a specialist before opting for a particular set of tires for the vehicle. 

    The penny test
    One of the important aspects to consider when buying tires is to know when to change them. Like any product or service, tires also have a shelf life, and knowing if they are old, worn out, or damaged will make your life safer on the road. Just try the penny test to check the condition of the tires . Take a penny and place it on the tread groove upside down, with the head of the figure going into the gap, toward the center of the tire. If the head is not partially hidden by the tire, it is time to replace them. It is recommended to speak to a professional to confirm and go ahead with your replacement.

    Replace or upgrade
    It is also important to now understand if you need to replace the same type of tire with a new set or upgrade them. While replacing is easy, upgrading tires is tricky. This requires a lot of research, analysis, and, most importantly, a professional opinion to know which tires will suit the best. Another aspect to consider is the tire size that would be compatible with your car or if they are even available and necessary. An upgrade does not always necessarily mean better. So speak to an expert before jumping to make any decisions.

    Tire size
    Knowing the right tire size and choosing the right ones is the next step in the buying process. The size is usually written in a series of numbers and letters.

    An example includes – 245/40-R18. According to this, the first set of numbers shows the width of the tire in millimeters, at the widest point of the tire; the number after the slash determines the aspect ratio, which includes how tall the sidewall is as compared to the width in percentage. It is usually understood that the higher the number, the taller the sidewall. The last set of numbers is the diameter of the wheel, measured in inches, on which the tire can be mounted. The letter “R” indicates radial; most of the tires available today are radial. Usually, SUVs and sedans have taller sidewalls, like 45-60, while sports cars have shorter sidewalls ranging from 30 to 40.

    Treadwear ratings
    This important information can tell you how long your tires will last after buying. Basically, it can calculate how many miles they can run before they start to wither and need a replacement again. It becomes crucial information, especially if you are buying expensive tires and need to understand how often you need to make that purchase to stay safe on the road. The tread wear rating is usually listed on the tire sidewall, so you can look at that to understand how well they will last on the road. However, sometimes the information may not be accurate. Instead of just relying on the rank, it is better to look at the tread life warranty that the manufacturer provides. While not all tires have this warranty, it is important to check for this, apart from the usual manufacturing quality or defect warranties. It is understood that, more often than not, the mileage listed in the tread life warranty is more accurate than the mileage that will be provided by the new tires. If the tires wear out before that, you can speak to the manufacturer for a credit that can be used to buy a new set of tires.

    Run-flat tires
    There are some automakers who fit run-flat tires as opposed to conventional ones. The benefit of having these tires is that the vehicle can continue to run at a low speed for short distances, which allows the driver to reach a repair shop or home to get it checked by a mechanic, instead of feeling abandoned in the middle of the road. However, the downside is that it becomes harder to navigate the vehicle when there is a puncture, especially on terrain that is not plain but rough.

    If you are buying some truck tires, be sure to maintain the tires well to avoid regular replacements. Rotate the tire regularly, get the wheels aligned, keep the tire pressure consistent, keep the wheels and tires clean and always perform pre-trip inspections to avoid any tire-related accidents.

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    6 factors to consider when buying an SUV

    SUVs, also known as sports utility vehicles, are large, family-sized vehicles frequently seen on the road. They are among the safest and most spacious cars on the market, and because of their excellent fuel economy, they are also suitable for daily use. There are too many factors to consider when selecting the right type of car, which can make the process tedious. Here are the top features to look for when purchasing an SUV.

    Size requirement
    The majority of SUVs can seat at least five people. Many mid-sized and full-sized models come with a third-row seat option, bringing the total number of seats up to six or eight. However, cargo space in three-row SUVs is limited when the third-row seats are upright. Knowing what size you need before going to the dealer will make the process much easier.

    Type of SUV
    There are two types of SUVs: crossovers and conventional. Crossovers are often smaller and have better handling like a car, whereas conventional vehicles drive more like trucks and frequently have more power or towing capacity. Consider either, depending on your driving style and whether your new vehicle will be hauling trailers or heavy loads.

    Safety options
    Another important factor to consider when buying an SUV is its overall safety. SUVs have been known to roll over occasionally. Newer SUV models are designed to be safe and meet stringent standards. Most SUVs have airbags and antilock brakes, and many have additional safety features such as rearview cameras, lane departure warning systems, and blind spot warning systems.

    Two-wheel or four-wheel drive
    These vehicles are available in two-wheel or four-wheel drive configurations. A two-wheel drive vehicle will be useful if you live in a city. It is also easy to maintain and saves fuel. A four-wheel-drive car, however, may be a better choice if you are navigating lousy weather or difficult terrain. Additionally, a four-wheel drive is preferable for off-road adventures.

    Modern SUVs have touch screens, smartphone connectivity, backup vision, and built-in reverse parking cameras. Some vehicles include automatic braking, blind spot detection, Bluetooth, and GPS. Consider equipping your car with all the gadgets you’ll need for a safe and enjoyable journey.

    Fuel efficiency
    Although the SUV has a larger engine, certain models are more aerodynamic and have the better fuel economy. A four-cylinder SUV will consume less gas than an eight-cylinder SUV. So, look for a vehicle that is both fuel efficient and eco-friendly.

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    5 errors truck drivers should avoid while on the road

    Driving a truck is no simple business as it involves many risks. Nearly all goods shipped across the country from major ports make their way inland after being brought in by a network of heavy-duty vehicles. It is a reason why truckers get paid big for long-haul cargo. The freight’s value also determines how much money can be made in a single trip. However, first-time drivers should be wary of some rookie mistakes during trips.

    Misgauging distance
    Big rigs take more time to come to a complete stop, especially at high speeds. Not gauging the distance properly could lead truckers to careen into the vehicle in front. This could even happen while changing lanes without leaving space for the trailer in the back, as it will swerve sharply at high speeds.

    Breaching speed limits
    Driving fast is necessary to maintain the highway speed limit. But that does not mean one should drive rashly. It is also not very cool to tailgate other vehicles and prompt them to speed. If the driver ahead loses control, this could result in a catastrophic accident.

    Sleep deprived driving
    When it comes to truck driving, deadlines are a crucial factor. But truckers are more likely to make silly driving mistakes that could result in a major accident if they don’t take adequate time to relax and cool down. Moreover, if the highway patrol catches drivers working overtime, a hefty fine and license suspension can bring the trucking business to a grinding halt.

    Bad timing for fueling
    Fueling up just before a weighing station on the highway is a critical mistake. Simply because the weight of the fuel can put the truck overboard on the allotted minimum towage restriction for that particular state or national highway, it is always better to fill up the tanks once well underway on the journey after completing highway formalities.

    Distracted driving
    Modern-day trucks have a lot of safety and automation features that monitor throttle response and braking. But these safety assists are no excuse for driving trucks while engaging in activities like checking the phone or eating while driving.

    Popular trucks for commercial driving
    Pickups are the workhorse trucks used for commercial driving, capable of hauling and towing large loads across shorter distances while keeping the drive economical. Popular trucks like the Dodge RAM 1500, RAM 2500, and Toyota Tacoma pickups are some of the most functional and affordable trucks to compare and buy this year. Get revised quotes for new and used pickup trucks from local dodge pickup truck dealers and Toyota Tacoma dealers today.

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    7 mistakes to avoid when buying auto insurance

    Getting the right auto insurance is as important as finding the right car. But there are many pitfalls when buying auto insurance that can prevent you from getting the best coverage and cost you hundreds of dollars a year. To avoid getting stuck with paying high insurance bills over the years, here at the mistakes below and be sure to avoid these when buying auto insurance.

    Buying the minimum liability coverage
    Although every state has its minimum coverage requirements, this does not include the full cost of a crash. Purchasing the minimum legal protection implies that you are willing to pay for the remaining difference between your total liability and coverage. Getting more protection to help you relieve any liabilities is always a better idea.

    Buying too much coverage
    Like buying too little coverage is a mistake, getting over-insured also does not make sense and is a waste of money. For example, an older vehicle will not require a collision and comprehensive coverage. Also, beware of policy add-ons as well. If you are already a member of an automobile club, you do not need roadside assistance and towing. Pay attention to what you have and what is covered in the insurance policy to avoid paying extra.

    Not comparing insurance companies
    Opting for an insurance company offering the lowest prices is not the best option. Shop around and get multiple quotes from auto insurance companies for the best deals. Although price is a major factor in choosing an insurance company, it’s not the only one. Instead, the company’s ability to handle claims fairly has to be looked into. Customer reviews better understand the company’s ability to handle claims.

    Keeping your insurer uninformed
    Most buyers are not honest about their driving habits and the condition of their cars. This mistake can leave you personally liable for all the costs if an accident happens and companies refuse to pay your claim. Also, companies may not be willing to insure you in the first place if they spot any inconsistencies in personal data. It is best to be open about all the information on the insurance application.

    Buying policies with wrong deductibles
    An important part of your car insurance policy is the deductible amount. This amount influences the premium costs and the amount you pay when you file a claim. Usually, lower deductibles mean less out-of-pocket expenses but higher premiums, while higher deductible means fewer premiums but makes you pay more if you get into an accident. In many cases, a higher deductible will help you save some cash on your comprehensive and collision coverages.

    Not using the discounts
    Most people hesitate to shop online even when many online platforms could get you auto insurance. Taking advantage of the available discounts saves you a lot of money. While buying insurance, make sure to ask what types of discounts are offered. You can also save by bundling multiple cars with your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance. You can also avail discounts by remaining loyal to one company and paying your bill upfront. You can get an affinity membership with companies that provide discounts to its members.

    Not considering online options
    Even when many online platforms could get you auto insurance, most people hesitate to shop online. Avoid extra payments by avoiding commissions to independent agents when you buy from an online car insurance company. This step is a hassle-free way of buying auto insurance if you have all the necessary documentation in hand. Some of these online sites also provide estimates or real quotes, making comparing different companies easier.

    Finding the right insurance is critical to getting on the road in the country. Avoiding the above common mistakes can save you from being underinsured or overinsured.

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    Top 5 crossover SUVs with superior safety features

    Crossover SUVs are a popular choice for people looking to buy a new car. They offer more space for both cargo and passengers and are capable of some light-duty towing. A critical factor most people consider when buying a crossover SUV is safety. Thankfully, many models from famous carmakers come with top-class protection and driver assistance features. We’ve compiled a list of the best safe crossover SUVs in this article.

    2022 Nissan Rogue
    The latest Nissan Rogue has been awarded the IIHS TOP SAFETY PICK+ from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). It’s equipped with impressive standard safety techs, such as automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, rear automatic braking, blind-spot warning, high beam assist, rear cross-traffic alert, and lane departure warning. The 2022 Nissan Rogue also features ten strategically-placed airbags and zone body construction, which helps absorb the energy of an impact, protecting passengers.

    2022 Mazda CX-5
    Mazda is known for highly-safe vehicles, and its 2022 CX-5 is no exception. All-wheel drive is now standard on all CX-5 trims. The car comes with blind-spot monitoring, lane departure warning with lane-keeping assist, rear cross-traffic alert, radar cruise control, adaptive front-lighting system, smart braking system, and driver attention alert system. These safety and assistance features make the vehicle a worthy purchase.

    2022 Hyundai Tucson
    The newest Hyundai Tucson earns excellent ratings in crash tests from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Safety and driver-assistance features across trim variants include lane-departure warning with lane-keeping assist, rear-seat reminder, driver attention monitoring, forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, and pedestrian detection. The vehicle also has a blind-spot view monitor and a smart cruise control system.

    2022 Subaru Forester
    The 2022 Subaru Forester scores well in safety ratings from IIHS and NHTSA. All models come with all-wheel drive and Subaru’s award-winning EyeSight® driver assist technology, which monitors traffic movement, optimizes cruise control, and warns drivers swaying outside their lanes. Other safety and assistance features include blind-spot detection, rear cross-traffic alert, and reverse automatic braking.

    2022 Chevrolet Equinox
    The Chevy Equinox is another well-performing and safe crossover SUV. The carmaker has outfitted the newest Equinox with many standard safety assistance features, such as forward collision alert, automatic emergency braking, front pedestrian braking, lane-keep assist with lane departure warning, and automatic high-beam headlamps. Optional features include adaptive cruise control, front and rear park assistance, and rear cross-traffic alert.

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    6 safest SUVs in 2022

    A sports utility vehicle, or SUV, has become a go-to choice for many American families. One of the main reasons people consider buying SUVs is that it feels safer than other cars, thanks to their large and sturdy build. Moreover, modern SUVs are loaded with a wide range of safety and driver assistance features, making them incredibly safe and reliable. If you’re in the market for a new SUV, you must consider some latest options.

    2022 Acura RDX
    This crossover SUV from Acura is currently one of the safest vehicles on the market. The automaker has outfitted all trim variants of the 2022 RDX with a suite of safety and driver-assistive technologies, including lane-departure warning, pedestrian detection, lane-keeping assist, automated emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, and traffic sign recognition system.

    2022 Volvo XC40 Recharge
    If you’re looking for a compact electric SUV with excellent safety features, the 2022 Volvo XC40 Recharge should be your choice. It’s equipped with vital safety and driver-assistance features, like lane-departure warning with lane-keeping assist, automated emergency braking with pedestrian detection, and blind-spot detection. The vehicle also has an advanced body structure and a unique battery safety cage that can protect all passengers in a collision.

    2022 Subaru Ascent
    With three rows and a seating capacity of up to 8 passengers, the 2022 Ascent is Subaru’s largest SUV. Its standard EyeSight driver assists technology can monitor traffic movement, optimize cruise control, and warn drivers when they’re outside their lane. Higher trim variants of the Ascent feature extra safety technologies like rear cross-traffic alert, reverse automatic braking, among others.

    2022 Mazda CX-5
    Mazda is a Japanese carmaker known for making safe SUVs; the 2022 CX-5 is no exception. Armed with Mazda’s i-Activsense®1 safety technology, the SUV offers superior protection to the driver, passengers, and pedestrians. Features like adaptive cruise control, automated emergency braking, rear cross-traffic alert, and more are standard on all CX5 variants.

    2022 Kia Telluride
    The 2022 Kia Telluride is a full-size SUV with three rows of seating. The standard safety features include forward-collision warning, blind-spot monitoring, automated emergency braking, lane-departure warning, and lane-keeping assist. Parents might also appreciate the Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children (LATCH) system across the 2022 Telluride models.

    2022 Cadillac XT6
    The XT6 is a new three-row SUV from Cadillac. In addition to common safety and driver-assistance features, such as forward-collision warning and automatic emergency braking, Cadillac has furnished the XT6 with a few lesser-known safety techs, including a safety alert seat that vibrates to help the driver identify the direction of a potential crash.

    Regardless of the vehicle you choose, taking care of your car’s interiors is critical. For premium car seat protectors or car floor mats, visit WeatherTech’s website. You can find interior protection products, license plate frames, bumper protection items, and many more. WeatherTech® may not offer discounts to AAA or AARP members, but they are offering 50 percent off on shipping charges for select items purchased from their website. Another popular hub for similar car essentials is Husky Liners®.

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    Popular Volvo car deals and discounts

    When you think of sturdy cars that will last you a lifetime, one of the brand names that comes to mind is Volvo. Volvo offers a wide range to its customer base with options ranging from sedans, SUVs, wagons, and crossovers. What’s even better is that we now have new 2021 Volvo car deals with never-before-seen offers and exciting options. We have listed some of the offers that you can avail of. For updated information, do visit Volvo’s official website.

    Finance offers
    Volvo is offering you 1.99% APR for different time limits with options starting at 24, 36, 39,42, 48 up to 60 months. This offer is available for qualified customers who meet Volvo Car Financial Services (VCFS) credit standards. The down payment may vary for different models and will also depend on your credit qualifications. This offer is available for select models and could vary from location to location. To understand more and check your eligibility, connect with a dealership near you.

    Cash offers
    On certain models and at the discretion of some dealers, Volvo is offering cashback up to $2750. Some of the cashback offers are applicable only for those looking for retail purchases and not for leasing the car. But don’t worry, Volvo does have different loyalty, affiliate, and allowance offers for those interested in leasing the car. Eligibility is a critical factor in this deal. Speak to your closest dealer and check if they are giving you this benefit.

    Lease offers
    If you aren’t sure about purchasing the car and want to lease it for some time before you decide, the 2021 plan of new Volvo car deals will benefit you. For certain models, the company has waived off security deposits. They have offers on lease and loyalty bonuses. The company does have certain conditions and criteria that have to meet. For instance, buyers need to be US citizens, the offer is not transferable, and that vehicles purchased or leased under the Overseas Delivery (VCIC) program are not eligible for these certain benefits. For further clarity, you should speak to a representative or check the company’s website. 

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    Enjoy lease deals on these new Volvo cars

    Volvo’s recent car launch includes the new S60 and XC90 and these are currently available on lease. The automobile company offers monthly payment at low rates, which means you can drive the top-tier models without having to shell out a lot of money. Leasing a car is a good option for short-term use or to write off tax. With a Volvo, you’ll also enjoy great features, which is a plus. Take a look at the following Volvo cars and new lease deals available.

    XC90 T5 FWD Momentum

    The powerful and angular XC90 is available for a monthly payment of $579. It comes with front park assist, wireless charging, and other standard Volvo features, which make it a well-rounded car to have. The lease deal includes destination fee and a lease bonus application of $1800, which is like a prepayment for future charges. You are required to pay $4,979 at signing. You can contact an authorized Volvo retailer to avail of this new Volvo lease deal.

    S60 Recharge R-Design Expression

    For a versatile hybrid sedan, go for the S60 Recharge that has a lease deal of $419 per month. Similar to the XC90, the price is inclusive of destination fee; however, in this deal you will get a $6,750 lease bonus application. This car comes with the blind spot information system (BLIS) feature that maintains safety while lane changing. As with all Volvo cars on lease, the user will have the responsibility of mileage limits and excess wear.

    S60 T5 AWD Momentum

    If you’re looking for a spacious three-powertrain car, this S60 Momentum can be your short-term ride for only $379 a month, thanks to the new Volvo lease deal. At this price, you can enjoy features like keyless start, hands-free communications system, and electronic stability control. Volvo doesn’t take a security deposit and offers an application for a $3,500 lease bonus. This is a good car to get on lease as it is cheaper than the others, looks incredible, and offers a seamless driving experience.

    Before you pick a car, check for maintenance, registration, and dealer charges to make an informed decision. Also, to get a Volvo car on lease, you have to meet certain requirements including credit standards. So, go through all the terms and conditions before you get the car.

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    Rental rates for Cadillac SUVs across top agencies

    When it comes to renting a luxury SUV, a Cadillac is the first choice for many consumers. After all, they’re well-built, powerful, and ideal for everything from adventure-packed family vacations to showing off. Cadillac Escalade and Cadillac Escalade ESV are the two luxury SUVs from the American carmaker. But there are also other great mid-size SUV options available, such as XT6, XT5, and XT4.

    If you’re looking for monthly, weekly, or daily rates for renting a Cadillac SUV, you’re in the right place. Below, we’ve discussed rental rates across popular car rentals.

    Hertz is one of the largest car rental companies in the country. To find the exact daily rate for renting a Cadillac SUV from Hertz, you’ll need to sign up with them and share specific details like your pick-up location and date. The company will give you a flat $25 discount if you rent a full-size or above car before 31st August 2021. The vehicle is available for pick up at top airport locations, including LAX, Miami, San Francisco, and Las Vegas.

    Falcon Car Rental
    The daily rate for renting a Cadillac SUV from Falcon Car Rental is around $325/day. But if you’re renting for the long-term, you can get weekly and monthly discounts of 15 percent and 30 percent, respectively. Keep in mind that you’ll have to rent the vehicle for a minimum of two days and pay a security deposit between $1,000 and $5,000.

    With Sixt, you can rent luxury SUVs like Escalade and Escalade ESV, and even mid-size SUVs like XT5 and XT4. To check the availability of the model you prefer, you’ll need to visit their official website and enter your pick-up location. Also, make sure to enter your pick-up and return date and time to check daily rental prices and offers.

    Enterprise in another famous car rental company. Their Exotic Car Collection features models from top brands, including Cadillac Escalade and Escalade ESV. However, the car you’ll receive is subject to availability in your preferred location. Enterprise offers pick-ups from many places within cities and major airports, including Phoenix, Atlanta, Charlotte, Los Angeles, Boston, and Nashville.

    Keep in mind that the daily rate for renting a Cadillac SUV will vary from one car rental to another. It’s also worth noting that the Escalade can accommodate up to seven passengers and comes with power-adjustable heated and cooled front seats, among several other features.

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  • Retire in peace and in style

    Is your retirement around the corner? Have you chosen the retirement community for yourself? Well, if not, then what are you waiting for? Retirement means a lot of time that you can give to yourself and do the things that you love and spend the rest of your life in peace. Here is the list of perfect retirement communities, divided on a regional basis so that you can choose your area of preference easily.

    Monte Vista Village Resort
    Monte Vista Village Resort is one of the best retirement communities in Mesa, Arizona. It has some refreshing pools and splendid golf courses for the golf lovers and not forgetting the magnificent tennis courts for the lovers of this racquet-sport. It is spread over 80 acres of land.

    Sunrise RV Resort
    Situated in the warmth and opulence of a desert region, Sunrise RV Resort welcomes recreation lovers with magnificent lakes for fishing and boating, swimming pools, tennis courts and untamed natural beauty of the Sonoran Desert.

    Palm Springs Oasis Resort
    The Palm Springs Oasis Resort is situated in the Coachella Valley. From there, you will get a perfect view of the San Jacinto and the Santa Rosa Mountain ranges. The resort provides its guest retirees with a golf course, spa, two beautiful swimming pools and a tennis court.

    Four Lakes Golf Club
    The specialty of the Four Lakes Golf Club among other retirement communities is that it has a waterfront, a premium golf course and exclusive cypress wetlands. It gives you the chance to confront the picturesque beauty of 500 scenic areas. It is situated near Disney and Orlando.

    The Meadows and Arbors at CountryWood
    Awarded as the Community of the Year by MHI, The Meadows and Arbors at CountryWood proves that it has got something different from the other retirement communities. The houses exhibit the traditional colonial form of architecture. It is located at about 20 miles or even less than that from Tampa. Your stay at this retirement community is sure to be nostalgic.

    Willow Lake Estates
    The Willow Lake Estates is situated on the Fox River. The retirees can enjoy the experience of a private stocked lake with a boat dock. It is a very spacious clubhouse that is located in the Chicago metro area. With a radius of 6 miles, you will get many restaurants that provide mouth-watering food.

    New Jersey
    Anderson Creek Club
    The Anderson Creek Club is spread over 1,700 acres of land. It is a perfect choice for those who are seeking retirement communities in the lap of nature. The Anderson Creek Club is only 90 miles away from the beach and a few hours journey will take you to the mountains.

    South Carolina
    Hampton Lake
    This is one of the most friendly retirement communities that you will ever come across. It has a private freshwater lake that is spread over an area of 182 acres where you can go boating and fishing.

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  • 5 tips for buying a great gaming laptop

    Gaming is king. Gaming is a profession. There are thousands of video games out there in the market. With the video game industry booming like never before, gaming can be a valuable form of relaxation for all gaming users. These days you find PC fanboys advocating high-end PC rigs to be able to play the latest games with the most gorgeous of graphics at decent FPS (first person shooter) rates.

    But can you play high-end games on a laptop? Well, yes you can. You need to know a couple know-hows and technical things before you go out shopping for that portable gaming rig. Pick one right and it might outperform your ordinary PC. Plus, the prices coupled with portability; nothing beats that.

    Here are 5 tips and things to look out for when choosing to buy a gaming laptop.

    Get sufficient storage: Go for SSD drives in your gaming laptop rig. Good SSDs come in a 256GB size along with hard drives offering up to 1TB space. This is sufficient storage if you’re planning to save videos, multiple games, and do much more with your laptop besides just gaming. It’s good to be able to use your laptop for all round everyday use and getting good storage is the first step.

    Aim for a wide screen size: 15-inch screens are pure gold. They don’t add much to the pounds and they are still easy to carry. You could try buying 17-inch laptops but the weight may make it difficult to tote them around with you all the time. Make sure the screen size offers a resolution of 1080p which is optimal for most games. Some screens offer resolutions up to 4k but those are like high end gaming rigs like Alienware.

    Look for memory: In order to multitask and run various programs in the background such as instant messaging, Skype, email and so on, your laptop needs to have sufficient RAM. If you’re the sort of person who loves recording and texting at the same time as gaming, get at least 8GB RAM. If you opt for 16GB, then you can rest assured it’s got great memory for running various applications. Additionally, you can use video editing software and use the rig for rendering videos too which also consume quite a bit of RAM.

    Get a killer processor: The processor is one of the main components of your gaming rig. AMD and Nvidia GPUs are stellar graphics processors in the market. The GPU units matter more than the CPU processors. Get a quad core AMD processor if possible since they support high end gaming. The better the graphics processor, the better the image and visuals will look on screen. The detail will also improve along with the higher resolutions. Definitely something to take into consideration before you end up buying a gaming laptop. Do your research.

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