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    3 ways for Verizon users to get a free Discovery Plus trial plan

    With new OTT platforms being launched one after the other, it comes as no surprise that Discovery Inc. has followed suit. Its new streaming service, Discovery Plus, which launched on 4th January, features over 2,500 shows from HGTV, Food Network, TLC, Animal Planet, and originals from other production companies. While anyone is eligible for a free 7-day trial, Verizon users can get a free 12-month subscription.

    Users can access the free Discovery Plus subscription from the My Verizon app by going to the Add-ons & Apps section and selecting “Discovery Plus” under Entertainment.

    Here’s how Verizon subscribers can get a free Discovery Plus subscription:

    • Get More Unlimited or Play More Unlimited
      Verizon customers who have opted for the Play More Unlimited or Get More Unlimited service are eligible for a free 12-month Discovery Plus subscription. Both plans come with 5G total access, 5G Ultra-Wideband, 5G Nationwide, free access to the Disney bundle and Apple Music, and a 12-month free subscription to Discovery Plus. Play More Unlimited offers a 6-month free Apple Music subscription as opposed to the one-year free subscription available on Get More Unlimited. These services cost anywhere between $45 and $55.
    • Start Unlimited or Do More Unlimited
      Similarly, those who want a 6-month free Discovery Plus subscription can opt for either the Start Unlimited or the Do More Unlimited plan. The Start Unlimited plan costs $35 and offers unlimited talk and text, 6-month free Disney+ and Apple Music, and Discovery Plus subscriptions. The Do More Unlimited plan costs $45 and offers 5G total access, 5G Ultra-Wideband, 5G Nationwide, and 4G LTE data. It comes with a 6-month subscription for Disney+, Apple Music, and Discovery Plus. It also includes 600GB of Verizon Cloud storage and 50% off on unlimited connected device plans.
    • New Verizon Fios or 5G Home Internet Connection
      New Verizon customers who have Fios or 5G Home Internet Connection are eligible for a one-year free Discovery Plus subscription. This means that existing subscribers or those with a Verizon business account are not eligible for this offer. The cost of Fios Internet is between $39 and $80 per month, depending on the plan one chooses.
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    5 types of Discovery Plus plans

    Discovery Plus is one of the largest streaming platforms that provide content across categories like business, food, paranormal, science, and history from all over the world. You can stream shows from various devices such as Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Microsoft Xbox One. Discovery Plus also offers subscriptions for all budgets, so there’s something for everyone. Read on to know the various plans.

    1. Free Trial

    Are you unsure about whether or not you will enjoy Discovery Plus? No worries, you can simply try out their 7-day free trial. All you need to do is login and enter your personal and card details. If you enjoy the content and the platform, you can opt for one of the subscriptions mentioned below, or you can cancel the subscription before the last date of streaming.

    1. Subscription with Ads

    Discovery Plus offers subscriptions for people of different budgets. If you do not want to spend too much, you can opt for the $4.99/month subscription. This will allow you to view all the content available on the platform, including new releases and originals. However, there’s a catch. This subscription comes with limited ads. That means that you will see advertisements along with your content. You can upgrade your plan or cancel it whenever you want.

    1. Subscription without Ads

    If you dislike ads and have a decent budget, this subscription is ideal for you. It costs $6.99/month and includes everything that Discovery Plus has to offer, minus the ads. Moreover, you can change the subscription plan whenever you want to do so. Your subscription will be effective from the next date of billing. Moreover, your subscription will renew every month unless you cancel it.

    1. Free subscriptions with Verizon

    Several Verizon users can now get free Discovery Plus subscriptions on their plans. “Do More Unlimited” and “Start Unlimited” plans offer a six-month free subscription with Discovery Plus. Similarly, “Get More Unlimited” and “Play More Unlimited” plans offer a one-year free subscription. People with both new and existing plans can access this offer. After their subscription ends, you will be billed $6.99/month.

    1. Subscription with Vodafone (UK specific)

    Vodafone and Discovery Plus have partnered together to make their content available to Vodafone users in 12 markets. People with subscriptions to Vodafone TV, Fixed Broadband, and Mobile will benefit from this. People who have Sky Broadband’s connection (Sky Q Box only) can also access a 12-month free Discovery Plus trial.

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    All You Need to Know About the Amazon Echo Dot

    Amazon Dot was first launched back in the year 2014 and has continued to grow by leaps and bounds. It has numerous loyal consumers today. After Alexa garnered rave reviews, Amazon finally introduced us to Echo Dot, which is a one-of-its-kind product. This device is shaped like a hockey puck and serves as a compact virtual assistant. It can fit into all corners of your house. Here’s all that you need to know about the Amazon Echo Dot.

    The setup and the design
    The Amazon Echo Dot comes with a distinct and stylish design. While the circumference of the Echo Dot matches that of the Amazon Echo, the appearance differs when it comes to the volume rings. Users can listen to music without any disturbance because of the two additional buttons situated on the top of the device. It also has “listen” and “mute” buttons built into its enviable form.

    The Amazon Echo Dot has one light ring, which is the same as the Amazon Echo. It is essential to indicate that the inbuilt virtual assistant, Alexa, is listening to what you are saying. Alexa can hear your instructions with the help of an array of seven microphones. This light ring also indicates whether the mute function is active or not. If the mute function is not turned on, random snatches of conversation might trigger Alexa to get activated.

    The height is what sets the Amazon Echo Dot apart. It is around 32 mm tall, and the device is 20 cm shorter than its full-sized version. The size makes it quite compact, and you can keep it anywhere. Another thing to remember is that you should not place the Amazon Echo Dot too close to any hardware, or else it may not be able to pick up commands efficiently.

    The final verdict
    The biggest advantage of the Amazon Echo Dot has to be its compact size. It packs quite a lot of features into one small package. For a lesser price, you get a device whose voice recognition technology matches that of the full-sized Amazon Echo. Imagine waking up in the morning, listening to lovely tunes from something so small that it is not even in your way! Therefore, we would rate the Amazon Echo Dot a 10 out of 10 for its size, and give it an 8 out of 10 for its upgraded external speakers.

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    All You Need to Know About the iPod touch

    The sole surviving MP3 player from Apple is the iPod touch. It has been one of the most popular products introduced by Apple. It even comes with a marvelous camera and an A8 chip, making it quite a great choice. Here’s what you need to know about the iPod touch currently available in the market.

    Five stunning colors
    The iPod touch is available in five different colors, ranging from blue to pink, ensuring that there is a choice for everybody. The space grey color is a classic choice for the iPod touch, while the silver remains quite popular among the masses. The gold iPod touch is also an excellent option for people who want a product with a luxurious feel.

    Amazing technology
    The A8 chip of the product comes with Metal technology which helps developers with console-style game designing. This technology is optimized to allow the CPU and GPU to work together. It also has the capacity to process complex visual effects and detailed graphics. The iPod touch has a motion compressor with in-built advanced sensors that improve the touch technology of this device. It also has an accelerometer and a gyroscope. These features help the fitness applications on your iPod touch take accurate measurements.

    Additionally, the 4-inch retina display with an 1136×640 resolution enhances your viewing experience.

    More power, more portability
    This model’s sleek design makes it an ideal companion for your trips, workouts, or for those times when you only want to listen to music. It also offers you a compelling gaming experience and ensures that your photos, music, and games are in one place. In short, it is your one-stop entertainment zone which can be carried with you everywhere.

    Tech specs
    The price of the iPod touch varies as per the capacity. The 32 GB variant is available for $199 and the 128 GB variant can be bought for $299 approximately. The product is extremely compact with a height of 4.86 inches and width of 2.31 inches. The 4-inch widescreen display, fingerprint-resistant coating, and the 800:1 contrast ratio are other advantages of this product. The iPod touch has an 8 MP camera for capturing memories. It also has ample storage for your music as well as your photos. The camera comes with improved face detection, and the exposure control ensures that your photos are always stunning.

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    Top 5 Stores to Buy Bose Speakers on Sale

    Headquartered in Massachusetts, Bose is one of the most popular companies that manufactures and sells audio equipment. The famous entrepreneur Amar Bose founded this company in the year 1964. However, if you’re having trouble with the availability of these products, you can refer to our guide of the top five stores where you can find Bose speakers on sale:

    • Bose
      There is no better place to look for discounts on Bose speakers than the Bose portal. Choose from either the Bose Home Speaker 500, which costs around $399.95 or the Bose Soundbar 500 which is available for $549.95 approximately. If you want powerful sound quality, then the Bose Soundbar 700 is a great option too. It costs around $799.95. For buyers with a limited budget, the SoundLink Micro Bluetooth® Speaker is also an excellent choice.
    • Target
      There is a wide variety of Bose speakers available at Target. Choose the attractive Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth® Speaker available for around $99.99 or go all-out with Bose Companion® 2 Series III Multimedia Speaker System, which costs $99.99 approximately. Our favorite pick for Bose speakers on this portal is the Bose SoundTouch Wireless Link Adapter, which costs around $149.99.
    • Best Buy
      Get the Bose® Solo 5 TV Sound System, which would cost you approximately $249.99, or check out the other products in the Bose speakers sale section at Best Buy. The Bose Soundbar 700, which comes with built-in Alexa assistant, would cost you around $799.99. However, it is worth every single penny spent on it.
    • Amazon
      There is hardly any brand that is not available on Amazon. Therefore, it is fairly obvious that the best speakers company in the world has to have multiple products listed on this portal. While you can pick a model that is the best fit for your requirements, we would suggest the Bose® Wave® SoundTouch® IV Music System, which works well with Alexa. It comes in a platinum silver color and cost $533.58 approximately.
    • e-Bay
      There is nothing like e-Bay to get the best deals on used products. There are Bose speakers on sale ranging from $19.99 to $249.99 approximately. You can check out all the products available on this website. Make your decision depending on the shipping price and the usability of the speakers.

    All of these portals list Bose products on sale. Depending upon your requirement and convenience, you can pick a store that delivers the product to you affordably and quickly.

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    The History of Apple iPod

    Most music fans in the world have either had an Apple iPod or still have one. When the mass favorites, iPod nano and iPod shuffle, were recently discontinued, it only made sense to analyze the history of Apple iPods. They are the best choice for Apple enthusiasts since users get the best of iTunes music blasting in their ears. Therefore, here is all the information you need to have about the journey of Apple iPods.

    Apple launched the iPod in the year 2001, and it instantly became the favorite mp3 player of the masses. The initial model had a scroll wheel, which moved mechanically and was quite a popular innovation in those times. Back then it had a storage capacity of 5GB and 10GB. Mr. Vinnie Chieko, the then copywriter of Apple, coined by the term iPod.

    Giving way to the second and third generation
    The second generation iPod was released in the year 2002 and had three storage variants, which were 5GB, 10GB, and 20GB. Apple removed the manual scroll from the second generation iPod. The third generation iPod did not even have the touch-sensitive wheel. The third-generation iPod was released in the year 2003 and featured the popular 30-pin dock connector. This generation introduced the 10 GB, 15 GB, and 30 GB variants.

    Evolving Apple iPod
    Minor changes on the Apple iPods continued through the initial years. However, their next product was completely different. iPod mini was meant for people who liked sleek products. It was available in five attractive colors. Because of its compact size, it quickly became a companion for most people who wanted to work out or run while listening to music. The iPod mini brought the click wheel back in vogue too. This style of navigation stayed with Apple until the iPhone started using a different technology.

    The fourth-generation iPod in a nutshell
    The fourth-generation Apple iPod introduced an expansive storage capacity. It was available in 20 GB as well as 40 GB variants. After this, Apple introduced the beloved iPod shuffle. However, there were a lot of models in between, like the iPod photo, that did not perform exceptionally well as compared to Apple’s competitors in the market. These products gave way to the current model, which is the iPod Touch.

    All about the iPod Touch
    Introduced in the year 2011, iPod Touch has been one of the most popular music products, and it is sold and adored even today.

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    Best wireless speakers to look out for in 2021

    There is a whole range of wireless speakers that 2021 has brought with it. Today, we have a wide variety of wireless speakers to choose from. Be it a compact speaker that comes with an in-built assistant and fits right on your desk or models which have a sound range that can fill your entire house with sound. These speakers will give you the comfort of connecting your mobile phone or any other device with Bluetooth to the speaker and enjoy your favorite music or podcast. 

    Here are the best wireless speakers you can consider buying in 2021.

    Anker Soundcore Motion Plus
    For those looking for a pocket-friendly wireless speaker, this can be your pick. You will find this one to be larger than other Bluetooth speakers, but it is still a compact speaker. Despite its compact size, you will find the sound of this speaker to be fuller than most of the other speakers in the market at this price.

    Sonos One
    A connected speaker that has a clean design and a sound quality that cannot be matched, Sonos One can be considered. This wireless speaker provides the best of both a multi-room speaker and impeccable connectivity with home assistants such as Alexa and Google. Voice commands make usability even more enjoyable. If you wish to hear a song using an app like Spotify, all you have to do is just ask your speaker to play it for you.

    JBL Clip 4
    All its predecessors came in a circular design. However, the fourth-gen JBL introduced a speaker in an oval shape. The maker also made the speaker bulkier and added a charging option of USB-C. The new design makes the speaker look durable and stronger than its predecessors. The sound quality is also improved.

    Pure Evoke C-F6
    For simple home use, a speaker that goes with any décor and comfortably slips into any corner. This is one of the best wireless speakers you can pick. The makers have been positioning this one as a one-room speaker which will be able to meet all your playback needs. The user also gets the option of controlling the speaker on an app which gives the freedom to operate it even when you are not in the same room.

    Sonos Move
    This one comes loaded with features that you will love to have in a speaker. Two drivers, multi-room sound, and an app to playback using various wireless sources. The engineering used in this speaker sets this one way apart from your regular wireless speakers. It is a bit pricier than other speakers.

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    3 Popular Wireless Portable Speakers

    Wireless portable speakers are a must-have for music lovers who like to carry their music everywhere they go. Most portable speakers currently available in the market are waterproof. So, you can use them in the shower or near the pool without having to worry about water damage. Here are some of the most popular wireless portable speakers that you can buy.

    Bose SoundLink Revolve+
    Bose is renowned around the globe for its speakers. This brand makes high-quality speakers in both the wireless as well as wired segments. Bose SoundLink Revolve+ is a wireless Bluetooth speaker. According to industry experts, the sound quality of this portable speaker is extremely good for its size. It is easy to handle and carry around because of its inbuilt handle. It is also water resistant. This speaker has a 360 degree omnidirectional sound, which means it spreads sound in all directions. Bose has fitted this speaker with good batteries that last for almost 15 hours. Furthermore, it has a threaded tripod mount and comes with an integrated microphone, which is handy if you have to make calls using the speaker.

    UE BOOM 2
    This powerful and compact wireless Bluetooth speaker produces high-quality sounds. It is stain-resistant, shock resistant, and completely waterproof. UE BOOM 2 has a solid battery that lasts for 15 hours. It can be connected to another UE speaker if you want to enjoy stereo sound. This speaker lets you stream audio from your smart devices as well. It is available in six color variants and costs around $200. The company has changed the design of the drivers, which has resulted in the better and louder sound as compared to its predecessor. UE has also added gesture controls to this speaker. You can now tap on the top of the speaker to pause the music and double tap to forward the track.

    Tribit XSound Go
    Tribit XSound Go is an excellent speaker for its price. It has great sound quality, and it is water-proof too. It costs around $36 to $40, and it is one of the cheapest yet high-quality speakers that you can buy. It has an auxiliary input and an inbuilt microphone to help you make calls. It has an impressive battery life, which lasts for 24 hours on medium volume. Therefore, this product is probably the best wireless portable speaker that you can buy on a budget.

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    Popular Satellite TV and Internet Bundles in the Country

    Satellite TV and internet bundles are convenient because once you have invested in them, you only have to pay one bill for your phone, TV, and internet usage. Many top companies in the industry offer these bundles, and they are available at affordable monthly prices. They are ideal for homes that have a constant need for TV packages, internet connectivity, and phone lines. Every satellite service provider tries to beat their competitors by providing a discount on these package deals. Here are some of the best bundles for satellite TV and internet.

    Dish 3-in-1 Bundle
    Dish TV offers various 3-in-1 bundles that give you TV, internet, and phone connectivity. The prices of the packages start at around $49.99, and it goes up to around $139.99 for TV. The most expensive bundle has numerous channels and add-ons, which includes big names like HBO. The internet packages start at $49.99 and go up to $79.99 approximately, and they have different data caps. If you opt for this bundle, you can choose to add a phone line to the package by paying an extra fee of around $19.99 every month. Therefore, with the Dish TV bundle, you get the utmost flexibility because you can choose different packages for internet and TV services, and you can decide whether you want to opt for a phone line. Dish TV offers a fixed $10 credit on your bundle every month as well, and it also has many offers and discounts for your benefit.

    DIRECTV Bundle
    With this 3-in-1 bundle from DIRECTV, you get to mix and match TV, internet, and phone bundles to create a customized package. DIRECTV offers six different TV packages with different channels based on your preferences. You get the highest number of channels in the Premier package, which costs around $110 per month. You can add a phone line to your bundle by paying $9.99 every month approximately. DIRECTV offers you a credit of $10 per month for bundling your services, and it brings in new offers and discounts from time to time to ensure that you get to enjoy your satellite TV and internet services without going over your monthly budget.

    If you are looking to reduce your monthly expenses on TV, internet, and phone services, the best thing you can do is get a satellite TV and internet bundle from ones of these companies.

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    Top Xfinity Packages by Comcast Cable

    Comcast owns Xfinity, which is a TV and internet service provider. Comcast started in the 1960s, and since then it has become a popular cable TV provider in the country. In 2010, when Comcast was in the process of merging with NBC, the company decided to rebrand its cable TV section to Xfinity. So now, Comcast is the parent company and the services provided by them are known as Xfinity. This information will help prevent any confusion because, in the section below, we are going to discuss some of the best Comcast Cable TV Packages, now known as Xfinity TV packages.

    Xfinity Digital Preferred
    This cable TV package from Xfinity costs around $59.99 for the first 12 months, and the user signs a contract for one year. You can watch more than 220 channels with this package, which includes MLB Network, Starz Encore, and NHL Network. It also gives you a choice between numerous “Xfinity on demand” channels, and the best part is that you can watch your favorite shows anytime and anywhere on your choice of device. You can watch channels from this package on a smartphone, a tablet, or your computer.

    X1 Preferred Double Play
    This Comcast Cable TV package offers a cable TV facility along with an internet subscription. This package will cost around $114.99 per month for the first 12 months, and you will have to sign an agreement for one year. You can enjoy more than 220 digital channels with this package. Along with that, you will get an internet connection with download speeds of up to 150 Mbps as well as free access to millions of Wi-Fi hotspots. The X1 Preferred Double Play package will let you enjoy channels such as NHL Network and Starz Encore, among several others.

    Preferred XF Triple Play
    This package from Xfinity is a three-in-one connection wherein you get a cable TV connection, an internet connection, and a phone line. This cost of this package is around $119.99 per month for the first 24 months, and you will need to sign a contract for two years. This package also provides 220 digital channels from all the popular networks. Additionally, you will get an internet connection with download speeds of up to 150 Mbps. You will also receive an unlimited talk time and text message package that is valid across the country.

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  • Tips to keep your powerchair or electric scooter up and running for long

    Both powerchairs and electric scooters receive power from batteries to keep them running. It is a good practice to leave them for overnight charging to use them the following day. Even though powerchairs and electric scooters are built keeping the long rugged usage in mind, maintenance plays an important role to keep them in their best shape and in-service for a long period.

    Like other equipment, these battery-powered vehicles come with a user manual, highlighting all the important maintenance points. You can learn a lot about your ride’s condition through the sounds it makes. Following are some important maintenance tips that will keep your mobility device up and running for a long time:

    Listen closely
    Being an electrically powered vehicle, both powerchair and electric scooter produce some kind of mechanical and electrical sounds. These sounds are natural, which result because of an under-the-hood mechanism. Take notice of any unusual kind of sounds or noises made by the vehicle and contact the service provider in case you are not able to seek out and resolve the problem yourself.

    Keep it dry
    Every battery-powered equipment needs to be kept away from moisture. As the presence of water can result in corrosion of the electric parts, keep your electric scooter or powerchair dry at all times. Keep a clean piece of cloth in the back pocket of your ride to wipe off any water spills and splashes that accidentally splatters on it. You can use protective covers and shrouds to safeguard the vehicle against unnecessary water spills.

    Check tires regularly
    Tires are an essential part of a vehicle. Without them, a vehicle cannot get anywhere. Therefore, it is necessary to keep a regular check on them. Blowouts are common, so you need to keep one or two spare tires at home. An extra inner tube might also come handy in the worst-case scenario. You must take care of tires, depending on their built. While solid tires need to be inspected regularly for tread wear and tear, pneumatic tires are required to be kept under close watch for a drop in pressure.

    Drain new batteries and give them a full charge
    Most battery-powered equipment comes with batteries having about half of the maximum charge capacity. Before charging the batteries to their fullest, exhaust them completely and then charge them fully. As batteries in consideration are deep-cycle batteries, a full charge is required to take full advantage of their peak charging range.

    Charge regularly at night
    Whether you drain the batteries completely or barely use them during the day, you ought to fully charge them at night. Regular charging helps batteries to deliver a longer in-service time.

    Keep the battery depletion level below 80 percent
    Avoiding battery depletion above 80 percent prolongs their life. Complete draining of batteries forces them to lose their power quickly. Batteries that are completely drained on a regular basis, needs replacement almost once in a year.

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  • Here’s why employee engagement and its platforms are the need of the hour

    Employee engagement is essential as it ensures that your employees are happy and satisfied. If you’re wondering why you should care about the happiness of your employees, we have the answer.

    An average employee spends the majority of their time at work rather than at home. So, if an employee is unhappy with work, you can rest assured that the company will suffer. But if an employee is happy, they will work with passion, enthusiasm and will be dedicated and engaged with their work and we’ve already seen where that will take us.

    But, if you’re still not convinced about the importance of employee engagement and still think of it as some modern corporate buzzword, here are some benefits that should completely change your mind:

    • Retainment rates are higher
      Were you aware that almost a quarter of the employees at any organization are at high risk of moving out? Let’s not forget that among these would be highly talented people who would work wonders if they stuck around.
    • Eliminates the cost of hiring and training
      Now, once those people have quit, you’ll need to rehire people. This means you will have to invest in not just hiring but also training a whole new set of people. Also, let’s not mention the disgruntled employees who are now over-pressured with extra work.
    • Full workforce at hand
      Having a full workforce at hand has major benefits. Say someone on your team is sick and takes an off, having a full team means work can be handed off to another team member but if you’re already functioning at half power, you may soon be having an overworked and unhappy team.
    • Improved productivity rates
      Well, if your team is at full strength and working like a well oiled cog in a machine, there’s absolutely no doubt to the fact that you’ll be hitting your targets and achieving high levels of productivity.
    • Productivity breeds profitability
      If your work is getting done on time, you know you’ll be making profits.

    How do you keep the employees engaged?

    Well, there are many ways to do so but since we live in the age of the Internet, you can implement an employee engagement platform. Each employee engagement platform has their own style but a majority of them take on certain things such as daily feedback, company updates, shining the light on spotlights and so on.

    So, ensure you don’t take your employees for granted and ensure that they are happy and engaged!

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