Firestone tires and coupons to get you great deals
Firestone tires and coupons to get you great deals

Firestone was founded in 1900. It became a household name soon after and stood the test of time, even until 2020. Providing tires for all vehicles from cars and trucks to tires for off-roading, Firestone rules the market and delivers some of the best products.

After starting off as a tire manufacturing company, they have now branched out into various areas of the automotive industry and provide top-notch products at the best prices.

If you did not know about them or are hearing about them for the first time, you’d be surprised to know that they’re also a part of the racing industry. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. For day-to-day use, Firestone provides tires in two categories – by type and by size:

  • By type: Firestone has a vast range of tires that helps you quickly search for the type of tire you want. To make it easier, they also provide tires by the make and model or based on the season. They even help you find the tires of your choice based on the vehicle you own – truck, SUV, minivan, and so on. If you thought that was all, be prepared to be surprised, because they also have a selection of cross-over, off-road, mud, and all-terrain tires. To help us be eco-friendly, Firestone also has a wide range of tires that are fuel-efficient.
  • By size: Now, if you feel that all the above-mentioned classifications are too complicated, you can simply choose to buy the Firestone tires you like by choosing the diameter and the width of the tire.

Now that you know what you want to buy, let’s get to the crux of the problem – tires are ridiculously expensive, which means if you want the best of the best, you’ll have to shell out a large sum, or so you think!

Well, that’s not true for all! With the help of Firestone tire coupons, you can get great deals on the best-quality tires! You can check out these coupons at websites like Firestone Complete Auto Care,, and before buying the tires you want.

What are you waiting for? Get to shopping!

  • The Hidden Mystery Behind Tires

    The tires are the main part of the vehicle. So, you must, when taking maintenance of your vehicle, take care of your vehicle tire also. The best quality and brand of tire will be able to provide you the high performance as well as safety. If you will provide the good maintenance to your vehicle tire it may last for a long time. As sometimes there is no matter that how much you take care of the tires, as the time goes the tires will affect. It means that the no tire will last forever. As the time passes the tires will crack as well as damage. You just take care of the tires to keep them safe as well as to make them last more time. If you face any type of little problem related to your vehicle tire then it is the time to change the tire. It may also hazards to your life so do not take any risk with your life.

    When you want a break from life and want to go on holidays for a peace. New, as well as high quality tires, are able to reduce the noise of the road. It may also able to reduce the vibration as well as harshness that is able to take the fun while you are driving. If you have a peaceful ride then you easily able to understand the conversations of your partner and you may enjoy the music playing in your vehicle.

    Let us discuss best tires in detail:

    Cooper Discoverer STT Pro All-Terrain Radial Tire – LT265/75R16 123/120Q
    These type of tire are the most updated as well as the advanced tires to date. The Discoverer STT PRO gives the exceeding traction as well as the performance in some of the rough terrains on the Earth. These type of tire may have the typical tread design as well as provide the high performance on the road. This tire may have the 3-Ply Armor-Tek3 and aggressive 3-2 center rib design as well as more. This tire may able to fit accordingly what your vehicle really capable of. The cost of this tire in the arcade is around $220.81.

    Goodyear Eagle LS-2 Radial Tire – 225/50R18 94T
    This tire is able to provide you the best as well as a smooth ride in all seasons. The four circumferential grooves available in this tire help you to displace water for increased wet traction. The premium side styling provides a contemporary quality. The best price for this product is around $59.95.

    Cooper Cobra GT All-Season Tire – 275/60R15 107T
    This tire may have the high-performance pace for accrued tire-to-road contact, which tracks to advance in tread wear as well as the handling. This tire may available in all sizes as well as available for all the vehicles. This brand of tires is the best and these tires are among the best in the country. If you want to buy this tire, you may get for about $123.51.

    Cooper Starfire RS-C 2.0 All-Season Radial Tire – 185/70R14 88H
    This tire is compatible in all the seasons. The design of this tire is amazing so it is best in winter, summer etc. This tire is designed as per customers reviews and this tire is not costly as any middle-class people able to buy it. The cost of this price is just $40.40. you may buy this tire in any size for any type of vehicle. The performance of this tire is overall good and it may able to provide good handling. This tire is best for the wet as well as slippery roads. This tire has the modern look as well as attractive in style. This may provide you the best speed on the highway. This tire is amazing from all sides. There is no risk with this tire as you may freely buy this tire for your vehicle.

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  • Easy To Open Online Savings Account

    Having an online bank account comes with a variety of benefits. You get to transact easily without having to actually visit a bank. Unlike brick and mortar banks which incur operating expenses and a fair share of overheads, online banks like Ally Bank cut down on such operating expenses. This means they can offer you good interest rates combined with efficient customer care.

    Documents Needed
    Opening an online bank savings account is pretty simple and easy. You need to provide your social security number along with identity proof. Your driving license or passport will suffice. Plus, you’ll need to deposit some funds to meet the minimum balance requirements.

    Why Savings Account?
    Savings accounts encourage you to save some money, which can prove to be handy when you face an emergency. Plus, the funds in the savings account earn you interest as well. The interest that you earn on a savings account is certainly far more than what you earn on checking accounts. So, if you’ve earmarked funds for a specific purpose, you can open a savings account with the amount needed and allow it to accumulate interest. This means that the initial deposit plus the accrued interest will help meet your financial goals.
    The accumulated balance in your savings account can bail you out in any emergency. You won’t have to resort to taking heavy interest laden loans or the charges associated with swiping your credit card.
    Savings accounts are your liquid assets. While you may hold any form of high interest earning investment, how high do they rank on liquidity? Say, you’re contemplating opening a bank account in the form of a savings account or certificate of deposit. A certificate of deposit, no doubt earns a higher interest percentage, they do have a lock-in tenure. This means if you resort to premature withdrawal, you’ll have to pay a penalty.
    On the other hand, savings accounts have no restrictions and you’re free to make deposits whenever you want. You can also make a specified number of withdrawals.
    The most enticing feature about savings account is that they enjoy FDIC backing, making them safe.


    Having an online savings account gives you the following benefits:
    Easy Access
    You enjoy the convenience of banking at any time of the day or night. Your laptop can help you access your online account, verify the balance and effect transfers.
    Mobile Friendly
    Smartphones are common today. Banks have developed mobile friendly apps which can be downloaded to your smartphone. You can now easily check your balance, deposit checks and keep an eye on transfers, all with a simple screen swipe. In fact, you can handle all your banking tasks while on the move.
    High Interest
    Online only banks offer high interest on savings accounts. Thanks to their less overhead costs, you earn a higher interest rate. Plus, their fees are negligible.
    Go ahead and open an online savings account and reap the benefits of high interest combined with liquidity.

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  • Can homeopathy help in treating cholesterol

    High cholesterol can not only lead to cardiovascular diseases and sudden heart attacks but also prevent you from leading a normal and active life. Hence, it is crucial to be aware of what normal cholesterol levels should be for an adult. Ideally, your total cholesterol levels should be less than 200 mg/dL, and it is considered high if the level is 240 mg/dL or above. LDL or bad cholesterol level should be lower than 100 mg/dL.

    The good news is that allopathic medicines are not the only way to treat high cholesterol. Homeopathy has some great solutions for this lifestyle disease. Homeopathic medicines can also dissolve the deposits of cholesterol in your arteries and blood vessels.

    Homeopathic medicines to achieve normal cholesterol levels

    Allium Sativum – Made from garlic, this medicine is considered the best natural remedy for high cholesterol. This also helps in enhancing the vitality of the sufferer and is most effective for those who crave meat dishes or experience acidic burping or belching.

    Aurum Metallicum – Made from gold, this medicine is especially helpful for those who have hardened arteries due to cholesterol deposits and suffer from blood pressure. Patients with an irregular pulse or violent palpitations can also be given this medicine.

    Calcarea Carbonica – This is beneficial as a treatment for obesity as well. It is effective for those who are sensitive to cold air, experience tightness in chest, perspire through the scalp constantly or crave for boiled eggs.

    Crataegus Oxyacantha – This is another medicine that is very effective for attaining normal cholesterol levels by dissolving the cholesterol deposits in arteries. It strengthens heart muscles, which become weak due to improper supply of blood.

    Baryta Muriaticum – This medicine is perfect for elderly patients suffering from high cholesterol, as it works well on arteries that have lost elasticity due to age. It is also great for vertigo that occurs from the lessened supply of blood to the brain.

    So don’t panic if you have been diagnosed with high cholesterol. A number of homeopathic medicines are available to help you attain normal cholesterol levels easily. Just remember to consult a reputed homeopathic physician before you start any medication.

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  • Celebrity-inspired dolls that you should have

    Celebrities do like to doll up for their red carpet looks. There are people around the world who imitate the celebs and their looks that they flaunt at various promotions and ceremonies. Have you ever wondered if there are any dolls who would look like some of the popular celebs? Wouldn’t that be interesting for the brand as well the kids who play with these dolls? However, it is also exciting to know that some celebrities have gone a step ahead to inspire some of the dolls. So, you can now get some of the celebrity-inspired dolls in your collection of dolls.

    Marilyn Monroe as a Barbie
    Which little girl is not fond of Barbie dolls? Well, you can’t name any! There will hardly be any baby girls who wouldn’t want a Barbie collection in her closet of toys and when we are talking about celebrity-inspired dolls, Marilyn Monroe does need a mention here. This iconic superstar has a Barbie inspired by her looks and it’s nothing less than surprising, gorgeous and a must-have in your collection.

    Lesley Lawson, who is famously known as Twiggy, is a British cultural icon and a supermodel. It is interesting to know that supermodel of the 1960s was the first ever celebrity who was made in a doll by Barbie. The simple features of the doll along with the hairdo and costume make it look adorable.

    Michael Jackson
    The great King of Pop was commemorated by creating a doll and immortalizing him. The doll replicated Michael Jackson’s 1984 look. While if you are wondering where can you find this vintage piece, then you can find this on online stores.

    Britney Spears
    It is indeed true that this pop singer has won millions of hearts all across the world and there is also a doll inspired by her. The pop queen has been made into a doll quite a few times and every time it has been a hit.
    Prince William & Kate Middleton

    In order to commemorate the Royal Wedding, the Royal couple, Prince William and Kate Middleton, were transformed into Barbie dolls. If you want a unique collection of Barbie from the celebrity-inspired dolls, then this one has to be on your list.

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  • Healthy Food Options for People with Kidney Diseases

    Each organ in our body has its own importance. We may not understand the importance of the organ unless it fails to function properly. For example, it is only when you develop kidney-related problems that you will understand how painful the process can be. Even though you will need medical attention from your health care provider to deal with kidney-related diseases, a change in the diet plan will also help you heal better. The doctors also recommend kidney diet plans that will ensure a speedy recovery in the process.

    Some of the important ingredients of a kidney diet plan have been mentioned below:

    • Cauliflower: One of the important ingredients of a kidney diet plan that helps in the speedy recovery of the disease is cauliflower. It contains Vitamin C, K, and B. It has anti-inflammatory compounds that can take away the swelling in your kidney. If you are fond of having mashed potatoes as a side dish, the use of mashed cauliflower will easily help in replacing the high-carbohydrate diet and will be beneficial for your kidney too.
    • Blueberries: We all love the use of blueberries in cookies and smoothies of our choice. But did you know that these berries are filled with antioxidants that can help in the recovery of the kidney? It has a low level of sodium, potassium, and phosphorus that should be avoided when you have any kind of kidney problems.
    • Sea bass:
      Sea bass is full of Omega-3 fatty acids that are helpful for the healthy working of the body. It can help in reducing inflammation to a large extent. Even though it is high in phosphorus, the other properties of sea bass will help in compensating for the loss due to kidney issues. You can have the fish in a controlled portion, once in a while. For example, if you use 3 ounces of sea bass in a day, it will not cause much harm to you.
    • Red grapes:
      This royal fruit is rich in Vitamin C and contains antioxidants that help in recovering from the problem that you are facing in your kidney. It is one of the best-recommended items included in the kidney diet plan by the doctors. You can have about half a cup of red grapes every day for fighting with the infection in a better way.
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  • Take a defensive driving course and become a better driver

    While most citizens who drive a vehicle are aware of defensive driving courses, many of them still don’t know what the course is about. For those who are unaware of the same, it is a course that helps you gain knowledge that will help you improve your chances of safer trips and also make the roads a safer place for everyone. The defensive driving courses offer great rewards at affordable prices.

    Most defensive driving courses include traffic crash statistics, psychological factors that affect driving, human factors that affect driving, the effect of medication on driving, safety tips, ways to handle unfavorable driving situations, crash dynamics and safety equipment, and crash prevention techniques.

    In some states, a defensive driving course is also known as the traffic school. Though it is not one of the most popular ways to spend your spare time, it surely does have many benefits. Some benefits of taking a quick course on defensive driving are mentioned below:

    Reduce your ticket fines: Everyone makes mistakes and often gets a pass on the harmless ones. However, mistakes made from behind the wheel seldom get a pass and, in fact, cost a lot of money due to ticket fines, court fees, and increased insurance premiums. However, the court may reduce the fine if you agree to take a defensive driving course.

    Improve your driving record: You may have a good driving record, but a momentary lapse is enough to tarnish it. By letting your court know about your plan on taking a defensive driving course, you can prevent yourself from getting a traffic ticket added to your driving record.

    Subsequently improve your insurance rates: Some insurance companies often ask their customers to consider taking a defensive driving course in exchange for offering them a discount on their premium upon completion. Therefore, apart from keeping a good driving record, you can also save on insurance premium by taking the course.

    Enhance your driving skills: All benefits apart, one of the most important ones is improved driving learned by taking the course. With an increase in the number of fatal car accidents, it is important for every driver to be updated with the latest safety driving methods to keep themselves and their loved ones protected.

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  • Guard against these common ENT infections

    The human body is quite vulnerable to different kinds of infections which are caused by malicious external agents. What is being implied is that, every part of our body is vulnerable to infections. The most common infections that can cause mild irritation to severe pain are the Ear-Nose-Throat infections, popularly known as ENT infections. The trio is intricately related to each other. That’s how unique a human body is. ENT infections are quite common and mostly affects children. But, adults too aren’t spared from the onslaught of ENT infections.

    ENT infections can be trivial or very severe. Here’s a list of the common ENT infections that can affect anyone irrespective of their age.

    Outer and middle ear infections- If you are diagnosed with outer ear infection, the ear canal is the one that suffers the most. You might experience itching in the ear canal, pain and swelling in the ear canal, and a crust-like formation can be seen around the ear canal. Middle ear infections affect the space behind the eardrum. Ear infections are mostly an extension of nose and throat. You might experience earache, fever, dizziness, and hearing loss in extreme cases.

    Meniere’s disease (ears)- The Meniere’s disease affects the inner ear. The infection occurs in one ear but there are instances when both the ears are affected. You experience vertigo or dizziness and loss of hearing.

    Nosebleed- Nosebleed is common among children but constant nosebleed is not to be ignored. This occurs when the blood vessels rupture due to constant picking of the nose or because of common cold.

    Sinusitis (Nose)- Sinusitis is a condition in which a common cold or respiratory infection can cause a blockage in the sinuses. This is a common ENT infection which results in a stuffy nose, postnatal drip, severe headache, soreness, etc.

    Pharyngitis (throat)- Pharyngitis is an ENT infection which affects the throat. This infection causes the swelling, pain, and redness of the pharynx (throat). It is viral in nature and affects kids mostly. The bacteria that cause strep throat are also responsible for this condition.

    Tonsillitis (throat)- A serious and irritating ENT infection is Tonsillitis. One can experience sharp pain when you swallow something. This condition is caused by the inflammation of the tonsils. Common cold and strep throat are the causes of this infection.

    Our Ear-Nose-Throat trio is interconnected and what ails one can affect the other in no time. So, the bottom line is, never ignore a common cold, it can result in severe nose or ear infection.

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  • Factors to consider while buying car pet barriers

    Having a pet in your car can sometimes be a cause of worry while driving, especially when your pet is playful. This is when you need to get yourself a car pet barrier. However, due to the several options available online, it can become troublesome to select the right barrier. So, with the right knowledge and informed car pet barrier reviews, you should be able to choose an appropriate one.

    Check reviews

    Before you go ahead and buy a pet barrier, read reliable and honest car pet barrier reviews. Look for detailed reviews, which mention the material the barrier is made of, what kind of pet the reviewer has, the duration for which it was used, and if it serves the purpose in the car. The more information you get from the reviews, the better. Also, make sure these car pet barrier reviews are genuine.

    Inspect the material

    When buying a car pet barrier, you should consider the kind of material it is made of. The various types of barriers include those made of metal, nets, and mesh. You should choose a barrier as per the size of your pet. If you have a small animal, a mesh barrier may be enough. But if you have a large pet like a big dog, a metal one is better suited, considering their strength to break through the mesh ones.

    Confirm the size

    The size of the car pet barrier you buy is an essential factor. And this depends not only on the size of your pet but also how well the barrier fits in your car. You need to look for one that keeps your pet away from the front seat. While you’re at it, you must also consider the weight of your pet. Some pets may be smaller in size and take up less space, but how heavy they are will matter when it comes to buying car pet barriers. Adjustable barriers are also available, which fit easily into various kinds of cars.

    Understand your requirements

    The choice of a pet barrier is also dependent on what purpose you will be using it for. If you have a pet who is outdoorsy and loves to jump around, a hammock-like barrier should be suitable. Such barriers are also ideal for pets who shed a lot of fur, so your car stays clean. If you are looking to keep your pet at the back, away from the front seats, a metal barrier separating the back is an apt choice.

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