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    Simple ways to save money on general auto insurance

    Auto insurance is more than just a necessity. It is a mandatory requirement in many states. Insurance policies can be expensive, especially if they offer comprehensive coverage. However the policy doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket. There are several ways to bring down the cost of insurance by employing the following easy money saving strategies and still get the best deal.

    Bundle your costs
    Major insurance companies offer discounts to clients who take more than one policy. For example, if you already have a homeowner’s insurance or a life insurance policy, it is a good idea to take an auto insurance from the same provider. The company will offer discounts for bundling multiple types of insurance policies. You must check and see if the new policy meets your requirements while adhering to strict industry norms and regulations. This way, you can save money and manage everything under a single portfolio which makes tracking and making payments for premiums easy.

    Improve your credit score
    Simply put, a better credit score indicates that you pay your debt on time and meet all the criteria set forth by your debtors. A great credit score also indicates financial stability in times of uncertainty as you will have some cash as liquid assets to meet obligations. Raising your credit score automatically improves your chances of saving a bundle on auto insurance. You can get a comprehensive policy at a cheaper cost and be eligible for special considerations and incentives.

    Increasing the deductible
    Deductible is the amount of money you first pay for the repairs before the insurance company steps in to cover the rest after a thorough assessment of the situation. For example, if you have a policy that states your deductible is $200, then that is the total amount you will pay for the repairs covered in case of an automobile accident. Even if the cost of repairs totals $1400, all you pay is $200 in this case and the rest is covered by your auto insurance provider. By increasing your deductible amount, you can lower the monthly premiums you are obligated to pay.

    Take up defensive driving
    Defensive drivers are taught how to manage emergencies, employ safe driving strategies, and identify or anticipate hazards while driving in uncertain conditions. Auto insurance companies do offer a cost-effective policy for motorists who know defensive driving. For example, in New York, you can avail at least 10% discount on the insurance policy for a minimum of three years. Again, this will depend on the type of course and the company that offers these special rates on policies.

    Compare major companies
    Allstate, Geico, Progressive, and State Farm are ranked among the top auto insurance companies that offer attractive discounts and incentives for taking a policy. You can compare quotes to figure out which one of the top four can give you the best auto insurance.

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    What you should know before buying an extended vehicle warranty

    A vehicle service contract, also known as an extended warranty, can help you pay for the cost of certain auto repairs for your vehicle. It is primarily used to cover the costs of your vehicle once the manufacturer’s warranty expires; however, sometimes the two overlap as well. This warranty can be purchased at the time of buying the vehicle and in a few cases, before the original warranty expires. If you are unsure whether you need an extended vehicle warranty, then you can take cues from this article.

    An extended warranty doesn’t cover everything

    While extended warranties are quite useful in case of unforeseen vehicle damage after the limited warranty has expired, they don’t cover many maintenance costs such as oil change, wheel alignment, filter change, and even roadside assistance. It is necessary to read the agreement’s fine print to find out the inclusions and exclusions of the warranty cover. To help you decide better, here are a few benefits and drawbacks of extended vehicle warranties:

    Pros of an extended vehicle warranty
    A major advantage of an extended warranty is that it can save you money on repairs that are not covered under the original contract. The warranty provider pays for the services that are included in the extended warranty, while you pay only for the deductible instead of the entire bill.

    Cons of an extended warranty

    The average price of an extended warranty is $1,000. One disadvantage of buying an extended vehicle warranty is that it can be an additional cost, granted your original warranty is still functional; due to which your extended warranty might overlap with the original one, and you might end up paying more than what’s required. Several insurance and automobile experts have observed that due to this overlap, many are unable to make use of the extended warranty. Also, these warranties may not be valid in every auto garage or service center; and some don’t cover all types/portions of repairs as well.

    Should I get an extended vehicle warranty?

    An extended vehicle warranty might not be that useful if you have a low-maintenance vehicle and have funds—attached to the original vehicle insurance—in place for emergency repairs. However, it can come to the rescue if your vehicle is one that requires frequent, costly repairs.

    That said, if you do decide to buy an extended warranty, then make sure that it is from a reputable and reliable provider that covers all aspects of repair. It is also important to read all the terms and conditions of the warranty carefully to avoid out-of-pocket expenses. An extended vehicle warranty might seem appealing as it assures protection against unforeseen damages, but it is important to consider both its pros and cons to ensure that you get your money’s worth.

    While this list may act as a quick guide, it is imperative to do some independent research on extended warranties, carefully weigh their positives and negatives, and reach out to an authorized insurance company if you finally decide to buy one.

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    Six reasons to buy the new Dodge Ram 2500

    The Dodge Ram 2500 is a heavy-duty, plush, and robust pickup truck and is primarily built for hauling and towing. The Dodge Ram 2500 is often used by commercial contractors, farmers, and ranchers and is also used to haul horses, RV trailers, or big boats. So, if you are looking for a heavy-duty truck that delivers on muscle and power, then read on to know why you should buy the all-new Dodge Ram 2500.

    Power-packed engine
    Nothing defines heavy-duty than a powerful purring engine. The Dodge Ram 2500 comes with a 410-hp, 6.4-liter V8 engine. It also has an optional 6.7-liter Cummins turbo diesel inline six-cylinder engine that churns out 370 horsepower and 850 lb.-ft. of torque. The Dodge Ram’s immense towing ability comes from its phenomenal torque. The powerful torque of 429 lb.-ft even in the normal engine ensures you that there isn’t anything that the Dodge Ram 2500 can’t tow.

    Smooth and comfortable ride
    The automakers have ensured a comfortable drive as the pickup truck comes with a coil spring rear suspension, the ones we see in SUVs. The Dodge Ram 2500 has also upped the ante with an optional rear air suspension with a bed-lowering mode, making it easier for drivers to match the height of their trailer to its tow hitch.

    Better hauling capability
    The Ram diesel comes with exhaust brakes that can be switched on by the driver for extra engine braking when slowing down. Engine braking can especially be useful when hauling a heavy load by keeping the brakes from overheating while driving down long downhill slopes. It makes a soft popping noise when decelerating on the highway.

    Up-scaled interiors
    Dodge Ram 2500’s cabin is well-spaced and armrests are well-padded, which are well-suited for long drives. The center console is wide; however, it barely intrudes on the driver’s right knee space and even that section is padded.

    Adjustable steering wheel
    The steering wheel tilts, but does not telescope, making difficult for drivers to adjust. Fortunately, the power-adjustable pedals can help the driver find a good seating position. The front seats are comfortable as they are well-suited for most body types. However, auto critics suggest that they should have provided a four-way lumbar adjustment for better comfort.

    The Dodge Ram 2500’s interior is comfortable as the Ram 1500’s interior but has been further modified. It is replete with features such as wood trim, leather seats, saddlebag-like pockets on the behind front seats, and a felt-lined glove box.

    Unparalleled safety
    The Dodge Ram 2500 does not compromise on safety. It is replete with advanced safety and driver-assist features such as the optional FCW (Forward Collision Warning system), AEB (Auto Emergency Braking), BSW (Blindspot Warning system), and rear cross-traffic warning. Driver-assist features include front and rear parking sensors, adaptive cruise control, and a 360-degree surround-view camera.

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    Here’s everything about best tire coupons

    Although the tires tend to get overlooked, they are one of the most important parts of a vehicle. They contribute to road safety, as old or worn-out tires are just an accident waiting to happen. But, despite being such important components, tires are ridiculously expensive, which is why you should get some tire coupons and deals to ensure that you and your family are traveling safely without burning a hole in your pocket.

    Why are tires important?
    Tires are surely important, but why?

    For starters, they hold the weight of both the vehicle as well as the people in it. They provide traction and braking force with the help of treading, preventing skidding and any accidents due to it. Tires also help absorb the shock of bad roads to prevent damage, and if aligned properly, they help change or maintain the direction of a moving vehicle.

    How to shop for the perfect tires?
    Before buying a new tire for your vehicle, you should check these factors:

    • Traction: One of the most important things to check while buying tires is the treading depth and traction rating. Why? They help maintain proper traction and keep your car from flying off the road in harsh weather conditions, which can otherwise make you lose control of the vehicle and get into an accident. Always ensure that you get coupons to splurge on a tire with an AA traction rating.
    • Temperature: Before buying a tire, you also need to check out its temperature ratings. This number will help you figure out how fast the tire can move while it dissipates the heat created from friction. For normal road driving, use your coupons to buy a tire rated B or C.
    • Noise: To get the best traction, you want the most hardcore tread design, but the same design will give you tremendous noise while cruising down the freeway. If you live in a no-noise neighborhood, you may want to consider touring style tires as they are quieter.

    Where can you find the best tire coupons?
    Well, shopping for tires can be exhausting, and the cost of a single tire, let alone four, can leave you sweating, but there are tons of ways to save on tires, and one of them is through tire coupons. Here’s how you can get coupons to save on tires:

    • Go to the company’s website: To get the best deals and tire coupons, you can check the company’s website. For instance, if you want to purchase a Firestone tire, you can directly access a bunch of deals from their official website.
    • Do some seasonal shopping: Just before the harsh seasons set in, many tire companies slash their rates by giving out coupons and offering deals. So, ensure that you do your homework, compare the prices, and use the best coupons to get amazing discounts.
    • Check out discount websites: Websites like coupons.com and groupon.com are some of the best places to look for tire coupons.
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    Safety features of 2020 Honda CRV

    The safety features offered in 2020 Honda CRV makes the vehicle a true value for money. Among the assortment of features that the 2020 Honda CRV comes with, its safety features are a class apart. These are capable of mitigating any security hazards that might come in the way of the driver. Here, we will talk about some of the topmost safety features of the 2020 Honda CRV.

    Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
    Even amidst extreme braking, a vehicle should be able to rotate well. In that respect, the 2020 Honda CRV has one of the best anti-lock braking systems (ABSs). Under extreme braking conditions, its ABS senses when the tire has stopped rotating and it thereby modulates the brake pressure, making it easier for the vehicle to rotate.

    Road departure mitigation system
    There are circumstances when it might become difficult for the driver to keep the vehicle on the lane. If not acted upon on time, things can become life-threatening. That’s where road departure mitigation comes in as a life savior. This system in the 2020 Honda CRV senses if your car is getting out of the lane and intimates you to get it back on track.

    Blind spot information system
    You might not be able to dodge blind spots on the road with a normal ride but with the 2020 Honda CRV, blind spots are no more a problem. It helps you monitor any impending blind spots, and as and when it tracks them, it warns you by the way of flashing light and giving you an audible intimation especially if things go beyond control.

    Adaptive cruise control
    The 2020 Honda CRV comes with an ‘adaptive cruise control’ feature. This means, it is able to monitor the speed of the vehicle in front and accordingly adjusts your vehicle’s speed. Apart from the adaptive cruise control feature, it also comes with a low-speed follow feature, which allows your vehicle to automatically stop when the preceding vehicle slows to a stop.

    Rear-view camera with multi-angles
    Taking a car in reverse, immaterial of the purpose, can be extremely challenging. You have to efficiently dodge people, vehicles, and objects to avoid any mishap. The 2020 Honda CRV gives the driver the following three angles to choose from: top-down, normal, and wide, with the help of which you cannot go wrong with any object in reverse.

    Stability control
    One of the best safety features of the 2020 Honda CRV is the stability control feature. The stability control feature won’t let your vehicle go out of control. The moment your vehicle is about to go out of control, it will enable the brake or reduce engine power, so that the driver does not lose control of the vehicle and does not succumb to any danger.

    Cross-traffic monitor
    While parking or commuting, there would be many vehicles coming in your way. The cross-traffic monitor senses these vehicles and intimates you of any danger.

    Front-impact airbags
    Crashes are the most lethal when a car engages in an accident, involving a collision with another vehicle or object. One of the most sensitive areas that can be affected is the head. The Honda CRV 2020 has intelligently taken care of this safety by including front-impact airbags. These have been designed to protect the head of the driver during a crash.

    These aforementioned safety features ensure your security while you are driving the 2020 Honda CRV.

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    Best safety features of 2019 Toyota Highlander

    The 2019 Toyota Highlander starts at USD 31,380, and some of the most selling features of this midsize SUV are its several safety features that make it an enviable and safe ride. Here are some of the topmost safety features of this midsize SUV that are sure to secure one’s purchase decision.

    Toyota Safety Sense P (TSS-P) features
    The 2019 Toyota Highlander is possibly one of the most secure rides, both for the drivers and the passengers. All trims come with TSS-P (short for Toyota Safety Sense P), which is an amazing suite of many security features. It includes the following security systems:

    • Lane departure alert with steering assist
      With the help of this, the driver gets a visual or an audible warning when the vehicle is about to cross or approach lane markings when the turn signal is not on. Moreover, the steering assist keeps the vehicle on the lane by providing automatic braking or steering.
    • Pedestrian detection with pre-collision system
      The 2019 Toyota Highlander takes care of people who are inside the car and outside. Whenever there is a possibility of collision with a pedestrian, the vehicle alerts the driver by the way of visual or audio warnings.

    Advanced airbag system
    In an unfortunate accident, when a car collides with another vehicle or object, severe damage can be caused to the human body. That’s where the 2019 Toyota Highlander is a savior. It has a total of eight airbags. These have been strategically placed to protect the driver and the front seat passengers. More specifically, there is a seat cushion airbag for the front seat passenger and toward the driver’s knee, which will protect the lower bodies. Not only the front seat passenger and rider but also the rear passengers will be protected by roll-sensing airbags placed near the side curtains.

    Traction control
    Traction control in 2019 Toyota Highlander is a computer-controlled system that keeps a track of when your vehicle is on the verge of wheel slippage. The traction control detects when one of the wheels spins faster than the others. When this happens, traction control automatically applies ABS (anti-lock braking system) to the wheel which is slipping. Alternatively, it could also cut the engine power supply to that wheel.

    Anti-lock brakes
    Under extreme braking circumstances, the ability of the vehicle to turn becomes low. When the tires stop rotating and make the vehicle unable to turn, anti-lock brakes modulate the pressure of the brakes. This again helps the tires to rotate.

    Stability control
    One of the best safety features of the 2019 Toyota Highlander is stability control, which prevents your vehicle from losing control. It does this by automatically sensing if the vehicle’s handling limits have been crossed. In such a scenario, it enables the brake or reduces the engine power.

    Security system
    The 2019 Toyota Highlander will not start if you do not enter the correct manufacturer key. In fact, the vehicle has an ignition disable device that can cease the engine just in case it detects a wrong manufacturer key.

    Seatbelts are probably one of the most important security features inside a car. Having said that, if seatbelts are not fastened correctly, you might have to bear some serious damage during a mishap. Pretensioners in the 2019 Toyota Highlander take care of this and automatically fasten the seatbelts optimally for the driver or passenger, especially during a collision.

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    6 electric cars to choose from in 2020

    Electric cars have been around for a while now, but it is only till recently that they have started to become almost as popular as fuel car models. The reason is quite simple; modern electric cars offer the same facilities and comfort as traditional automobiles. However, electric cars come with better-advanced charging technology. Below is a list of the best electric cars available in 2020.

    Nissan Leaf

    The first generation of the Leaf was a fine electric model, but it had its faults too, which made it hard for the car to compete in the market. For the second generation model, Nissan has made the required adjustments to earn its place among the elites. This new model is faster, more attractive, has more advanced driving assistance, is more affordable, and provides a longer driving time with one charge. Improvements have been made to the interiors too, including better comfort and technology.

    Tesla Model X

    You cannot find the best electric cars without considering Tesla. This model comes with twin electric motors, 100kWh battery, seven seats, more loading space, and more affordable pricing. This model can also run for 300 miles on a single charge and offers up to 553 bhp, thanks to its Ludicrous-enabled performance technology.

    Hyundai Ioniq

    The best part about the Hyundai Ioniq is that it comes with three powertrains choices, and you can choose the one that suits your needs. The car is powered by a 28kWh lithium-ion polymer battery, which is located underneath the backseats. After one charge, the car can run for 174 miles, as claimed by the makers. The car also comes with a Sport mode, which can push the maximum speed up to 103 mph.

    Tesla Model 3

    This is another model from Tesla that easily belongs to the list of the best electric cars, and for multiple reasons. If an electric car has ever come close to replace traditional ones, then it is this one. The dual-motor version of this model can run for 310 miles between each charging, and the 155 mph top speed is surely impressive.

    Hyundai Kona

    If you are looking for a long-range electric car, then this one may just be the one for you. The 64kWh battery offers a 300+ mile range after one charge and guarantees a 204 bhp to make it quite a competitive model. The interiors of the car are equally impressive, with a head-up display, 8-inch LCD navigation, 7-inch ‘supervision cluster’, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Krell audio system, leather front seats, and LED headlamps.

    Audi e-tron

    If you are looking for the best electric cars and are fond of SUVs, then this can be a good choice for you. The 95kwh battery pack can offer up to 248 miles after one charge. The 402 bhp surely is another aspect of this model that should get you excited. The interiors have an innovative look that you may find rather futuristic.

    With all these available choices among the best electric cars of 2020, you have the opportunity to easily find a model that meets all your expectations.

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    6 reasons to buy auto insurance

    If you are buying a new car, do not forget to opt for auto insurance too. You cannot drive a car on the road in most states if you do not have insurance. However, that is not the only reason why you must purchase insurance for your car. This insurance policy comes with a plethora of benefits that protect you financially, which are listed below.

    It is mandatory

    It may not sound like a benefit, but you must understand that an insurance policy is necessary to own a car. Every state in the country requires you to buy at least certain minimum coverage for your car if you want to drive it on the streets. The minimum coverage may vary from state to state, however, it is always a good idea to purchase a comprehensive plan that will cover most damage and injury-related expenses. This will protect you from legal hassles in the future.

    Financial protection

    A car accident does not only cause damages to your car, but it can also end up injuring a third party. This leads to a lot of liabilities such as medical expenses, legal fees, and pay-up for the third person’s loss of income due to the injury. A car insurance policy offers liability coverage that takes care of these expenses on your behalf. Without it, you will end up paying a lot more than just for the car damages.

    Getting a loan

    Buying your dream car can put a dent in your savings. This is why a lot of people opt for a car loan to finance the purchase. However, there are a lot of lenders who will approve the loan only if you purchase auto insurance for the car. Some car insurance policies offer coverage for car loan repayment if your car is stolen or is damaged beyond repair.

    Saves the repairing cost

    A liability cover from the car insurance provider can protect you financially when you damage a third person’s property, but what about your own car? Your car can be damaged due to an accident or a natural calamity like a storm. This will result in a lot of expenses out of your own pocket if you do not have the right coverage. A comprehensive car insurance policy takes care of these expenses. The cost of repairing or replacement of car parts is covered.

    It protects the passenger too

    If you are ever in an accident while riding with a passenger, it can lead to a lot of medical expenses for them. The right auto insurance policy comes with medical expenses coverage. This cover pays for the surgery and medical bills that the passenger otherwise has to pay from their pocket.

    Coverage for your medical bills

    The accident that causes injuries to a passenger will probably result in your injuries too. Car insurance with medical coverage will be helpful in that case. The insurance policy will take care of the medical bills on your behalf.

    The one thing you must be careful about is purchasing the right auto insurance with comprehensive coverages. You must make sure that the coverages justify the price of the policy.

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    7 of the best luxury cars of 2020

    Who does not fancy a stunning luxury car? We frequently are witness to car launches, each better than the last, courtesy luxury automobile brands. With fierce competition around them, every company tries to step up its game to stay ahead of its competitors.

    However, with many options available, you may be confused about which one to pick, especially if you are new to the world of these sleek, high-end automobiles. Thus, we have listed below some of the best luxury cars of 2020 at which you can take a second look.

    • Audi TT

    Audi is a brand that needs no further advertisement. This model takes the brand up a notch, as it can reach 60 mph in merely 3.6 seconds. Its cabin is beautifully designed, with only the best raw materials in the market. Add to that a standard four-year warranty and sensors placed outside the car for safety; this model makes it one our list of the best luxury cars of 2020.

    • BMW Series 8

    This driver-friendly vehicle is known to offer incredible power that only enhances the smooth ride you are in for. It comes equipped with multiple safety features, which are essential for the driver and the passengers. This car combines efficiency with style, making it an excellent choice for most!

    • Jaguar XJ

    A brand long-associated with not just luxury, but also power and style, Jaguar never disappoints. Though it is a sedan, the Jaguar XJ has a very sporty look. The interiors are luxurious and the overall drive quality is excellent. In fact, the Jaguar XJ has been known to fare consistently better than many of its competitors.

    • Acura NSX

    The Acura NSX is a car that stresses equally on comfort and reliability. At an additional payment, you can get a warranty for six years. Even though you might not be able to make the customizations you may desire to the Acura NSX; it is quite a superior luxury car.

    • Tesla Model S

    Many people love going for luxury cars but are wary of getting one simply because they do not care for the damage it does to the environment. For such people, the Tesla Model S is the perfect car. The Tesla Model S is one of the most premium models among innovator Elon Musk’s range of vehicles. It runs on a 100kW battery pack. Its premium cabin space and luxurious interiors make it a treat for the driver as well as the passengers.

    • Range Rover

    The Range Rover is the right choice for those who prefer a luxury car and a four-wheel-drive equally. The Range Rover has spacious interiors and a powerful body. It provides a smooth ride on rough roads and also has a hybrid option.

    • Lexus LS

    Another fantastic option from the list of best luxury cars of 2020, the Lexus LS boasts of a sleek exterior and four different trim levels. It can go from 0-60 in 4.6 seconds and features a full-time all-wheel-drive.

    There are numerous options for you to choose from when it comes to the luxury cars of 2020. Rather than making a hasty decision, you must consider your requirements and choose what suits them the best.

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    Top safety features of the Dodge Ram 2500

    In all these years, the demand and popularity of Ram trucks have increased across the country and today, they are one of the most popular pickup trucks in the country. Out of many models, the Dodge Ram 2500 is quite a well-known model. It has a solid structure and a thoughtful design. It is a preferred choice for many organizations and individuals. Here are some of the best safety features of Dodge Ram 2500.

    Fire extinguisher
    The fire extinguisher, provided by the Department of Transportation, is one of the most important tools to have in the vehicle. A vehicle, which is made up of several electronic components, is often at the risk of catching fire. Many people do not realize this but it is essential to have a fire extinguisher in the vehicle while traveling.

    Electronic stability control
    It is imperative to have a system, which ensures the overall stability of a vehicle. The Electronic Stability Control in the Dodge Ram 2500 consists of traction control, a stability system, and anti-lock brakes to ensure the car a smooth rear-wheel-drive performance, and a stable front-wheel drive capability. It primarily uses torque reduction and a selective braking technique to provide you with maximum control in the right way.

    Multi-stage front airbags
    An airbag is usually referred to as a restraint system that inflates and then, deflates quickly when the vehicle suffers from an accident. These are designed and installed in the vehicle to protect the ones sitting in the front end of the car against injuries that could be caused as a result of the accident. The airbags that you get in a Dodge Ram 2500 have a very sophisticated look.

    Reflective triangles
    Also known as warning triangles, these devices are made up of red-colored reflective material. These are not commonly found inside the vehicles but carrying them along would be a good idea. If your vehicle breaks down in the middle of the road, you can use the triangles to warn passers-by about the presence of your stagnant vehicle.

    Tire pressure monitoring system
    Imagine starting on a long-distance journey, covering a large distance, and then suddenly looking at a flat tire. There are ways to fix this issue but why get into a problem, which can be avoided in the first place? The Dodge Ram 2500 has a display that helps you monitor the level of air pressure in the tires. Apart from making sure that it has enough air, it helps the vehicle to maintain stability, increase traction, and fuel economy.

    Rear back-up camera
    One of the most important things for a driver is to be aware of all the movement that is happening behind the vehicle. As the name suggests, this ParkView Back-Up Camera provides you with a live video view of all that is happening behind your truck. It is a very small camera, which is located near the tailgate handle. When you shift the vehicle to reverse, you can see the live images on the display screen inside the vehicle.

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  • Different Styles And Materials Of Outdoor Furniture That You Should Know

    The modern houses require an elegant patio that can exude eloquence in terms of adding beauty to the entire home environment. The interior decorators have come up with several styles that can do justice to the expansion of the living room. Moreover, they have been able to find sturdy and firm materials that can long last during bad weather conditions.

    Classic patio style

    The classic outlook can fall behind any style in the era. Generally decorated with heavyweight pieces of furniture made of wood, the style remains ageless always. The small amount of mix-up with cushions and pillows on the wooden seating arrangement can complement the outlook of the house. In addition to the context, the teak outdoor furniture is durable even in the stormy summer nights.

    Information on teak

    This is known to be one of the strongest wooden materials that are proven to remain intact even in the adverse natural conditions. There is no doubt that teak makes the ideal choice for the outdoor furniture as the pieces of patio furniture do not even require frequent maintenance.

    • Extracted from the teak oil, natural teak is efficient for insect and weather resistant. Additionally, fungal decay cannot do much harm to the furniture.
    • Generally, the pieces of furniture are seen to turn gray because of the continuous exposure to the sunlight; however, teak does not show any sign of graying even after 50 years.
    • Tectona grandis is mainly found in Indonesia and the renowned furniture manufacturers choose to work with this teak because of its premium quality and durability. This is considered to be the most durable and costliest wood to be ever used in the patio furniture for your outdoor space.
    • However, the manufacturers may often fool you by making false promises of giving out real teak furniture. The wood may not be Tectona Grandis which can lead you to face monetary loss. If you are looking for buying teak furniture sets, you can visit Amazon to check out the enticing collection from the renowned manufacturers including wholesale teak.

    Rustic style

    As the name suggests, this style is completely decorated with natural components for catering to the user’s love for outdoor. Apart from teak, Brazilian cherry, Jarrah, and mahogany are other popular wooden materials that are used for making the beautiful pieces of outdoor furniture for the patio area.

    Brazilian cherry

    This is one of the instances of dense wood that is evidently seen in South America. The longevity and durability have made the material popular in the market as well. Lasting for a long period in the outdoor environment, this can be ideal for the patio furniture.

    • As teak is prohibited to some extent and expensive compared to any other wooden material, Brazilian cherry can be a popular substitute for it. Moreover, it can surpass sturdiness of teak and the quality of being water resistant.
    • The natural deep red color of the material can add life to the entire outdoor environment. However, you should keep in mind that if the material is left oiled or unfinished for a long period, it can start showing grey or silvery patches.
    • Painting is required over the wood as the painting has the ability to offer extra protective layer to fight against the strong UV rays and moisture.

    How to take care of wooden furniture

    Proper maintenance is required for the wooden outdoor furniture unlike the pieces of patio furniture made of aluminum. If you want to retain the natural wood color, you can put on sealers and oils to cover it up. In order to get rid of stickiness or gumminess, you should proper measures because this can lead to fungal decay.

    • You can clean the furniture with a soft bristle brush and mild dishwashing component. Add water and little bit of bleach to get the best the results.
    • Cleaning should be done with the products that are made for the outdoor furniture and not for the indoor furniture. This will help the patio or the backyard area beautiful and clean.
    • Repainting is needed in every few years for protecting against graying and deterioration of quality.
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  • 3 well-known email marketing tools

    Email marketing has become an essential part of a business’s digital marketing campaign. Unlike social media marketing, email marketing allows a business to lend a personal touch in its communication to the potential or the existing customers. Email marketing tools help a business send out autoresponders and newsletters to their subscribers and customers. Below are some of the most-used email marketing tools available online right now.

    This is one of the easiest email marketing tools. The user interface (UI) is well designed, and it can be easily used by beginners to build a good email marketing campaign. One of the significant features of this tool is that it offers a 100% free account. Another significant feature is that MailChimp can be integrated with other marketing tools and social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, WordPress, Hubspot, and so on.  MailChimp allows you to send autoresponders and newsletters to your clients and customers. It has two payment plans—monthly subscriptions and pay-as-you-go plans.

    With monthly subscriptions starting at around $9, ActiveCampaign is one of the most affordable email marketing tools. It is rich with features and has a customer relationship management (CRM) system to manage leads and automation tools to turn the leads into customers. With ActiveCampaign, you can automatically create a targeted campaign based upon consumer behavior. The automation tools let you send pre-built, as well as conditional content emails to consumers and subscribers. This email marketing tool has a Zapier integration that allows you to connect the tool to other services like Salesforce, QuoteRoller, LeadFormly, Xero, Acuity Scheduling, Calendly, GotoWebinar, and Evernote.

    Affordability and ease-of-use are two of the most notable features of this email marketing tool. While other services may charge more as your list of subscribers grow, GetResponse is known to keep subscription charges stable irrespective of the size of the list. With more than 500 well-designed email templates, GetResponse makes it easy to create newsletter and autoresponders, whether you are an expert or novice. These templates have been designed to be compatible also with mobile devices. One of the most significant features of GetResponse is the application program interface (API) that allows you to perform the custom integration. This is in addition to the off-the-shelf integration available with Salesforce, WordPress, Zendesk, Shopify, and PayPal.

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