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    5 snow tires ideal for your car’s safety

    Snow tires are designed to provide stability to your vehicle during cold weather and harsh road conditions. These are an alternative to snow chains which usually slow down vehicle speed and even cause damage to road surfaces. Snow tires are characterized by their specific tread design consisting of bigger gaps. These gaps improve vehicle stability on muddy and snowy terrains. Some snow tires are fitted with metal studs to increase traction on ice, but these cannot be used within the city. Such types of tires can withstand temperatures as low as 7 °C or below.

    Here is our list of five of the best snow tires of 2021:

    Continental VikingContact 7
    The 7th generation of the Continental VikingContact snow tires shows a better performance rate and a directional tread pattern. These ensure shorter ice braking distance, higher aquaplaning resistance, and better ice and snow handling. This specific model of snow tires leads in various performance tests and stands out as a well-balanced option for colder weather conditions.

    Michelin X-ice Xi3
    This snow tire has a bigger number of tread blocks compared to Michelin’s previous X-ice model XI2. It also ensures a shorter braking distance and also has better ice performance. The tire provides a comfortable and safe driving experience on wet, snow, and dry surfaces. 

    Goodyear WinterCommand®
    Goodyear has a varied range of snow tire models to select from. WinterCommand®, the brand’s most recent addition, has stud holes similar to a snow tire and a tread design similar to ice tires. This model stands out for its affordability. It is also sought out for its durable construction. This tire delivers better handling on both dry and wet pavements and a good grip while driving through deep snow and slippery surfaces.

    Nokian Nordman 7 SUV
    Nordman 7 is a studdable snow tire that holds well during cornering and braking on icy surfaces. It offers an exceptional grip in snow and hard-packed snowy terrains and regions. However, while driving on concrete or paved highways, these tires create a higher noise level which further worsens due to the presence of studs.

    Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3
    In this model, the Nokian engineers have used Arctic Sense Grip, an innovative technology that improves ice traction and handling. These snow tires displayed good, balanced results when tested on wet, dry, icy, and snowy surfaces. The R3 model has lower rolling resistance, making it a good choice for standard, electric, and hybrid cars.

    Which of these top snow tires of 2021 would you pick for your car?

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    5 Online Portals for Truck Sale

    There are plenty of reasons to buy a truck. You may need it for commercial purposes or would just need to manage labor better. Whatever the reason may be, it is well-known that not everybody can afford brand new trucks. For instance, a small business that is just starting out, affording heavy-duty vehicles is quite tough. This is the reason we bring you the best places for truck sale:

    • Trucker to Trucker
      As the name suggests, Trucker to Trucker connects truck sellers to truck buyers. Almost every state is listed on this portal and based on the location, you may view the options under the category of truck sale. If you want to put up your truck for selling, then this is a great option for that too. They have trucks from top brands such as Volvo, Mack Trucks, and Freightliner Trucks listed on their portal, thereby offering you quite a wide variety of choices to pick.
    • Commercial Truck Trader
      This particular portal is a trusted one and has all the options listed for vehicles that come under the category of truck sale. Right from heavy-duty trucks to medium-sized vehicles to light-duty options, you may choose any vehicle that fits your requirements. There are two different filters which will help you decide better. First is the filter for the price and the second is the filter based on the model and the make of the truck.
    • Truck Paper
      An over-the-road vehicle, a commercial truck, or a trailer—whatever your need may be, you may pick your options and choose the most affordable one listed in the truck sale section of this portal. You may choose truck brands from Ford, Peterbilt, Sterling, Chevrolet, Western Star, Volvo, and many more. For trailer manufacturers, the top brands listed here are Wabash, Fontaine, East, and Big Tex.
    • 5000 Trucks
      Models from truck manufacturers like Chevrolet, Kenworth, Mitsubishi, Volvo, and Sterling are available here for sale. Models from trailer manufacturers such as Benson, Hyundai, Strick, and Hackney are also available on this portal.
    • Truck and Trailer Sales
      Based in Pennsylvania, there are plenty of trucks and trailers available on this portal for sale at competitive rates. Pick from the best of the refurbished models, especially the ones from FreightLines which are available for you to select from.



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    Top Places to Get Oil Change Coupons

    Oil change coupons are really beneficial to people who believe in preventing mishaps. While oil change is not mandatory like filling fuel, it may save you thousands of dollars in repairs eventually, which may be needed due to accidents caused by a deteriorated quality of the oil. Here are some of the best places where you may get oil change coupons:

    • Goodyear Tires
      If a Goodyear Tires service center is near your location, then we strongly recommend going for this particular service. You may access their portal and get coupons worth $10 off or $5 off on different services. Oil change coupons are quite useful and all you need to do is show it to the service center to get great discounts.
    • Firestone Complete Auto Care
      Get around $10 off on oil change services at Firestone. With Firestone Complete Auto Care, you may either access oil change coupons on your mobile or get them printed from the website and use it in any of the 1,700 locations. There are plenty of other services as well which are available on great discounts here.
    • Jiffy Lube
      This company has the best technicians dedicated to giving you a remarkable service. You may go to their website, enter your pin code, and get some deals specific to your area apart from the general coupons on the website. Apart from coupons worth $5 off, there are a few other deals that you may make use.
    • Take 5 Oil Change
      Take 5 Oil Change is another popular place to avail of some coupons. To get the best deals, log on to their site and enter your zip code so that you may get the best possible deals. Their oil change service is quite popular and they do a really good job with it.
    • Harris Automotive Repair
      This automotive repair company strongly suggests that you change your oil once 3000 miles are over or make a change every three months, whichever comes before the main deadline. Here, you may get oil change coupons starting from $19.99 plus taxes. This includes tire rotation as well.

    All of the aforementioned brands provide you with oil change coupons which you may print online or simply buy it and have it mailed to you. Remember to change the oil of your vehicle timely because it helps the other car components to keep running smoothly.

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    3 Popular Tires for Commercial Trucks

    Given the plethora of weather conditions present in the country, there are various types of tires manufactured in order to be compatible with different types of terrains and conditions. Currently, there is a large amount of competition in the industry with all the top brands offering a plethora of choices for truck tires. This industry is ruled by popular companies that have given much thought to the quality of their truck tires while keeping the price affordable. Following are some of the popular truck tire brands that perform excellently in the conditions they are meant for while providing extra benefits like cost-effectiveness, fuel efficiency, and tread wear.

    Michelin tires are well-known to offer a good traction, low-rolling resistance, fuel economy, smooth handling, and a long tread life. It dominates the commercial truck tire industry with its lowest tread wear, which leads to long-lasting tires. These tires are a little pricey as compared to their competition, but they give their worth in terms of good performance and a long life. Some of the top tires for trucks by Michelin are Michelin X Line Energy Z, Michelin X Line Energy D, and Michelin X Line Energy T.

    Bridgestone is one of the strongest competitors of Michelin. The company has long been known for its top-quality reliable tires that rate highly on the customer satisfaction scale. Industry experts believe that you may never be wrong when buying a Bridgestone tire because they are some of the best tires in the industry at the moment, made with top-class tire technology. They offer stability, performance, and fuel mileage in all their tires. The top commercial models from Bridgestone are Bridgestone R283A Ecopia, M726 ELA, and R197.

    Continental has offered some of the best commercial truck tires for decades now. This brand manufactures tires that are good for all kinds of roads including gravel pathways. Continental tires may go up to 130k miles without a change and provide for some world-class comfort in all climatic conditions and all types of roads. This company’s tires offer high stability and superior traction to the commercial vehicles. The brand is also known for making tires that have an even tread wear. The top commercial models that have made Continental a hit are HS3 Eco Plus/Hybrid, HDL2, and HT3 EcoPlus.

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    Top 10 Luxury Sedans to Choose From

    If you are looking for a full-size car that will offer you premium luxuries, then you should consider buying a top-end luxury sedan with all the trims. There are many brands in the country that offer luxury models. Following is a list of the top 10 luxury sedans that you can buy to enjoy the best a vehicle may offer.

    2018 Tesla Model S
    The 2018 Tesla S model is a complete luxury package that has been priced at approximately between $74,500 and $135,000. It offers world-class spacious interiors with high-end tech features. The underhood complements its style with excellent power and efficiency while being an eco-friendly electric car.

    2018 Audi A7
    This car is one of the top-end models of Audi and is priced at approximately between $69,700 and $130,000. The mileage of this car is 20 MPG in the city limits and 29 MPG on the highways.

    2018 Genesis G90
    The Genesis G90 is a car with opulent interiors. This is combined with a number of standard features that make it a classy choice for an individual with a good budget. You can buy this car between $68,350 and $74,350.

    2018 Cadillac CT6
    If you are looking for a powerful car that is also fuel-efficient, check out this car from Cadillac. You can consider opting for the three-engine option which is very powerful.

    2018 Mercedes-Benz CLS Class
    Mercedes is often synonymous with luxury cars; so, there has to be a Mercedes in this list. The Mercedes-Benz CLS Class is definitely one of the top 10 luxury sedans in the market. It offers an MPG of 18 in the city limits and 26 on the highway.

    2018 BMW 6 Series
    The BMW 6 series makes for a comfortable ride with some serious driving experience. This car comes with upscale interiors, a powerful engine, and a mileage of 20 MPG in the city and 29 MPG on the highways, which is pretty decent for its segment.

    2018 Lincoln Continental
    The Lincoln Continental is also among the top 10 luxury sedans in the country. It offers a pretty decent mileage of 17 MPG in the city.

    2018 Cadillac XTS
    The Cadillac XTS is a respectable luxury car and is included in the top 10 luxury sedans’ list because it has a turbo engine along with a good interior and trunk space.

    2018 Acura RLX
    The Acura RLX is a good luxury car. It offers great features and interiors as well. This is also among the top 10 luxury sedans that you can choose from.

    2018 Volvo S90
    The Volvo S90 is an elegant and sophisticated luxury car with a range of impressive features. It is priced fairly and the mileage is good at 24 MPG in the city and 34 MPG on the highway.

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    3 Popular Places to Get Michelin Tires for Sale

    Choosing the right type of tires for your vehicle is essential as it will help ensure a great and safe drive. Tires are often synonymous with Michelin, a popular French-based tire company. It is the second largest tire manufacturer in the world. It manufactures a variety of tires for different vehicles and terrains. The following list covers the top four places to pick up the best Michelin Tires for sale:

    Tire Crazy
    Be it for your truck or just to give your car the extra edge, Tire Crazy has a variety of Michelin tires for sale. The top-selling models listed on Tire Crazy are Defender, Pilot Super Sport, Energy LX4, Primacy MXM4, Premier A/S, and XPS Rib. The best part is that you can even call the experts at Tire Crazy to find out which tire is the best fit for your requirement. They often have an updated collection and keep the best of tires in their inventory for consumers to buy.

    Simple Tire
    When looking for Michelin tires for sale, this is the right place for you. It has a large repository of Michelin tires listed in the category of passenger tires, commercial tires, light truck tires, motorcycle tires, farm tires, golf tires, antique tires, and even off-the-road (OTR) tires. Basically, whatever your requirement may be, you can choose the tire of your choice and get it.

    Tire Warehouse
    With over 20 models listed under the category of Michelin tires for sale, Tire Warehouse is a trusted portal to get a tire for your car, SUV, van, truck, or any other vehicle that you own. You can choose the tire depending upon the model or the size of the vehicle. It offers some of the best discounts on tires and the experts here would surely be able to help you with the best tire to buy when it comes to Michelin.

    Michelin is one of the most popular brands for tires and your vehicle definitely deserves the best! So, choose from the aforementioned options to give your car the right running companion. You can also get prompt service for the tires so as to maintain their efficiency. Michelin is a name that is popular around the world; you can get great deals by visiting such stores near you.

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    5 Top-Rated Truck Bed Covers to Choose From

    Truck bed covers, also known as tonneau covers, are the accessories that cover the cargo section of a pickup truck. These covers are available in various designs to suit different kinds of needs. Most of these are simple mechanical covers that can slide on and off within seconds. You can also lock them with a key to ensure that your cargo is safe from theft. Truck bed covers are good for protecting the cargo from natural threats like rain and are ideal when you have to drive long distances. There are several companies in the market that manufacture tonneau covers. Following are the five top-rated ones from which you can consider buying.

    Diamond Back SE
    Diamond Back SE is made up of an aluminum diamond plate. This truck bed cover neither cracks like fiberglass covers nor does it wear out like vinyl covers. It has the capacity of hauling 400 pounds on top of it which means you get extra space for your cargo.

    Lund Genesis Elite Tri-Fold
    This bed cover offers a low-profile design, which has been made to protect the cargo of your truck from mold, UV rays, dust, dirt, and water. It has a three-fold design which makes it extremely flexible to use. Lund Genesis Elite has an aluminum subframe which is sturdy and comes in a fully assembled condition.

    Pace Edwards Switchblade
    Pace Edwards Switchblade is available in two designs—metal and ArmorTrek. The ArmorTrek bed cover is made up of an aluminum extrusion panel. Both of these truck bed covers can be removed completely to give full access to the truck bed and can be placed back within seconds when needed.

    Ranch legacy
    This truck bed cover is a stylish piece. It is made up of painted fiberglass which suits any kind of pickup truck. Ranch Legacy tonneau covers offer an inch of height over the bed, which makes for more space when needed. This cover seals the corners efficiently to ensure that the cargo is protected from water as well. This is a perfect choice for modern trucks.

    American Roll Cover
    Truck Covers USA is well known for its American Roll Covers that are made up of tough aluminum covers. These tonneau covers are retractable and are very efficient in all weather conditions. Additionally, these truck bed covers are very easy to install and come with a locking system that is extremely secure.

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    Popular Online Sites to Avail Enterprise Coupons

    Headquartered in Missouri, Enterprise is one of the best car rental services in the country. It has more than 9,000 home-city locations and over 400 airport locations. Some of the other services provided by Enterprise are the sale of used cars, management of car fleet, and rental operations for commercial trucks. The best part is that it offers some great deals and coupons to consumers who need to rent cars. Here are some portals, apart from the original website, where you may find Enterprise coupons:

    While there are plenty of options for Enterprise coupons updated weekly on this portal, the most popular one is the coupon which offers 15% off on their services. It ensures that you can book a car whenever you want. However, check in advance as it may not be available in some places. There is another coupon that offers you a free upgrade to a better car. However, there may be some exclusions which you need to see before opting for this coupon.

    Costco has some really beneficial Enterprise coupons listed, especially for its members. Depending on the duration you want, you will get a list of coupon codes that you can enter and save big on your Enterprise car rentals. It is definitely a great place to get your coupons because it is a trusted brand name and one of the largest chains in the country known for its focus on customer satisfaction.

    RetailMeNot has all types of coupons for Enterprise car rentals listed on its portal. Starting from good weekend sales to 5% discounts on unlimited mileage, there are plenty of options that you can choose from when it comes to Enterprise coupons listed on RetailMeNot.

    Apart from great weekend rates listed for Enterprise car rentals, you may try out discounts on hybrid vehicles and enjoy attractive deals on travel to Latin and North America along with The Caribbean.

    However, it is important to note that the deals may vary depending upon the time and location you choose to rent the car. The aforementioned portals offer the best of discounts and you should definitely consider them while opting for a coupon for Enterprise car rental services. With a coupon offering great discounts on car rental services by Enterprise, you can save greatly on your travel expenses.

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    Costco Tires – The Ultimate Choice for Your Vehicle

    Costco is the first name that comes to our mind when we talk about a warehouse. It is definitely one of the most trusted names for purchasing a host of items; the primary reason for its growth is the way it has won the trust of consumers. Right from electronics to furniture, Costco has an assortment of items available in their inventory. The tire centers are also one of their biggest highlights and the following reasons show why Costco tires are definitely worth spending your money on:

    Replacement warranty for a lifetime
    Costco is known for its excellent customer reviews. It provides convenience to customers and offers them a replacement warranty for a lifetime. You have the best of brands, such as Michelin and Bridgestone, available with them; you can also avail attractive deals under the Costco tires section. Although there are a few guidelines that you need to comply with to get a replacement, their regulations are easy and better than a lot of other sellers in the market.

    What is covered under the warranty: Costco Tire Center cover tires that are unserviceable due to non-repairable punctures, cuts, or damage that is created by an impact. Costco Wholesale repairs tires under this situation and also provide a replacement when necessary. They evaluate the rest of the value based on the tread and the remaining usability of the tire, something that you would need to comply with as a customer of Costco tires.

    What is not covered under the warranty: There are some conditions that are not covered by Costco tires such as damage due to vandalism, commercial use, racing, accident, and snow chains.

    Rotation and balancing guarantee for a lifetime
    Costco provides services for balance and rotation of tires at a fixed schedule. It is better to abide by this schedule if you want to avail of the services offered by Costco tires. It is quite cheap and may cost you around $15.

    Great choice for inflation
    Another reason to buy tires from Costco is that they use nitrogen for filling and this makes the inflation really smooth.

    The name of the brand and the continued customer satisfaction are two of the prime reasons for the popularity of Costco tires. So, the next time you are looking out for quality tires for your vehicle, you can get a great deal with Costco tires.

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    Salient Features of the Chevy Silverado

    The Chevy Silverado 1500 is a full-size pickup truck that gives a strong competition to top pickup trucks like Ram 1500 and Ford F-150. This truck has an updated engine with a brand-new transmission, and the company also offers a number of ways in which you can customize the interiors and exteriors of the truck. Given below is a brief description of the features of this pickup. If you are considering buying this well-equipped pickup truck, you can consider buying the Chevy Silverado on sale. You can also consider buying it second hand if you find a truck in top-class condition.

    The price of a new Chevrolet Silverado ranges between $47,100 and $38,563. You can also consider buying a second-hand model in a good condition by spending almost $10,000 less if budget is an issue. The price of a used truck will depend on its trim, model year, and its condition.

    The Chevy Silverado 1500 has a 5.3-liter engine that gives out a horsepower of 355. This engine is known as V8 Flex Fuel 5.3-liter EcoTec3 and is one of the most powerful engines under the hood of a pickup truck. This engine is available in two trims—LT and RST trim levels—but these are not standard.

    This truck has a six-speed automatic transmission which can be shifted to a manual mode as and when needed. This pickup truck is equipped with the Hydra-Matic 6-Speed Automatic Mode Select with a Manual Mode (6L80).

    The standard fuel economy (MPG) of this pickup is 15 MPG in the city limits and it manages a decent 22 MPG on the highways.

    Seating and interiors
    Chevrolet has a nice, plush interior that comes with modern fittings and comfortable features. The cabin of the car has a seating for six with enough space, both in the front and back. The control layouts have fine square gauges that give it a classy look. This truck also has sufficient storage inside for small things like a walkie-talkie, cups, and books. The cupholders are offered both in the front and the back.

    Other features
    This truck has some attractive features like a keyless entry, push start, and a rear A/C. It also lets you customize the truck with LT Trail Boss, custom Trail boss, WT, and LTZ.

    The Chevy Silverado is a heavy-duty truck that gives you value for its money, even if you buy a used one or buy one from a Chevy Silverado sale. You can check out this truck at any ongoing Chevy Silverado sale in your area and you will be able to find a good deal that could fit in your budget.

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  • Tips for selecting the right pool contractor

    You must have heard about how a pool construction can go wrong. One of the reasons behind it is an unsatisfactory pool contractor. You can’t even imagine how some pool contractors can ruin your pool. You must hire the right pool contractor for the pool construction, and you will be able to do it with a little help and a little knowledge. Here are some guidelines that can help you hire the right pool contractor.

    Reference and recommendations
    Have you noticed any new pool being constructed in your neighborhood or at someone’s home? And did you like it? If you have liked their new pool, get the contact details of the company. This will ensure that you have got the recommendation from a trustworthy source. Ask your friend about the quality of the service that the company has provided and only if you are satisfied with the response should you contact them.

    A reference letter is also important as it boosts the credibility of the pool contractor that you are hiring. Ask for referral letters before hiring and read them to make sure that the company you are considering will be right for you.

    A background check is essential
    A quick background check will clear any doubt that you may have had in your mind. Visit the Better Business Bureau to check whether there are any complaints lodged against the contractor. By paying a small fee, you can also get a report from Contractor Check that will include an overall rating and details about the contractor’s business operations.

    Be observant
    If the pool contractor has not been able to make a good first impression, then that is reason enough for being cautious. You must look out for things like, unrealistically low estimates, pressurizing you to make quick decisions, no clarity about the constructions, asking for cash, evasive about their operations and anything that sets off a warning in your mind.

    Always visit the store or the office of the pool contractor before making any final decision. Consider the price, the service, and then after a thorough scrutiny, fix on the company that will be right for you.

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  • Diagnosing and Treating Swollen Glands in Neck

    Swollen glands in the neck are a result of exposure to viruses of bacteria. When swollen glands in the neck are caused by an infection, the condition is termed lymphadenitis. Cancer may cause swollen glands in the neck as well, but its possibility is rare. The lymph glands are extremely important to the functioning of the body. They help your body fight off infections and act as a filter, trapping bacteria, viruses and other causes of illness before they can spread to other parts of the body and further infect it. Apart from the neck, swollen lymph nodes can be found under your chin, in your groin, and in your armpits. Here is how you can diagnose and treat swollen glands in the neck.

    To successfully diagnose swollen glands in the neck, your doctor will ask you when the swollen glands first developed. Your doctor will also ask you if you are suffering from any other symptoms. Your doctor will then conduct a few procedures and tests to diagnose the condition. This includes:

    • Physical examination – To check the tenderness, size, texture, and warmth of the swollen glands near the surface of your skin
    • Blood tests – To determine the cause of the underlying condition
    • Imaging studies – To scan the affected area and determine the source of the infection
    • Lymph node biopsy – To remove a portion of a lymph node for further testing and examination

    The treatment for swollen glands in the neck is solely dependent on the cause of the disease. Bacterial causes and infections have a different treatment procedure than that of a cancerous or viral source. Here is how the condition can be treated:

    • If the cause of the condition is an infection, a course of antibiotics should do the trick
    • If the source of the condition is an immune disorder, the treatment is directed at the underlying condition
    • If swollen glands in the neck are a result of cancer, surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation are the best available options

    The treatment for swollen glands in the neck depends solely on its cause. At times you may need treatment while in some cases, time heals the swollen glands in the neck on its own. Warm compresses can do a world of good as well. Whatever the case, if you are suffering from swollen glands in the neck, consult a doctor immediately as your body’s ability to fight off infections is under threat.

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