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    Interior and exterior features of the 2020 Dodge Ram 2500

    Dodge Ram has been a critics’ favorite in the trucks segment, and the 2020 edition of the Dodge Ram 2500 is certainly a head-turner. The Dodge Ram 2500 has three cab styles: regular, crew cab, and mega cab. With impressive specs and multiple options to choose from, the Dodge Ram 2500 is the most popular three-quarter-ton truck available in the market today.

    A look at the interiors and exteriors
    Let’s take a look at the exterior and interior features of the Dodge Ram 2500:

    A bold Ram logo on the grille face in place of the grille design in the older variant, along with headlights similar to the Dodge Ram 1500, give a bullish appearance to the truck. Further, each trim level gets its own look. While the lower models have a steel and plastic finish, the top-end models come with a chrome finish. The entry-level model comes with 17-inch wheels, and the mid-range versions have 18-inch wheels. If you opt for the top-end model, the 20-inch wheels make it worth the money spent. For the crew cab, there are two bed lengths: 8’ and 6’4”. The regular cab variant gets the standard 8-feet box, while the mega cab version comes with the 6’4” bed. Except for the base model, you can also opt for a single-pane sunroof on all variants.

    The dimensions of the trucks also vary across the ranges. While the regular cab comes in a length of 232 inches, the length of the crew cab is 238.8 inches. The length of the mega cab is impressive at just shy of 250 inches. The ground clearance is 13 inches, 11.1 to 13.1 inches based on the drivetrain chosen, and 13.1 inches, respectively.

    With a seating capacity of three, there’s ample legroom in the rear in each of the three variants, with legroom being the highest in the mega cab. The base models come with a seating capacity for two, but it can be upgraded to a three-seater. All variants come with a substantial reconfigurable center console, which can store files or a laptop. The truck offers two USB ports and additional USB charging ports in the rear, along with a front armrest cup holder. This is in addition to the hill start assist, trailer sway control, and push-button start.

    The limited trim variant comes with leather seats, and the accents are made of wood and aluminum that render an absolutely premium look. The Dodge Ram 2500 has the highest number of speakers in the truck segment. The 12-inch touchscreen is the largest touchscreen in the class, and the Dodge Ram 2500 tops every other vehicle in the segment when it comes to the infotainment system. The split-screen functionality ensures convenience for the user and gives easy access to the things that matter.

    All in all, both the interiors and exteriors of the Dodge Ram 2500 make it one of the most popular trucks in the market and a top choice among buyers.

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    Important things to know about the 2020 Dodge Ram 1500

    Are you looking for a robust, high performing, and stylish pickup truck? Well, look no further, the 2020 Dodge Ram 1500 fits the bill. This automobile is a veritable beast and can get you from one place to another in no time with incredible mileage and modern safety features. It is ideal for all- men, women, and families. Let’s take a closer look at this pickup truck to know about all that it has to offer.

    An Overview
    The best part about the 2020 version of this pickup truck is that there is a diesel engine option available! All other features that you’ve come to expect from this vehicle remain the same, such as maximum tow rating, a functional cabin that is well-equipped; plenty of rear-seat legroom, and comfortable seats. It can accommodate five to six people. It offers a horsepower of 260 to 395, which makes it a roaring beast on the road. It offers a mileage of 15 to 22 mpg in the city, while on the highway it offers a mileage of 21 to 32 mpg. Most of the trims come with a standard 3.6-liter V6 engine with a horsepower of 305 and a torque of 269 pound-feet. It also has a towing capacity of 6,250 pounds to 12,750 pounds. This is good for a half-ton truck.

    In terms of dimensions, this truck is huge, making it a safe ride. Depending on the model you select, it can weigh anywhere between 4,798 pounds to 5,372 pounds. However, the height does not exceed six feet and eight inches, and the length does not go beyond 20 feet and two inches.

    The interiors of the 2020 Dodge Ram 1500 are surely enviable. You get two rows of comfortable seats with about three feet of legroom. It is also child-seat-friendly. The craftsmanship and prime selection of materials like wood and metal in the upper trims make this pickup truck look and feel luxurious. In terms of cargo space, you have choices of six feet and four inches or five feet and seven inches. In terms of infotainment, you get a 12-inch touchscreen display with a Uconnect interface and Apple CarPlay support with Bluetooth, navigation, and much more.

    The 2020 Dodge Ram 1500 has safely passed all crash tests with flying colors. It offers surround-view parking camera system, parallel and perpendicular park assist, front and rear parking sensors, rain-sensing windshield wipers, automatic high-beam headlights, rear cross-traffic alert, lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, blind-spot monitoring, and a lot more. With all these features, this vehicle will give you a safe driving experience on the roads as well as highways.

    Is the truck worth it?
    The 2020 Dodge Ram 1500 is definitely worth it. It matches up to the likes of the Ford F-series trucks, like the F-150, as well as the Chevrolet Silverado 1500. The cost is also something to think about. The base price of the models starts at $32,145 and can go up to $70,000, if you choose the fully-loaded limited edition models based on various cab choices, bed sizes, trim levels, and the like. All in all, this is a dream vehicle for any automobile fanatic.

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    List of crossover SUVs and their prices

    Why are crossover SUVs so popular these days? Well, it is because they offer a stunning blend of functionality and comfort. They provide great fuel efficiency, cargo capacity and best utilitarian benefits. Moreover, they are quite affordably priced, making them the perfect choice for many families across the country. These cars excel in different areas. So, choose the right one depending on your needs and budget.

    Best crossover SUVs with their prices
    Let’s take a look at the best models that you can choose from.

    2020 Subaru Ascent

    This car is a solid midsize crossover SUV. It scores high on impressive overall performance, gas mileage, and safety features. Uncommon among its rivals, it comes with an all-wheel-drive and standard V6 engine, which gives it a roaring performance. Moreover, it has a seating capacity for eight individuals, and the third row at the back offers more legroom than other cars in this category. The crossover SUV is priced for around $31,995.

    2020 Kia Sorento

    The crossover SUV is priced at about $26,990. The interiors are as stylish and robust as the exteriors. It was revamped from its 2019 model and now it has come out as a real contender in this category. It is moderately agile and offers good cargo space. It is also fuel-efficient and easy-to-drive. They also offer 7 color variants.

    2020 Chevrolet Traverse

    This car is hailed as a great family cruiser with sufficient power and a spacious cabin. Do note that its driving dynamics are not top class, but it is more upscale than other models. In addition to providing Wi-Fi hotspot, it also offers smartphone app navigation, a 7-inch touchscreen, and an Infotainment 3 system. So, when it comes to a road trip with the kids, you can be sure to keep the little ones happy and occupied for a comfortable and fun drive. This crossover SUV is available for around $29,800.

    2019 Honda Passport

    This car returns after a long hiatus with good crash test scores and an above-average predicted reliability rating. It is enjoyable to drive and offers comfort over being agile. The off-road capabilities are also great. In addition to its great towing capacity of 5,000 pounds, this crossover SUV gives you a full-suite of driver assistance aids and a powerful V6 engine for fantastic acceleration. Its starting MRP is about $31,990.

    2019 Toyota Highlander

    The starting price for this car is around $31,830, and it truly commands this price because of all the great features it offers. You can get a lively V6 fuel-efficient engine with a comprehensive suite of active safety aids. The 185-horsepower four-cylinder engine offers decent power, and the steering provides stable-handling, making the drive comfortable. This car has also scored well on reliability rating and crash tests.

    Overall, you can pick any car from those mentioned above. Every model offers something for everybody and you can surely have a great and safe driving experience in each of them. You can compare the prices, and features of the different models and make an informed decision.

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    Best-selling aspects of the Chevrolet Silverado 1500

    The 2020 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 is a full-size pick-up truck that will make you the envy of the neighborhood. While this pick-up truck is popular among men who prefer rugged-looking and robust pickup trucks, the truth is that this vehicle is for anybody, even your small family. So, what does the 2020 iteration of this beast of an automobile have in store for you? In this article, we will take a look at its many features and specifications.

    This truck offers well-balanced handling as well as good interiors and powerful engine choices. It offers a best-in-class towing capacity, ample passenger room, and top-notch fuel economy with the new turbodiesel engine. In the 2020 model, you will find that the maximum towing capacity has been upgraded to 13,400 pounds; the 6.2-liter V8 engine is available in Trail Boss and RST trims; the 10-speed automatic transmission is available with V8 5.3-liter engine; optional adaptive cruise control and towing camera; and an optional 3.0-liter turbodiesel engine. All of these surely makes the pick-up truck a powerful vehicle for both on-road and off-road driving.

    The vehicle also offers seating for three to six people; 14-23 mpg mileage in the city; 16-33 mpg mileage on the highway; and 277-420 horsepower. To give you an idea about the size, the length of the vehicle is 19 feet and 1.5 inches to 20 feet and 1.2 inches. The curb weight is 4,474 pounds to 5,008 pounds. Finally, the height is 6 feet, 3.4 inches to 6 feet, 6.5 inches.

    The vehicle comes with a second row of seats, which allows you to place a child seat, so it is ideal for families. The lower-trim models have noticeable plastic components, while the upper trims offer nicer touches without seeming overly luxurious. Three cargo bed sizes are available, which are 5 feet 10 inches; 6 feet 7seven inches; and 8 feet 2 inches. Options you can take as add-ons include a power tailgate, in-bed lighting, and removable tie-downs.

    All the Silverado models come with an Infotainment system, offering either a 7- or 8-inch touchscreen with a simple menu structure and user-friendly buttons. You also get Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone integration and standard features.

    This vehicle received an overall rating of four out of five stars by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It performed well in crash tests for the sides and front, including rollover evaluations. The various modern safety features include adaptive cruise control, rear and front parking sensors, lane keep assist, blind-spot monitoring, pedestrian detection, automatic emergency braking, surround-view camera system, rear cross-traffic alert, and a head-up display, among others.

    The Chevrolet Silverado 1500’s price begins at around $28,300, and this is the average for a full-size pickup truck. It offers a base WT trim with a rear-wheel drive, standard V6 engine, and three-seat Regular cab. The top-of-the-line High Country trim costs around $54,600. A mid-range variant costs approximately $30,000.

    So, should you buy this pick-up truck? Definitely! It is certainly one of the strongest options in the market and will give you a true value for money.

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    5 cheap Corvettes for sale

    Chevrolet made quite a bold move when it released the mid-engined Corvette. The model has retained some of its top features like being front-engined and having the rear-wheel-drive layout, and all Corvettes have been designed in the same way. Here, we have listed the top options if you are looking for cheap Corvettes for sale:

    • C6 Corvette
      C6 Corvette is the sixth generation of Corvette and is one of the best options to consider if you are looking for cheap Corvettes for sale. You can check out the used 2005 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe available for $12,995 on Autotrader. It comes with precision red exteriors and tan interiors and offers a mileage of 16 and 24 mpg in the city and on the highways, respectively. You can save time by making the deal on this 8-cylinder 4-speed automatic Corvette online.
    • 2004 Chevrolet Convertible
      Available for $14,995 on TrueCar, a trusted online reseller, this model offers great performance. It comes in a stunning blue metallic color, is equipped with a rear-wheel-drive feature, and offers a mileage of 18 mpg on the city and 25 mpg on the highway. Also, there have been zero accidents reported for the Corvette.
    • Chevrolet Corvette 2002 convertible
      This model is available for $15,500 but is worth the price. It is available on Autotrader in a dark red color with classic black interiors and is one of the coolest cheap Corvettes for sale. It is a 9-cylinder automatic transmission Corvette that runs on gas and offers a mileage of 18 mpg in the city and 25 mpg on the highway.
    • Chevrolet Corvette 2003 convertible
      Available for $16,697 on TrueCar, this model has a lot of stunning features to offer. It comes with black exteriors and interiors and is equipped with 6-speed manual transmission. It also has cruise control, traction control, and stability control, along with front reading lamps and power windows. All these highlights make this one of the best options to consider if you’re looking for cheap Corvettes for sale.
    • Corvette 1985 model
      If you are looking for the cheapest Corvette, this deal available on Autotrader is one of the best options for you to consider. This 1985 model can be bought for just $4,250 on Autotrader, making it one of the cheapest Corvettes you can buy. The 2-tone blue Corvette comes with Chrome wheels, power steering, cruise control, T-Tops, and also a car cover. Not to mention, you get all this without burning a hole in your pocket, so if you have budget restrictions, we cannot think of a better car for you to buy.

    All of the above-mentioned models are available on reseller websites like Autotrader and TrueCar, making them reliable options to consider. However, we recommend that you shop around and compare various options before making a decision. There are plenty of refurbished models that are released by Chevrolet, and the Corvette Corvette is one of their most-loved models. It has a huge following among auto enthusiasts and is a popular choice among buyers.

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    10 tips to getting the best car lease deals

    Leasing a car seems lucrative because the monthly payout is lesser than when you finance your new car. Moreover, your down payment is less, and the leased vehicle is typically protected by a warranty from the manufacturer. These are just a few of the many benefits of car leasing. To make this alternative even more worthwhile, you need to consider some tips and tricks to secure the best car leasing deals that help you save some money.

    Here are the top 10 tips to get the best car leasing deals

    • Try to negotiate on aspects such as down payment, mileage limit, and the post lease expiry purchase price. Leasing works similar to getting a loan. So, the higher your down payment, the lesser financing charges you would need to bear.
    • Try to negotiate on the money factor. This is the number that most lessors use to calculate the cost of leasing, i.e., an interest that you have to bear per month.
    • If guaranteed auto protection does not come with your lease, buy it. It is an insurance protection plan that will protect you if the car faces an accident or is stolen.
    • To ensure that the monthly payout is as little as possible, try to opt for cars that do not depreciate at a rate higher than average. You can refer to the Consumer Reports’ owner-cost Ratings in the model pages for detailed information on depreciation.
    • Dig into the details about the ongoing purchase price of the vehicle, just as you would if you were to finance the same car. After locking in on a price, you should start looking for leasing deals. After all, leasing too is a type of financing.
    • Do not opt for leases that extend for a period beyond the factory warranty of the car. We recommend so because this warranty is the most lucrative aspect of car leasing.
    • Ask upfront about any mandatory conditions or fees after the term of the lease. For instance, there are a few car leasing agents who will ask you to return the car only with tires that look fairly new. Ensure that all the policies are clear and fair to you right from the start.
    • If you think that you might need additional car miles, buy them beforehand. Have a clause in the deal that states that you can get the money back for the unused miles. Any overage of mileage will attract an increased rate.
    • Ensure that the trade-in has been reduced from the capitalized cost of the leased vehicle, if applicable.
    • For those planning to buy the vehicle post the expiry of the lease, do ensure that the car is worth its purchase price. If yours is a sub-vented lease, the possibility of this is almost zero. In case the worth of the car is lower than its buyout price, you can always try negotiating with the leasing agent. If he/she doesn’t nudge, we recommend walking away from the purchase.

    To sum up, leasing is certainly not the ideal alternative for everyone. However, for customers who enjoy driving a new car every few years, this could be a great option. Do research and compare the different car leasing deals available in the market and negotiate as much as possible to save some money.

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    Top 4 small pickup trucks

    Pickup trucks are an extremely popular vehicle choice on the road, irrespective of their size. Pickup trucks can provide just enough punch and are extremely useful.

    Now, to help you find the best small pickup truck, we have come up with a list of the four-most incredible compact-sized trucks. 

    2020 Honda Ridgeline

    The Honda Ridgeline was redesigned three years ago and is considered a unique entrant in the list of small pickup trucks. Moreover, it has a bunch of not-so-common features, like the tailgate, which you can either swing open like a regular car door or in a usual fold-down way. What’s astonishing about the Ridgeline is its underfloor storage compartment that increases the cargo capacity of the vehicle. The 3.5L engine comes only with V6 power. Its nine-speed automatic transmission is certainly an improvement from the six-speed transmission available with the earlier models.


    • Power moonroof
    • 10-way adjustable driver seat
    • Exquisite interior
    • Heated front seats

    2020 Ford Ranger
    After the last model that came out in 2011, Ford took an 8-year sabbatical. However, in 2019, it came back with a revolutionary design packed with the latest tech developments. With the availability of 3 trim levels, Lariat, XLT, and XL, there is certainly a Ford Ranger for everyone’s requirement. Featuring a 2.3L turbocharged engine, it has an outstanding horsepower (hp) of 270. The presence of ten-speed automatic transmission paves the way for a smooth shifting experience.


    • Great infotainment system with a touchscreen display of 4.2-inches with SYNC® voice-recognition feature
    • Comfortable cloth upholstery
    • Spacious under-seat storage

    Toyota Tacoma

    At number three in our list of the best small pickup trucks is classy Toyota Tacoma. For anyone who needs a compact truck that can transport their loved ones to a new vista, blaze new arenas, or carry around your gear to the campsites, the Tacoma is a great alternative. Powered by a V6, 3.5-liter engine, the truck can tow around 6,800 lbs. The safety sense driver suite is a standard feature of the Tacomas after 2018. Additional features like adaptive cruise control, automatic braking, forward collision warning, and pedestrian detection are found in the newer models.


    • Entry possible without a key
    • Satellite radio
    • Auto-dimming mirror in the rearview
    • Stylish upholstery

    GMC Canyon

    For those seeking a comfortable and smooth ride, without compromising on the towing capacity (7700 lbs) and the interior, should opt for GMC Canyon. In the 2017 to 2020 models, there are three engine options available for this truck, and the base variant has a 4-cylinder engine of 2.5 L with 200 hp. The other two engine options are 3.6-liter V6 with 308 hp and 2.8-liter turbodiesel with 181 hp.


    • Ventilated and heated seats
    • Wireless charging
    • HD rearview camera
    • Superb infotainment system
    • Auto climate control

    With small trucks, you get great hauling and towing options and off-road capabilities that you might need from a compact truck. Furthermore, the smaller sized trucks are easy to navigate in narrow streets, and parking them is rarely a problem.

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    Top 3 luxury convertibles of 2020

    Have you ever dreamt about cruising in a sun-drenched highway, with the wind gently caressing your face, and your hands fixed at the steering of your chic luxury convertible car? Well, if the answer is yes, this article is meant for you. You have come to the right place seeking to find the top choices in this regard.

    Here, we have shortlisted the best luxury cars convertibles of 2020 from three top brands.

    2020 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

    It is a mid-size car by the German manufacturer and has been in the market for several decades. As a result of this, Mercedes-Benz has a well-established place for itself among the most desired high-end luxury cars. In the newest version of the E-Class, there are four different body types available with a good choice in paint colors and powertrains. The car is known or its latest technology, quiet engine performance, and premium infotainment system. Available in 4 trim levels, the most popular one amongst them is the E-450 Cabriolet RWD. The car is a fine blend of performance and luxury in a truly flawless vehicle. You can opt for options in Wagon trims, Sedan, Coupe, and Convertible, thereby satiating the needs of almost every type of buyer. Some of its most appealing features are

    • Comfort riding
    • Luxurious interior
    • High-end tech features
    • Great handling

    2020 Audi A5
    Audi’s A5 is one of the best _best luxury cars designed for people who desire a vehicle that is a fine amalgam of functionality, style, and fun. You can get the car in three trims: a four-door hatchback, a coupe, and a convertible. The standard all-wheel-drive, along with the turbocharged engine, adds to its feature and functionality. It has been around since 2008, but the company added a Sportback variant for the vehicle in 2018. Audi A5 is available in 3 trim levels, of which the most popular one is Prestige Cabriolet. As far as fuel efficiency is concerned, it is a winner. The salient features of this care are

    • Packed with technology and luxury
    • Extremely user-friendly infotainment system
    • Excellent fuel economy

    2020 Porsche 911
    How can a list of best convertibles ever be complete without the mention of the twin door Porsche cabriolet? It is, without a doubt, one of the best luxury cars of 2020. Today, in its 8th generation, it is the perfect car and the number 1 choice for those seeking the ultimate luxury convertible. The model was previously christened as the 992. This new-gen Porsche 911 has well retained the timeless design of the 911 model. However, it does ride on a platform that has been massively modified in comparison to the outgoing 911 model. The distinctive difference in design among the two is seen in its one-piece tail light. In addition to that, the newer model has an all-new infotainment system and a hugely evolved interior. Similar to the previous one, it is also available in Targa top and conventional soft top configuration. Here’s what makes this car stand out:

    • Faster than most rivals
    • Good flexibility for modification
    • Incredible performance, despite understated looks

    Choose from any of these three outstanding cars to make your prized-car dreams come true.

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    Consider these points before buying a pre-owned Jeep Grand Cherokee

    The Jeep® Grand Cherokee is the ultimate combination of style and power. There are a number of features that make this SUV stand out from the rest of its competitors. It is so popular that many consider buying pre-owned trim variants. While it is considerably cheaper to buy and pay for a pre-owned vehicle, you must have good knowledge about the current condition of the vehicle. It needs to pass certain inspections before being deemed worthy of driving after purchase.

    Here are some of the most important points to consider at the nearest Jeep® Grand Cherokee sale before singing on that title deed.

    Check the exterior
    Since a jeep is mostly built for some serious off-road and rough terrain driving, it pays to check the exterior. Look for signs of wear on every inch of the chassis, and under the vehicle. The older the jeep, the more rust it will have accumulated over the years on the undercarriage. So, it is better to consider a used Jeep® Grand Cherokee that has been driven for a lesser number of miles. It is also crucial to check the frame around the windshield, hood, and fenders to identify any dings and damage due to off-roading.

    Check under the hood
    The engine is one of the most crucial components of any vehicle. And more so for a pre-owned one because the car has been driven for a number of miles before the owner decides to part with it. Ask for proper maintenance and repair records directly from the seller. Check if there has been any major engine work done most recently as it could indicate a more permanent engine problem that requires replacement. It is advisable to have a certified mechanic check the engine and transmission assembly.

    Take a test drive
    It doesn’t matter if the jeep you plan to buy has been driven on rough terrain for a few years or smooth paved roads for a greater part of its use. The mileage will be fairly relative despite different driving conditions. What matters is the present condition of the vehicle and the only one way to determine the same is a test drive. Hire a certified technician who can also drive and assess the condition of the used Jeep® Grand Cherokee available for sale. After all, pre-owned premium vehicles are also quite expensive, and when you pay top dollar, you’d better get a good deal for the price.

    Check if it’s a unibody or not
    Several trim variants of the Jeep® Grand Cherokee feature a unibody build that means the upper chassis and frame are the same. They are lighter, roomier, and flexible for modifications. You can consider the unibody trim variants while shopping for a pre-owned Jeep® Grand Cherokee available for sale.

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    Top 4 trending crossover SUVs and their prices

    Compact crossover SUVs are the latest rage, and many are looking to switch to these stylish yet super-functional five- to eight-seater automobiles. The practical design boasts ample passenger and cargo space at an affordable price, which is one of the main reasons crossovers have gained popularity. The interiors are equipped with most of the amenities you would want to have in your car, and the exteriors are built to handle various driving conditions. All in all, crossover SUVs are a great investment to consider this year.

    Here are the top four crossover SUVs, along with their prices, you must check out in 2020:

    2020 Honda CR-V
    Designed for a smooth driving experience and equipped with ample cargo space, the 2020 Honda CR-V holds the top spot for crossover SUVs and is available for a starting price of $25,150. It is one of the more affordable compact SUVs available in the market and boasts a smooth ride with great fuel economy. Even fully loaded with five passengers, the crossover with a 190-HP engine is built for speed and haulage on multiple terrains. The interiors complement the exteriors beautifully, and the crossover comes with an infotainment system that gives you complete control from the central dash panel.

    2021 Kia Telluride
    The all-new Kia Telluride is a worthy competitor of the Honda CR-V, especially if you’re looking for a compact crossover SUV, and it is available at a base price of $31,990. The Telluride offers a smooth drive with comfortable three-row seating for seven or eight (depending on the trim), along with decent space for cargo at the back. A 291 HP engine powers the Telluride with front-wheel drive to tow above and beyond the expectations from a compact crossover. One of the key highlights is the infotainment system with an 8-inch touchscreen that syncs with your smartphone to offer advanced control over the in-built safety features.

    2020 Hyundai Santa Fe
    The 2020 Santa Fe comes with major modifications that catapult this compact vehicle to the list of the top four crossover SUVs, both in terms of the features and price. The 2020 model is equipped with basic safety features and comes with a 185 HP 4-cylinder engine and limited cargo space. That being said, the five-seater mid-size crossover has just about everything you need in a family automobile, including great city and highway mileage, comfortable interiors, and smart features accessible from the central dash. You can buy this crossover at a base price of $26,275.

    2020 Toyota RAV4
    Toyota has launched the perfect combination of power and beauty with the new RAV4 compact crossover. One of the safest models, the RAV4 comes with off-road driving capabilities that are built into a family-size automobile. Tough exteriors are combined with smart interiors and an infotainment system that is compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The five-passenger spacious cargo chassis is powered by a 203 HP engine with standard front-wheel drive, and it is available for a base price of $25,950.

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  • Payroll services as a business venture

    Payroll service is one of the hottest business ventures in the world today. Offerings from the independent HR firms are not just alluring and but also end up providing the best value for your money. The hassles of following up on recruitment services, payroll queries handling, etc. is now being taken over by third party HR companies. The firm works independently, offering payroll services as one of the packages as part of many other services. Everyone, right from giant corporations and mid-sized firm to even the smaller organizations opting for outsourcing the payroll services piece to third party companies as compared to handling the service by themselves. Bearing in mind both cost and resource effective, outsourcing the payroll services is now a trend in the market.

    Listed below are the tips to choosing the right company for outsourcing the payroll services which is a part of HR department. Anyone looking to venture into third party payroll service ventures needs to take care of the following:

    One needs to have a very deep and hard look at service level agreement (SLAs) offered by the consulting firms.
    Understanding the pitch from each organization “ Quality, capacity, skills, etc.
    Laying across your requirement as to how you are expecting payroll services to be handled, essentially having an official read-out document.
    Organizational level commitment, deliverables etc.
    Professionalism and Personalizing capability of the firm towards the employees.
    Reputation of the firm and market standard.
    Cost effectiveness for the service offered.
    Previous experiences of the consulting firms.
    Market ranking in the industry.
    Communication expertise.

    The requirements differ from organization to organization and so would the package prices. Some consulting firms do offer the services on a trial basis inorder to gain the trust of the buyer and collect feedback on how they can improvise. Different services have a different price tag. There would also be add-on packages as well where offers of recruitment, training and on-boarding as a one-time service along with payroll services as well. The add-on packages are mainly experimental to understand the requirement from the client and a trial to land a winning contract. Having said this, the main criteria for choosing remains world class quality and great levels of service. Any organization outsourcing its payroll services would expect the best for its employees with respect to service, quality and metrics. An operations team may or may not be co-located with the organization outsourcing the service. However, the service should not be compromised ever and must be established to the best of its ability to serve the organization and the employees well.

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  • Popular features of LG Cell Phone Covers

    Everyone dreads having their phone damaged, but there is an easy solution. Phone covers come to your rescue. You can easily save your phone by not taking a risk and by protecting your phone with a case. It will not only protect your phone but will also reflect your personality. If you have colorful phone covers, you can match them with your outfits and uplift your mood.

    Good LG cell phone covers will save your phone from harsh components and exterior damage such as scrapes, dirt, falls, spills, and water damage. If you are not satisfied with the ones available online (although there are endless options), you can get a personalized phone cover with different styles and design.

    If you are looking for some quirky covers, LG has them too. Be it abstract designs or famous slogans, there is a wide variety of LG cell phone covers with both matte and shiny finish to match the cool quotient of your style. Next time when you are hanging out with friends, you can show off with your slim profile and colorful LG cell phone covers that are both durable and impact resistant.

    Types of LG cell phone covers

    One of the highly recommended LG phone covers, the CoverON HexaGuard Series is a protective hybrid case ideal for LG Stylo 3/ Stylo 3 Plus, available in various colors of pink, green and black. The two-piece hybrid case is a combination of a flexible silicone rubber inner skin for shock protection and hard polycarbonate back cover with an armor plate for the first line of defense against scratches and impacts. The double protective case is very lightweight yet provides super protection.
    Another model of LG cell phone covers is CoverON SecureCard compatible for LG G6/ G6 Plus with an additional secure credit card holder slot. Unlike HexaGuard, this one has a modern brushed metal look giving it a cutting-edge appeal. The slim fitting lightweight cover comes with a Credit Card Holder at the back where you can slip 1-2 normal sized cards and lock the slot. You can easily watch videos or movies hands-free using its Kickstand feature by doubling its door as a fold-out kickstand. If you want to show off your new LG K8V, use CoverON ClearGuard series protective hybrid case which has a fully transparent clear back plate.

    FlexShock technology

    Keeping in mind how important your phone is to you, LG cell phone covers are made of FlexShock™ material which is an advanced impact protection material. To prevent your phone from unexpected mishaps, FlexShock™ is a cutting-edge equipment which provides maximum protection to your device. The FlexShock material is available in four cases – Evo Elite, Evo Check, Evo Wallet, Evo Tactical Extreme Edition.
    Compatible with LG Stylo 2 Plus, Evo Tactical is an ultra-thin and super-lightweight phone cover which offers 3m/10ft protection after a drop. With a rugged matte finish, the cover is designed to complement your phone. Providing a secure fit, the cover provides comfortable access to all ports and function buttons, providing an unhindered user experience.

    Touch-enabled phone cover

    In 2016, LG went an extra mile and introduced the latest version of its Quick Cover case for their best smartphone, the LG G5. Combining the advantages of earlier launched Quick Covers, the latest LG cell phone covers has added features. Now you do not have to open the phone to take the calls or control the alarm settings due to its touch function.

    Using LG’s signature “second screen” available in model LG G5, you can easily check the date, time and other notifications without opening the Quick Cover. Available in black color, the ultra-thin hard case is also compatible with the LG G6 and protects the phone from nicks, scratches, and smudges. LG Quick Cover works well with other LG phone models including LG V20 and LG V10. You just need to open the cover to unlock your phone automatically.

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