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    8 common makeup mistakes to avoid

    Makeup application techniques have evolved over the years. And if you are a beginner trying makeup for the first time, there are chances you may end up making common mistakes in the process. This can range from not using the right shade of eye shadow, using the wrong brush, or even something as simple as misapplying the foundation. However, with the right products and a few makeup tips, one can achieve the perfect look with healthy glowing skin.

    Over-washing the face
    Washing or cleansing the face is one of the most important steps in the makeup application process. However, each person has a different skin type. Moreover, with age, the skin may undergo various changes. So, when one applies foundation and notices dry and flaky skin, it’s a sign of over-cleansing. Hence, experts suggest washing the face twice daily – morning and night. This process can help retain the skin’s moisture in the form of natural skin oils.

    Skipping a skin preparation routine
    One of the biggest makeup mistakes people make is applying makeup products directly on the skin. This can often make the face look cakey. Therefore, it is important to apply hydrating skin care products like moisturizer, serum, primer, and toner before makeup application. You can follow the cleansing-toning-moisturizing routine before going in with the makeup process. This can make the makeup application look good while maintaining skin health.

    Applying makeup in the wrong lighting
    Lighting is the key element while applying makeup or choosing the right products. It is important to test the products on the skin in natural lighting. Trying to buy makeup products in dim-lit stores can lead you to buy the wrong shade of products. A wrong shade of foundation can make your face look ashy, leaving a gray cast on the pigmented areas on the face. To prevent this situation, it is best to swatch the products in a natural light setup.

    Using too much concealer
    Concealers help to cancel out pigmented/dark areas like dark circles on the face. However, incorrect use of the right products or the right shade of concealer can highlight fine lines, darkness, and pigmented spots. Therefore, it is advised to use a small amount of the concealer on the under eyes and blend it well with your finger or a brush. If required, you can add another layer of the product. Ensure you set it with a translucent powder to prevent it from setting into fine lines. Additionally, experts suggest avoiding thick and creamy foundations or concealers and using liquid and hydrating options to achieve a healthy and natural look.

    Ignoring the lips
    Lips are one of the key focus points when it comes to makeup. Usually, as one begins to age, the upper lip begins to slowly thin and lose its natural color and shape. Hence, it is crucial to care for the lips as much as any other body part. Therefore, experts recommend exfoliating the lips with a gentle scrub at least once a week and regularly applying hydrating lip balms. In addition, one must also opt for colors close to the natural lip color for lipsticks, glosses, and lip liners to achieve the look of fuller lips. Avoid applying products on dry, chapped lips.

    Not applying blush
    Nowadays, most people prefer to skip the application of blush from their makeup routine. However, this proves to be one of the biggest mistakes resulting in duller-looking skin. In most cases, blush can instantly help one look youthful since its primary objective is to mimic a natural flush of color. However, one must make sure to choose a natural rosy color that complements the skin tone. So it is considered best to avoid blushes that are either too bright, powdery, or shimmery for a more natural look.

    Using the wrong blending techniques
    Buying the right shades of foundations, concealer, or eyeshadows is not enough. Just dabbing these products can make the face look unnatural and out of place. So, to avoid this common makeup mistake, one must blend the products properly, as the key to natural-looking makeup is in the art of blending. It’s recommended to watch a few tutorials and videos online to get a better idea of the process. Blending with the right set of tools is also essential. Therefore, invest in good-quality brushes and blenders.

    Applying heavy mascara on the lashes
    A top-quality mascara achieves the objective of accentuating the edges of the eyes, giving a sharp shape to the eyes. The heavy application of mascara can lead to clumpy eyelashes, leading to droopy-looking eyes. Some people may make the mistake of applying heavy mascara on both the top and bottom lashes. However, in most cases, heavy application of mascara can bring attention to the wrinkles below the eyes. Hence, it’s best to apply a single coat of mascara to achieve a natural and lifted eye look.

    Apart from avoiding the above-mentioned makeup mistakes, one must also regularly follow a skincare regimen. Good skincare ensures healthy and glowing skin. This includes using the right moisturizer, toner, primer, and exfoliant regularly. One can also visit a dermatologist to learn more about tips and tricks for healthy skin.

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    4 ways to choose the right moisturizer for the skin

    A moisturizer can do wonders for the skin. With many options available on the market, you may feel befuddled when making a choice. So, how do you find the right moisturizer for your skin? Turns out, your skin porosity, type, and age can play a crucial role in guiding you toward the right product. Use these strategies to narrow down your choices, pick the best moisturizer, and leave your skin feeling healthy, supple, and glowing.

    Consider the skin’s type and texture
    Depending on whether you have oily, dry, or combination skin, you will need to choose a product with the right formulation. Having sensitive skin, or being prone to acne will further influence your choice of moisturizer.

    For instance, people with acne-prone oily skin may receive the most benefit from a non-comedogenic facial moisturizer with alpha-hydroxy acids. If you have dry skin, opt for heavier formulations with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, dimethicone, lanolin, or mineral oil to keep your skin hydrated. Those with sensitive skin, on the other hand, may want to opt for hypoallergenic and fragrance-free moisturizers.

    Those with recent tattoos or skin troubles like eczema must diligently use a thick moisturizing ointment at night or whenever their skin feels dry or tight. 

    Opt for products with anti-aging benefits
    If you are looking for products with anti-aging benefits, go for retinol-based face creams, moisturizers, and serums. Retinol is an active form of vitamin A that is applied topically to reduce the effects of aging and acne. They work by promoting new collagen and elastic fiber synthesis that can repair and reverse sagging skin. Retinol-based night creams for dry and oily skin can work wonders to diminish the appearance of wrinkly or crepey skin on the face, hands, arms, and thighs.

    Look for sun protection
    It is crucial to wear sunscreen, no matter what your skin type. Most dermatologists recommend using a moisturizer with SPF-30 or higher around the year. Look for a lotion or moisturizer with sunscreen qualities for your face and body to protect against sun damage.

    Prioritize antioxidants
    Moisturizers with antioxidants, such as green tea, chamomile, pomegranate, or licorice root extract, can improve the skin’s health. They help neutralize molecules that break down skin cells (free radicals) to keep skin looking fresh and healthy.

    To get the most benefit to your skin, look for moisturizers made with skin-friendly ingredients. Avoid those with potentially irritating ingredients such as colors, perfumes, or anti-bacterial agents. Gold Bond’s range of healing lotions and creams can work wonders for your skin. Their formula contains seven essential moisturizers and three nourishing vitamins that help battle dry skin. They are dermatologist-tested, hypoallergenic formulas containing niacinamide, which is known to have a brightening effect on the body. These products also contain vitamins E and C to prevent moisture loss and protect against environmental stressors.

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    5 perfume hacks for a long-lasting scent

    No matter how expensive your perfume may be, applying it the wrong way can only make it last for a couple of hours. Smelling nice can make us feel fresh and give our confidence a big boost. After all, who doesn’t want to bask in the aura of their fragrance? So, from storing your perfume correctly to applying it, these hacks will make the allure of your signature scent last all day.

    Moisturize before spraying
    Spraying on moisturized or damp skin helps the perfume last longer as the fragrances fuse with the surface. The best time to apply your favorite perfume is right after a shower. You can also use an unscented moisturizing lotion before use.

    Catch the pulse
    Applying perfumes on a pulsating vein is the most suggested hack for making a fragrance last longer. The surface of the skin is thinnest in these areas as well as the warmest. Consequently, this warmth makes the fragrance stay on for quite a while. Ideal areas for application include the wrists, elbows, behind the ears, and clavicles.

    Avoid rubbing the wrists
    Now that you’re aware of the pulse points, rubbing them against each other after spraying may feel intuitive. But this plan always backfires because the top notes fade away quicker than expected. Usually, a fruity or musky note is used as the initial fragrance that makes for a strong first impression.

    Don’t keep perfumes in the bathroom
    If your perfume bottles are constantly exposed to changes in heat, light, and humidity, the quality and intensity of the scent will break down. We recommend storing your bottles in a vanity box or any other cool and dry place in the house.

    Layer the scents
    This hack not only lets you create your custom scent but also helps it last longer. Try a few combinations on an applicator before deciding which one to use on your skin. Once you’ve found the right blend, spray the strongest fragrance first and then top it with a lighter one to make sure that the former doesn’t overpower the latter.

    Spray your clothes too
    The last and easiest hack to make perfumes last long is a light spray on your outfit. As the body’s natural oils accumulate on the surface throughout the day, the fragrance you apply to the skin will need an extra layer on your clothes.

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    The effects of pineapples on the skin

    Pineapples are abundant in antioxidants, fibers, vitamins, and water – properties that are beneficial for the skin. Therefore, people often eat pineapples or apply them topically to their skin to boost their skin health. However, there are a few points to note before eating the fruit or before applying it topically. It is also recommended to consult a health professional before applying any such fruit to the skin. 

    The benefits of consuming pineapples
    Pineapples contain multiple health benefits. The fruit contains bromelain – a powerful enzyme with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties when it comes to skin. The fruit also contains vitamin C, which also has benefits for the skin like:

    • Increasing collagen production to give the skin structure and maintain plasticity
    • Preventing damage to skin cells caused by free radicals
    • Improving the pace of healing wounds by complimenting the production of new skin cells

    Topical benefits of pineapples
    People often resort to applying pineapple to their skin in the form of homemade serums and face masks. There even exist skincare products that contain pineapple extract or bromelain. Some studies describe the benefits of applying pineapple-based products to the skin.

    • Face wash with bromelain extract is known to prevent acne-causing bacteria.
    • People who applied the pineapple extract cream twice daily noticed a reduction in skin irritation, oil production, and melasma.

    The limitations of the topical/oral use of pineapples
    Though pineapple extracts are beneficial to the skin, applying too much may have adverse effects. The risk factors of consuming pineapples or applying lotions with pineapple extracts include:

    • A slightly swollen tongue or redness around the mouth (the symptom may occur because bromelain is a potent enzyme and a common cause of skin irritation)
    • No strong evidence to show positive results of topical use of pineapples
    • The skin does not easily absorb the healthy properties of fresh pineapples

    Pineapples contain several antioxidants, nutrients, and a healthy enzyme that benefits the skin. But applying the crowned fruit directly to the skin may have side effects and cause skin irritation. Therefore, we recommend using specially curated skincare products with pineapple or bromelain extracts to enjoy the benefits of topical pineapple.

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    Top easy at-home teeth whitening tips

    Oral health is essential, but despite that, most often easily neglected by individuals. While it is recommended to visit a dentist regularly, there are some tips and tricks that we can use at home to make sure our teeth are healthy, clean, and white! Here are some ways on how you can keep your teeth shiny and white through safe and tested methods. Do speak to your dentist before using these tips regularly at home.

    Easy at-home teeth whitening tips

    Whitening trays and strips
    You can easily find reputed whitening strips and trays which contain a bleaching agent called hydrogen peroxide. These strips are applied directly to the enamel to see desirable results.

    Activated charcoal whitener
    Charcoal whiteners have three very effective ingredients, namely activated charcoal, bentonite, and an oil like orange seed oil. These whiten the teeth by getting absorbed into them.

    Teeth whitening pastes
    These pastes contain ingredients such as sodium bicarbonate, hydrated silica, and calcium carbonate that remove stains from the teeth and polish them.

    Whitening packs
    These whitening packs are to be applied directly onto your teeth. You can do so at night after brushing your teeth. The pack is to be used as per instructions.

    Teeth whitening light
    In this, a whitening agent is directly applied to your enamel, and a blue LED light is held above to let the enamel absorb the ingredient in a slow and effective manner.

    Coconut oil pulling
    Another popular teeth whitening tip at home is to take 1tbsp of coconut oil and swirl it around your mouth for 10-15 minutes. Spit it out after and just do a quick rinse.

    Smart whitening brush
    A mix of whitening toothpaste and gel is the trick to get bright, clean teeth. It is advised to use this combination daily till the desired results are achieved.

    Whitening pens
    These contain hydrogen peroxide in low quantities. The pens can be used after meals or beverages to ensure the stains are minimal and give the teeth a cleaner look.

    Teeth whitening floss
    Up your flossing game with these special hydrogen peroxide-infused whitening floss. These are to be used like ordinary floss, but the results include pearly-white teeth after regular use!

    Apart from teeth whitening, you can also straighten your teeth at home using the Smile Direct at-home kit. If you do not want cumbersome traditional braces, you can even opt for invisible braces at home. Get a consultation on usage and safety, and you will be good to go!

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    Top 4 eyelash and brow serums

    Long eyelashes and bushy brows are all the rage right now. People have been investing in eyelash extensions, falsies, and even splurging on expensive products to perfect their lash and brow game. But did you know that you can also promote lash and brow growth with the help of serums? In this article, we discuss a few of the best top lash and brow growth serums that will help you achieve just that.


    If you’re looking for a good lash and brow growth serum, you may want to check out Latisse. It is the only FDA-approved eyelash serum that is available in prescription strength. The serum is formulated with bimatoprost, an active ingredient that helps stimulate growth in the eyelashes in four to six weeks. It’s a super-powerful product; however, if overused or misused, it can lead to irritation in the eye and even potentially cause eye-color change. It costs around $100 and is available on a precipitation basis on certain online stores.

    GrandeLash MD 

    When it comes to over-the-counter top last and brow growth serums, GrandeLash MD is one of the best. The $65 serum promotes natural lash growth and works to help achieve those thick lashes. Aside from promoting new and thick growth, GrandeLash MD also helps strengthen the already present eyelashes and hydrates them. Proper use will result in longer and better-looking lashes in four to six weeks.

    CoverGirl Lash Blast Lash & Brow Serum

    The CoverGirl Lash Blast Lash & Brow Serum is made to tackle brittle lashes and brows. It is made from a combination of bamboo extract, peptides, castor oil, and biotin that smoothens, strengthens, and thickens lashes with consistent use. The best part of this top lash and brow growth serum is its consistency and texture. The serum is smooth to apply and is suitable to use under mascara or other makeup products. What also makes this a must-have is its $13 drug-store price.

    LashFood Phyto‐Medic Eyelash Enhancer

    Another must-have top lash and brow growth serum is the LashFood Phyto‐Medic Eyelash Enhancer. This serum comes in the form of a clear gel, which is made from soy proteins and lavender water, which strengthen and thicken lashes. The LashFood Phyto‐Medic Eyelash Enhancer also comes with a thin brush applicator that coats the product evenly and easily on both the bottom and top lashes. Moreover, this serum is also Ecocert-certified, meaning that all or most of the ingredients used to make it are organically grown and responsibly sourced.

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    3 hair styling tools you must own

    A huge part of making ourselves presentable every day involves taming our hair and styling it. If you are a busy person who cannot spend hours in the morning trying to make your hair, investing in some good quality hair styling tools can help you save precious time. Even though there are several options of hair styling tools to choose from, we have narrowed it down to three.

    These are some popular hair styling tools in the market right now.

    Harry Josh Pro Tools Ultra Light Pro Dryer
    A hairdryer is a must-have if you are always in a rush in the morning. The Ultra Light Pro Dryer from Harry Josh Pro Tools is an extremely lightweight dryer that works efficiently and will help you quickly dry and style your hair. The air flow of this hair dryer is extremely silent. The dryer also comes with 12 different heat, speed, and ion settings for ease of use. Harry Josh Pro Tools Ultra Light Pro Dryer can cost you between $244 to $349.

    Dyson Airwrap Styler Complete
    Lately, the Airwrap styling tools from Dyson have become increasingly popular among hair stylers. The Dyson Airwrap Styler Complete is an entire kit that features several styling attachments including four curling barrels of different sizes, four hair styling brushes, and a pre-styling hair dryer nozzle. One of the biggest benefits of using Dyson’s Airwrap products is that they can be used even on damp hair. The entire set can cost anywhere between $549 to $599.

    amika Blowout Babe Interchangeable Thermal Brush
    A thermal brush is an excellent alternative for those who do not have a lot of time to properly dry their hair and then style it using different tools. The Blowout Babe Interchangeable Thermal Brush from amika is perfect for such people since the set includes three interchangeable brush heads that can be used for different styling purposes. You can switch between these brush heads depending on your hair type, the length of your hair, and the style you wish to achieve. This handy thermal brush can cost anywhere between $100 to $150.

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    Top 5 lipsticks of 2021

    It doesn’t matter whether you’re a makeup queen or one that wears only the bare minimum, you can never leave out lipsticks. In fact, most of us always carry our favorite lipstick wherever we go. Nonetheless, if you haven’t found “the one” or are looking for different shades, here are the five best lipsticks you need to check out.

    Charlotte Tilbury K.i.s.s.i.n.g. Lipstick
    This product is all you need for luminous, bold, and perfect lips. Its wax formula makes the lipstick glide on your lips while keeping them hydrated. It is infused with natural ingredients that help fight UV damage and oxidative stress, leaving your lips supple and soft.

    Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick
    With its unique arrow-shaped applicator, applying lipstick becomes almost effortless. It lasts for up to 16 hours and is available in over 35 amazing colors. This bold matte lipstick can be removed seamlessly using Maybelline’s SuperStay Eraser lipstick remover. It is available in various online and offline stores for only $9.49.

    L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Satin Lipstick
    This $6 lipstick is surprisingly one of the best ones out of the lot. It is affordable and comes in over 52 fabulous shades across four color families – red, berry, pink and nude. You can choose any shade of your choice; they are perfect for any occasion. It contains omega 3, vitamin E, and argan oil to help keep the lips soft and nourished. These lipsticks are available across various online stores.

    Bobbi Brown Crushed Shine Jelly Stick
    This lipstick is created by infusing essential fruit oils like apricot, sweet cherry, and papaya to give your lips a natural, plump look. Its jelly-like formula helps keep the lips hydrated and makes application smooth and easy. Moreover, it is free from parabens, animal-derived ingredients, and talc. You can pick any shade of the six exciting colors.

    Glossier Ultralip
    Glossier’s Ultralip works both as a lip balm and gloss. It is made using a blend of three oils, mainly Meadowfoam, Jojoba, and Watermelon. It keeps the lips moisturized while providing a bold and beautiful lip moment. It is dermatologically tested and is 100% vegan. It costs $18 and is available in 9 different shades.

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    5 powder foundations that suit oily skin

    Summer, hands down, is the worst season for makeup lovers. You may wait for the season all year long to enjoy outdoor activities, but your full face of makeup may disagree. And if you have oily skin, then you definitely know what we’re talking about. For this reason, we have compiled a list of a few powder-based foundations that will prevent your face from looking greasy.

    Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Compact Powder Foundation
    This is the perfect powder foundation for those who prefer a natural look. It’s ideal for oily skin, as it helps control the secretion of oil and also stays in place. The powder is well-pigmented and features a matte finish, and is ideal to be carried on the go. It is available on Neutrogena’s website for $13.99.

    Maybelline SuperStay Full Coverage Powder Foundation
    This full-coverage foundation is one that most women rely on for its high pigmentation and bendability. It leaves a matte finish on the skin, making it the ideal powder foundation for oily skin. It is available in 12 shades and can be purchased for $9.99 on Maybelline’s official website.

    Cover FX Pressed Mineral Foundation
    This powder foundation does a great job of keeping itself from cracking or melting. It absorbs the excess oil from your face and leaves the skin looking fresh for a long period of time. Made with kaolin, a clay with absorbent properties, this vegan foundation has buildable coverage. It costs $38.

    bareMinerals barePro Performance Wear Powder Foundation
    This powder foundation works effortlessly on acne-prone, oily skin. Its velvety texture works well to hide blemishes and scars. Its formula is so good that it could make you bid adieu to liquid foundations forever. Available at premium cosmetic retailers, it can also be purchased for $33 off the brand’s website.

    Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Foundation Powder
    This long-wearing foundation powder is oil-free and lightweight. It offers medium as well as full coverage, and its water-resistant formula is something you can count on. Available in more than 15 shades, this powder foundation can be bought for $48.

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    4 face powders for glowing skin

    Face powder seems like a basic product, but it is very easy to end up buying the wrong item. The reason for this is the lack of knowledge about the ingredients that make a good face powder. It is important to know what they are, as the right ingredients help mattify the face and absorb oil, keep makeup from sliding off throughout the day, and provide a radiant glow.

    The best face powder formulas also feel light on the skin and go well with blush and foundation. In this article, we’ve rounded up the best face powders based on the ingredients in them.

    Original Loose Powder Mineral Foundation SPF 15
    Made from a combination of titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, mica, and bismuth oxychloride, this face powder sits comfortably on the skin and is also easy to apply. It is lightweight and covers the skin with a natural, luminous finish. The powder is also vegan and can help fight dark circles, as well as fine lines and wrinkles.

    Airbrush Flawless Finish Setting Powder
    This face powder boasts of its ability to provide a bright, illuminating finish on the skin. Mica, talc, and silica used in the powder help blur away fine lines and wrinkles and diffuse the light hitting your face. Meanwhile, the rose wax and almond oil help keep the skin hydrated throughout the day, enabling the product to blend flawlessly.

    Translucent Loose Setting Powder
    Unlike others, this powder doesn’t come in the form of a cake. The loose powder formula prevents caking under the eyes and helps lock in makeup for up to 16 hours, which is virtually unheard of. It also absorbs oil better than others, creates a flawless finish, and works on pretty much every skin tone, although people with oily, combo, or normal skin will like it better.

    MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Highlighter
    The ingredients used in this face powder have been dermatological tested, so you know you’re getting the best for your skin. The MAC multi-mineral complex and vitamin E-rich formula delivers a dimensional yet natural-satin finish, hiding the fine lines and wrinkles as well. The powder keeps the makeup intact better than most and is great for all skin tones.

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  • 3 things to know before dating a friend

    Friendship and dating are both beautiful experiences by themselves but sometimes, the line between them may begin to blur. Friends tend to spend a lot of time together everyday, care for each other immensely and share even their darkest secrets. All these factors certainly build a strong foundation for something more. Dating a friend may be commonly viewed as a step that is sure to ruin a special bond, but it can also prove to be the best relationship. If you think that your friend is everything you are looking for in a lover and the chemistry could be perfect, here are some things to know before you take the plunge.

    Address the expectations – The expectations from a friend and a romantic partner are poles apart. It would serve well to have a straight-up conversation about what you seek through this relationship, whether it is emotional or in a more general aspect. It is extremely natural for expectations to change when the type of relationship changes but be mindful of keeping it real. Remember, every game calls for a change in the rules and it always takes time to adapt.

    Mutual friends cannot have a huge say – A new relationship can be exciting and who does not love to turn to good friends and let them know the details. However, it is better to keep your mutual friends out of it and confide in friends who do not personally know your partner. Mutual friends can be biased and despite well-meaning intentions, can possibly derail the relationship. Dating is between two people and should not really be a topic of conversation when out and about.

    Take it easy – Dating does not mean you have to rush through stages and have it perfect immediately. Initially, there may be a lot of awkwardness and things can seem extremely uncomfortable. It is important to establish a strong emotional connection, and this can take a while. The key is to treat this path with caution while gently easing the way through.

    Dating a friend can eliminate the stage where you initially get to know your partner, but that does not mean that it is going to be rainbows all the way. A person will be different as a friend and a partner. Keep in mind that while you may lose on the honeymoon phase this could be one of the best relationships in store for you. No person is perfect, and every relationship needs effort. There is no shortcut to making this work.


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  • Know all about payroll software for small businesses

    The payroll software market is a vast ocean to navigate through and get to one’s destination. There are dispensations that meet the bare bone essentials to highly complicated that look after not only the employee payroll but also EPR and HR functions. A company employing less than 50 persons is categorized as small and 50 to 1,000 is considered as medium and anything above 1,000 is big. The requirements of payroll software are different for each group. The selection of a payroll software depends on the businesses and their ambition to grow. One that wants to grow would be well advised to go for software that is capable of being upgraded to the increased needs as the company grows.

    The accounts payable software for small business are packages that are required by those who are setting up a business and their requirements are just to pay salaries and comply with the statutory requirements of taxes and employee benefits. The software needs to calculate the various tax burdens and not go as far as paying them. Another consumer segment for this type is online platforms and small enterprises who serve a group of small businesses who outsource their payroll work which includes making other statutory statements like taxes. Employee payroll software also falls into this category. These are ideal for those self-employed or the under employed or other groups who make just the payroll for small establishments. Depending on the requirements, the payroll process involves computing the salaries, their savings under 402k and outside of it, and directly depositing the salaries directly into the bank account of the individual employee.

    One of the well-known packages is Intuit Payroll base model. Employee payroll software calculates the payroll and taxes but stops short of paying them instantly, and they have higher level packages also. Most of these are given on a monthly retainer and there is a small additional charge per employee per month. QuickBooks Online Payroll is a popular online payroll software solution. It is used for inventory management, generating invoices and the like besides making payrolls. OnPay meets the bare payroll necessities. It is very popular among small businesses.


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