Firestone tires and coupons to get you great deals
Firestone tires and coupons to get you great deals

Firestone was founded in 1900. It became a household name soon after and stood the test of time, even until 2020. Providing tires for all vehicles from cars and trucks to tires for off-roading, Firestone rules the market and delivers some of the best products.

After starting off as a tire manufacturing company, they have now branched out into various areas of the automotive industry and provide top-notch products at the best prices.

If you did not know about them or are hearing about them for the first time, you’d be surprised to know that they’re also a part of the racing industry. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. For day-to-day use, Firestone provides tires in two categories – by type and by size:

  • By type: Firestone has a vast range of tires that helps you quickly search for the type of tire you want. To make it easier, they also provide tires by the make and model or based on the season. They even help you find the tires of your choice based on the vehicle you own – truck, SUV, minivan, and so on. If you thought that was all, be prepared to be surprised, because they also have a selection of cross-over, off-road, mud, and all-terrain tires. To help us be eco-friendly, Firestone also has a wide range of tires that are fuel-efficient.
  • By size: Now, if you feel that all the above-mentioned classifications are too complicated, you can simply choose to buy the Firestone tires you like by choosing the diameter and the width of the tire.

Now that you know what you want to buy, let’s get to the crux of the problem – tires are ridiculously expensive, which means if you want the best of the best, you’ll have to shell out a large sum, or so you think!

Well, that’s not true for all! With the help of Firestone tire coupons, you can get great deals on the best-quality tires! You can check out these coupons at websites like Firestone Complete Auto Care,, and before buying the tires you want.

What are you waiting for? Get to shopping!

  • How to select the best laptop for you

    If you look at the past 10 years, laptops have been growing in popularity in comparison with desktop computers. Several types of laptops are available in the market including nextbook laptops and it is your responsibility to choose the most suitable ones based on your needs. It has become really easy to identify a laptop that meets your needs.

    The fundamental question must always be what are you searching for in a laptop? What type of device is good for you to purchase? Are you interested in playing games on the laptop? Do you want a device that offers a long battery life? Are you going to carry the laptop wherever you go? These are some of the questions that you need to find answers prior to buying a laptop.

    Best devices for students

    Generally speaking, students will be searching for laptops that are cheap and they also look for the one that offers good battery life. That is why most students prefer a nextbook laptops or mini-laptop. This is a very good option and the battery life of these devices is pretty high compared to other devices. These types of devices are highly portable as well. Several students search for a slightly oversized nextbook laptops and these products come with a larger CPU with increased power as well.

    Best devices for travelers

    Businesses travelers always look for a laptop that has adequate computing power and they also want a highly portable one. Another important aspect is that the laptop must be built into a sturdy case for protecting all your work documents. Compact products such as Panasonic laptops are a good option. 12 to 15 inch laptops are definitely a good option and you should not focus on the price too much. The focus should be on the quality of the device.

    Best devices for the home users

    Home users must be careful picking the right option that meets their own requirements. It can be something pretty similar to a desktop and 15 inch laptops are really popular for this category. There are plenty of options available in the market and you have to be really careful while making a choice.

    Best devices for gamers

    The quality and functionality of gaming laptops have increased considerably. Gamers are always searching for laptops that come with best processing power and they also give utmost preference to good graphics/video card. 15 inches to 17 inches are the most preferred choices and some people opt for bigger versions. Top brands offer high end gaming laptops and you can customize them according to your needs using the latest parts.

    Your purpose must be given the top priority and the most suitable one must be selected after carefully considering all the options available in the market.

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  • Five of the best senior cell phone plans

    All cell phone plans these days come with high-speed internet and unlimited minutes. Both of these may not really be useful to seniors.

    They don’t let you browse use the internet or talk beyond a paltry limit. The best alternative, then, is to find senior citizen cell phone plans that are affordable, and suitable for your requirements. If you belong to the low-income category, you could get free cellphones for seniors under the Lifeline Assistance Program.

    You have a variety of smartphone plans for seniors to choose from. Here are a few.

    T-Mobile Pay As You Go: T-Mobile is one of the best cell phone service providers in the market. This carrier offers deals that suit everyone. Plus, they’ve also released mobile phone plans that are tailor-made for seniors. On the T-Mobile Pay As You Go plan, you have to pay a monthly fee of $3. You get either 30 minutes or 30 text messages in this plan. To avail this, you’ll need to have a compatible phone. Whether you bring your own phone or not, you will have to pay $20 for a sim starter kit. Also, there is no annual contract, no deposit, and no credit check.

    AT&T GoPhone Daily: One of the most trusted brand across the US, AT&T has a very convenient plan for seniors who hardly need to make any calls. The name of the plan is AT&T GoPhone Daily. The best part is that you have to pay $2 per day of usage of incoming and outgoing calls. It means that you don’t have to pay anything on the days that you don’t use your phone. This is one of the best senior phone plans. If you are using the phone for the day you get unlimited minutes and texts. You don’t even have to pay an activation fee. If you already have a compatible phone you can get a sim for $4.99. However, if you are buying the sim online you’ll have to be careful as a $25 refill card may be added. Make sure to uncheck this item while making a purchase.

    Republic Wireless 1GB: For seniors who use the internet often. Available at just $20 this plan gives you not only 1GB of data but also gives you unlimited minutes and texts and is one of the best phone plans for seniors. Republic Wireless is one of the newest service providers but has made a stand with offers such as this one. This plan has no contract but it is important to know that this is not a prepaid service.

    T-Mobile monthly basic: Yet another plan from T-Mobile that is ideal for seniors. This plan is priced at $30 per month. You get 5GB of high-speed internet and you get 100 minutes and unlimited texts. If you can make do with just 100 minutes of talk time this is one of the most reasonable cell phone plans for seniors out there.

    Greatcall WeTalk 200: Priced at $14.99, this plan gives you 200 minutes of talk time. It is important to note that you don’t get any texts or data.

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  • 6 easy ideas for best carpet stain removers

    Cleaning carpets can be cumbersome, especially in the case of solid or hard stains. Before calling in some costly cleaning service, you can use some common household things to clean the tough stains, whether it’s wine or pet urine. Here is a list of possible best carpet stain removers which you can try.

    • Ice Cubes: Do you have kids in your house? Then you may find chewing gums on your carpet. In this case, ice cubes can be terrific stain remover. Freeze the gum with the ice cubes; now scrape using a knife, and then blot with trichloroethylene, which is a dry-cleaning fluid. Blotting can be more effective than scraping any stains.
    • Beer: Stains of coffee and tea on carpets is common and always seems too tough to remove. Try adding some beer on these stains. Now rub the beer lightly into the material. The stain can be easily removed. It may require a couple of times of rubbing to completely remove it.
    • Ammonia: Sponge the stains with 1 cup of clear ammonia in two liters of warm water. Sponge them thoroughly and keep it dry. Thus you can remove stains from carpet as well as upholstery.
    • Vinegar: It’s one of the best carpet stain removers as well as a generic stain remover. Try out these common homemade solutions which can best carpet stain removers. Rub light stains with this mixture: Dissolve 2 tablespoon of salt in half cup of white vinegar. Keep it dry and then vacuum. In the case of heavy or darker stains, use 2 tablespoons of borax in the mixture in a similar way. In the case of more tough or soil stains, create a paste with 1 tablespoon vinegar and 1 tablespoon cornstarch. Rub it after pouring in the stain by a dry piece of cloth. Keep it like this until dry and then vacuum. In case of spilled paint, you can make a solution using 1 to 1/2 teaspoons vinegar, 1/2 teaspoons of detergent, and two cups of water. Sponge away the stain before it gets engraved and rinse with cold water. In the case of fruit juice stains, mix 1 tbsp of detergent with 1/2 tbsp of white vinegar. Mix again with 2 cups of water. Use the stain to blot. In case of coffee and tea stains, mix white vinegar and water in equal ratio to blot the stain.
    • Salt: Don’t be devastated if some red wine is spilled on your white carpet. Pour some white wine to dilute the red wine stain first. Next clear using a sponge in cold water. Spread some salt and let it stay for ten minutes before starting to vacuum up the mess. In the case of tough and greasy food stains, add 1 part salt into 4 parts of rubbing alcohol, then rub it hard on the grease stain. Salt can be useful in case of sauce or ketchup stains, act fast and add salt over the stain, wait for 3-4 minutes and then vacuum.
    • Borax: Borax can be used as one of the best carpet stain removers; dampen the stained part and then rub borax. Keep it like this to dry before vacuumming. You can use a solution using vinegar and soap water in equal parts, and keep it to dry. You can repeat this method for removing the stains completely.
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  • Things you need to know before adopting a dog

    Dogs are a blessing in disguise and if you are planning on getting one, then that’s amazing. One of the best ways of getting a dog is through adoption because not only will you welcome an adorable animal into your home but you will also end up saving a life. Every year, 2.7 million dogs and cats are euthanized in the United States as there are too many that come to the shelters and too few people that consider adoption. The adoption process is extremely simple and worth it. If you are considering adoption then it is important that you keep the following things in mind.

    Prepare yourself: Before you adopt a dog, it’s important that you are well aware of how to take care of it. You are going to be responsible for another life and hence it is pertinent that you know certain things. Start by conducting a thorough research about dog care, its nutritional needs, and training methods.

    Be flexible and understanding: The dog you bring home has a mind of its own. If there are arrangements that you have made and they are not working out for the dog, try shuffling things up a bit and changing the arrangements. It is necessary to understand that the dog has been moved from its normal environment to a new one and will take the time to adjust to the new place.

    Shop for basics: This goes without saying but when you get a dog, there are a couple of necessities that must be purchased. The list of essentials includes a bed, dishes for food and water, food, leashes, collars, and toys. It’s a good idea for you to buy all these before the dog arrives so the process can be made easier. You may need to buy a crate if the method of training you want to use is crate training. Crate training is the process of training the dog to accept the dog crate as a familiar and safe area.

    Make a schedule for feeding and walking the dog: Feeding a dog is like feeding a baby and creating a schedule that works for the dog and you is very necessary. Taking the dog on walks is essential as it is the time meant for the dog to excrete and get some fresh air. The walking schedule will depend on the feeding schedule. It is absolutely necessary to stick to the schedule in order to prevent the dog from getting ill.

    Consider Training: It goes without mentioning but training a dog is very essential. If you bring a puppy home, you could take it to a puppy obedience class where it gets trained well.

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  • Factors to consider while buying a dishwasher on sale

    Buying an appliance should be a well-considered decision and not an impulsive purchase. It’s a large investment intended to last for a few years and give you the service you want. But when big brands and stores offer year-round attractions in the form of discounts, trade-ins, and easy hire-purchase terms, it becomes confusing to purchase the cheapest yet the best dishwasher. Dishwasher sales a great time to find good deals.

    Before you hit the holiday sales, here are a few points to keep in mind.

    New releases
    When your favorite brand launches a new model, look out for great deals on older ones. Though they were launched a year or two years ago, older models are offloaded regularly by manufacturers, dishwasher stores, and large retailers.

    Holiday sales
    Appliances are available on discount during big holidays like Memorial Day, Labor Day, the Fourth of July, and Christmas. It’s a good idea to put off your purchase till a big sale comes round at a store near you. It’s also smart to wait until the holiday rush is done when bigger dealers have inventory to offload.

    Compare and contrast
    Do a thorough market survey before you buy a dishwasher. Some discounts and deals may not be genuine. Check the exact reason for the lowered pricing and read reviews to know whether it was a marketplace dud when it was first launched. Also, check if you are covered by warranties and spares are available if the dishwasher breaks down.

    Keep the cash ready
    If you find the perfect deal, don’t hesitate. When you return to the dishwasher sale, it may be gone. Some stores offer to finance but check the terms and conditions before making a decision.

    Buy directly from a factory outlet
    Purchasing straight from the factory can provide significant savings.

    Consider online shopping
    Some brands offer discounts exclusively on their websites. Brands like Bosch don’t offer regular discounts but they do have great mail-in discount offers on their website. Online sites offer good deals all year round but do check the shipping and delivery terms ahead of purchasing. Some dishwasher sales may offer better deals for in-store pick-up.

    If you’re not particular about color coordination, you could get a less trendy shade for a lower price.

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  • 7 ways to keep the charcoal grill clean

    Charcoal barbecue grill-made foods are full of flavors, but to maintain the functionality of the grill, it needs some cleaning along with regular maintenance. Like any other kitchen appliance, charcoal BBQ grill needs cleaning at least once or even twice at the time of the grilling season. It’s important as the ash or carbon, and rust buildup is not healthy for your health.

    Even manufacturers recommend cleaning the public grills before use because, before you, someone has used it.
    Here is a checklist to ensure you have all the necessary things for cleaning the charcoal barbecue grill.

    • Several grills do not have peeling scope inside the lids due to a coating of porcelain enamel. You may find some small pieces of paint like debris sometimes. Relax! These aren’t any kind of paint but the accumulated grease and smoke which are collected while using the grill. Make sure to check these things if you’re purchasing a charcoal grill on sale. The debris can be removed by simple brushing. Use a stainless steel brush before grilling. If you want to prevent the accumulation in future, wipe the grill with paper towels. Even mild soap water solution can also be used after the cooking is finished. Always do this when the charcoal barbecue grill is warm but watch out for the temperature.
    • If you want to clean the inside portion, there are two ways; you can use machine One-Touch for removing excess grease and smoke accumulation out of the kettle bowl. Or use mild dishwashing soap with steel wool pad.
    • For cooking grates to be free from stain and ash, preheat the grill and open all the vents while maintaining the grill temperature high. Keep it like this for 10 to 15 minutes, and after that use the bristle brush made of stainless steel to dust off remaining debris. Residue attached to the grate can cause the food to stick while grilling.
    • For maintaining the charcoal BBQ grill perfectly fine for cooking, you can wipe down the lid as well as the bowl during cooling. Use mild detergent water or glass cleaner for this to get spotless shine.
    • Check the ash catcher every time you grill. Keep it sufficiently empty and don’t overcrowd the catcher.
    • Scrubbing with aluminum foil can be of excellent use. You can use it to clean the leftover debris off the part of the grate.
    • If you’re using a public grill, make sure to place a paper bag or plastic to remove the debris out of the charcoal barbecue grill into another bag.

    Keep the aluminum foil, paper, and plastic bags, bristle brush, putty knife and grill brush (coarse brush) in store if you’re working on a charcoal barbecue grill. A properly cleaned grill can elevate the taste of the food by maintaining appropriate hygiene.

    If you haven’t purchased one already, look for the best charcoal grills on sale. However, opt for reliable and reputed brands even if you want to buy charcoal grills for sale.

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  • Tips to purchase Mr. Coffee appliances online

    Are you someone who hesitates to shop things online? Though online stores have gained huge popularity in the present days, many people still do not have a great understanding of the e-commerce stores and are afraid to get scammed. If you are also among them, you need to understand the secret of online shopping and master the art of this work. Online stores offer a wide variety and at a great price. Therefore, checking them out is always a good choice, especially when you are interested in purchasing Mr. Coffee appliances. If you are interested in purchasing appliances of this reputed brand, you need to take note of a few factors listed below:

    • Search for an authentic store
      This is the first step that you need to take when you are shopping online. You need to find a few stores selling the appliances of your choice and pick the authentic ones from them. Check the reviews and testimonials of the store in different forums or social networking sites, to detect their authenticity. You can also read the reviews of the stores on their sites as well to understand, whether they can serve you the products you order.
    • Payment security of the store
      Once you have verified the authenticity of the store, you need to check the payment methods that they use. Stores selling appliances from Mr. Coffee has secured payment gateways. Still, it is better to judge the security measures before offering your financial details to the site.
    • Look out for the range of products
      As you have verified the authenticity as well as payment security of the store, it is now important to check out for the product range offered by them. Not all stores offer a complete set of appliances offered by Mr. Coffee. Therefore, to make your purchase, you need to find stores, which has the complete range or the product that you need.
    • Compare the price
      All stores may not offer you the same price for the products they sell. Therefore, irrespective of the fact that you need new appliances, a repair part or just an accessory, you should compare the price charged by a few of them. When comparing the price of the products, you should also give importance to the deals and discounts offered from time to time. Getting hold of some special deals can help you in saving a big deal at ease.

    Owing to the increasing popularity of Mr. Coffee appliances, many stores now offer these appliances at a great price. If you search a bit intelligently, you can also get free shipping on your purchase. You need to ensure that the store on which you have decided to place the order has shipping service in your area.

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  • Choosing a network that actually works

    Often choosing the right plan is easier in comparison to getting the right network. Whoever said that it’s just “the network” needs to think again. You do not want to get trapped in the wrong network and then regret later.

    Your network also depends on the device you use and thereafter which plan you prefer. That’s because new devices come with inbuilt radio technology that has a band 12 of spectrums which tap the data faster at a jet speed. So if your device does not support the new technology then any network may not work for you.

    Deciding the perfect network

    Getting best mobile network is not a child’s play. Before you set out to shop for networks, do check the map zones where you would be using it. Some phone service providers like T-Mobile offers in-home extenders which can save your phone from bad area network coverage. Wireless carriers have come up with a solution for those dealing with network problems. They have equipment free Wi-Fi calling which enables the user to direct the call through his Wi-Fi signal, assuming that it is good.

    If you are little tight with your budget then ignore the big four, and go with low-cost carriers called as MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) who use the same signal or network as AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile. There are a whole lot of them that have the best mobile networks and plans of all types that can fit your budget.

    Most phone service providers have tall claims of having the best mobile network in the country. Don’t fall for their claims as the coverage may differ in each city and area. Moreover, the network coverage, these service providers claims are mostly for populated areas.

    At times, when most carriers are looking forward to 5G network speed, one should do their research while heading with any of the carriers and getting into their plans. The best mobile network needs a good coverage and reception that is reliable and has a better call quality.

    Sometimes small carriers do have an edge over the big carriers in terms of coverage and networks.

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