Green kitchens – growing a garden where you cook
Green kitchens – growing a garden where you cook

A beautiful garden creates an atmosphere of peace and tranquility in us. Through our evolutionary history, a green environment has meant plenty of water and food, and is therefore deeply comforting for the human mind. Keeping a garden, even a small one, can go a long way in promoting out mental wellbeing.

However, today’s increasingly urban environment means lesser and lesser space available for a personal garden. This space crunch is bringing out tons of innovative ideas to the surface, with people adapting to their shrinking spaces, while still managing to have nice green spots.

While indoor plants are nice, functional ones are even better. Have you ever considered growing an herb garden? No space? No problem. Your kitchen could turn into a lush green garden in just a matter of weeks. All you need is some wall space or a window sill that gets a bit of sunlight every day. While a few mason jars on the window sill come readily to the mind, it is the wall space that will truly bring your kitchen garden to life.

Wall gardens tend to be small leaning bins that are attached to a vertical spine, that you can install on to a sunny spot on your wall. Depending upon the space available to you, this could be a single spine with four vertically stacked bins, or a whole bank of them. There are three things to bear in mind though “ adequate sunlight, a way to water your garden, proper drainage.

Let us start with light. Typically, south- or east-facing windows bring in a lot of light, but you must accommodate for seasonal changes. Additionally, you could consider installing a skylight in the kitchen, to ensure ample natural light.

Watering is straightforward “ a small wall garden requires nothing more than the traditional watering can or spray can, but a larger set up might require a reliable automatic system. Consider drip irrigation “ install pipes over the top layer of jars with holes that slowly drip water into the jars, and this water then trickles down through all the jars and eventually drains out.

Last comes drainage. Wall-mountable garden shelves have drain holes built into them, but if you are the DIY type, then you need to plan for drain holes if you don’t want the roots to rot. Alternatively, you can also deposit rocks and pebbles at the base of your jar to allow water to settle. You will need a conduit at the base though, to remove the drained water.

Now you are all set. You know the herbs you want. Choose heirloom seeds if possible, and give it a few weeks. You will be amazed.

  • How online mattress companies are growing popular

    Why do most people choose online mattress companies to purchase their favorite mattress? Convenience is the most important aspect that attracts people towards an online mattress store. You do not need to visit a physical store and sift through the options to make the purchase. When you find a room full of mattresses, you get easily confused as well. The pressure salesmen can make things hard for you. These lead you to wrong decisions because they always want to sell the items for which they get the maximum commission. All these complexities can be eliminated with online stores, and most of them offer home delivery mattress services to make everything completely hassle-free.

    Analyze the customer testimonials before purchasing a mattress
    When you start scouring online for mattresses, you can easily make the purchase decision. Leading online mattress companies display existing customer testimonials on their websites, and you can go through these testimonials to make an informed decision. Knowing the real deal becomes an uncomplicated process.

    Discounts and best deals
    A well-known online mattress store offers the best deals, and you can also expect excellent discounts. Online stores do not need the huge investments and maintenance costs of brick-and-mortar stores, and they pass these benefits to their customers. Good virtual stores always come up with special discount offers on a daily basis, and all these packages reduce the price of the mattress considerably.

    Better awareness about the specifications
    Trusted online stores provide clear images of the products they sell, and you can find detailed information about the specifications of each mattress. These help you to find the most suitable one easily, and you can compare various products effortlessly before choosing one. The comparison can be made based on features, price, comfort level, and longevity.

    If you can purchase a mattress in a cost-effective, convenient and safe way, there is no point in going after the conventional option of purchasing from a physical store. This aspect explains the logic behind the fast-rising popularity of online stores and the existing trends suggest that online mattress companies are going to rule the market for a very long time.

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  • Popular models of the Honda Civic

    Over the years, the Civic, belonging to the renowned Japanese automaker Honda, has established a credible reputation as one of the best sedans in the country. As a sedan, the Honda Civic offers an amazing blend of style, class, luxury, comfort, and, above all, affordability. Its sleek finish and spectacular visuals have always been a talking point among customers and car enthusiasts.

    Driving a Honda Civic will give you a sense of pride, achievement, and elegance, that too at an economical cost. If you wish to own a Honda Civic at a discount rate, you can just a run Google search for “Honda Civic for sale” and you might get some desirable results. It is your call to go for a brand new Honda Civic or a second-hand car while opting to buy a Honda Civic on sale.

    Popular models of the Honda Civic
    Listed below are a few popular Honda Civic models along with their features, specifications, and price details. You should know about these before making a decision to purchase a Honda Civic for sale.

    2018 Civic Coupe
    The 2018 Civic Coupe has a sporty look with the word “sophistication” written all over it. It is an ideal vehicle offering stylish elements of glamour, panache, and adventure. Starting at a base price of USD 19,250, it offers a mileage of 28 MPG on a city road and 39 MPG on highways. It is created for the new generation with exciting features such as technologies that assist the driver and a two-door thrill. It is available in various colors such as blue, red, black, silver, green, and steel, among others.

    2018 Civic Si Coupe
    The 2018 Civic Coupe Si has another stunning variant of the Honda Civic. Starting at a base price of USD 24,100, it offers a mileage of 28 MPG on the city streets and 38 MPG on the highways. It offers a memorable drive with a turbocharged engine comprising 205 horsepower. It is one of the best Honda Civic vehicles in terms of performance. Along with exceptional exteriors and spacious interiors, it provides a true mix of power and aggression.

    2018 Civic Sedan
    The 2018 Civic Sedan is the vehicle you should watch out for if you wish to leave a long-lasting impression in the minds of people. With interiors depicting luxury in every sense and exteriors that stand out, this vehicle starts at a price of USD 18,840. It provides a mileage of 28 MPG for city driving and 40 MPG on the highways.

    Apart from the aforementioned 2018 Honda Civic models, you can also check out for other options on Honda’s official website, such as the Honda CR-V 2018 for SUV lovers. In order to buy a Honda Civic on sale, you could check out for the offers on the Honda Civic models on the company’s official website. You can also visit a used car showroom for finding a Honda Civic on sale.

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  • Here Are Some Amazing Car Products That Will Make Your Car Look New

    Do you want to make your ride look new every time you wash it? If yes, then you’ve got to carefully choose your car-care products. You should settle for nothing but the best. Many cheap car-care products in the market are ammonia based, which are harmful for your car.

    So, what are the car-care products that you can use for cleaning? With so many new brands popping up in the industry, it is difficult to pick one. For those who are clueless about which products to use, here are some best car-care products in the market that you must know of:

    • Green Clean Automotive Car Shampoo

    Using harsh chemicals for your car is a big no. However, there are very few natural car-care products in the market. Therefore, the Green Clean Automotive Car Shampoo is a blessing for environment lovers who are looking for an eco-friendly product to wash their car. This car shampoo is made using plant-based surfactants rather than harmful chemicals. It is non toxic, biodegradable, and phosphate free. The shampoo is best known for its high sudsing property that gives your car a luxury after-wash shine. Along with the car shampoo, the brand also sells waterless car shampoo, car wax, and car polish.

    • Scratch Pro Kit

    A popular scratch-removal kit in the market that you should buy for your car is the Scratch Pro Kit. This kit comes with three different chemical compounds that have three different pads to decode the scratch on your car. This kit product works best on light scratches, which means that you might need to consult a professional for stubborn scratches. The best thing about this scratch remover is that it is easy to use, and you will never be able to locate old scratch marks after using it.

    • Nu Finish Wax-Free Car Polish

    Known as the “once a year car polish,” the Nu Finish car polish has dominated the car-care products industry since a long time. The best thing about this car polish is that unlike the regular car polish that wears down with the changing weather, the Nu Finish polish stays intact even against snow and ice. Apply two coats of this car polish and you are good to go for a long time.

    • ArmorAll Outlast Tire Glaze

    If your car looks shiny but your tires are beaten and worn out, then the whole look of the ride is spoiled. That is when the ArmorAll Outlast Tire Glaze comes into the picture. Once you coat your tires with this glaze, it will stay for a long time. Make sure that you cover your car wheels and painted panels while you spray this product on your car as they might get spoiled.

    • Turtle Wax Bug and Tar Remover

    Your regular car-care products can’t remove all types of stains from your car. The Turtle Wax Bug and Tar Remover are the best when it comes stubborn stains. This heavy-duty power foam cleaner is effective in removing all kinds of stains like bugs, tar, and bird droppings.

    All you’ve got to do is spray it on the surface, allow it to get absorbed by the surface for a minute, and then gently wipe it with a microfiber. The best thing about this product is that it is safe to use on metal, paint, plastic, and glass.

    Always be conscious of what products you use on your car. If you are not sure about it, it is best to ask the attendants at car shops for a recommendation.

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  • How to prevent yourself from ENT infections

    Otorhinolaryngology is the term that not many of us are aware of. But it the study of problems related to ear, nose, and throat ENT. ENT problems are common, easily diagnosed, and curable, and yet, can get serious at times if not taken care of at an early stage. Infections are common in the ear, nose, and throat among many people. It is important to understand the seriousness of ENT infections as these organs are closest to the brain and cause a lot of pain whenever there is an infection. Reporting to a doctor in minor pains can be helpful in preventing yourself from potential infection in the future.

    To prevent an infection, you must know the causes of the same.

    Ear infection
    A ear infection is the most common type of infection in ENT infections. You need to know when you are getting an infection, if you do.
    If you feel an ache or pain, if you feel you cannot hear thing as clear as you used to or if you’ve completely lost hearing, if you feel some weird pressure in your ear(s), if there is pus or something like pus in your ear that you see or feel, then there is a chance of having or getting an infection.
    Allergies, cold, adenoid problems (small tissue near your tonsils), smoking, excess mucus production, and bacteria/virus in your ear are some of the common causes of a ear infection.

    You can prevent the infection by protecting your ears from cold by boosting your immune system, by getting allergies check with an ENT specialist on a regular basis, taking medication, and keeping your ears clean regularly.

    Throat infection
    Sore throat is the most common type of throat infection and can be caused by viral infection such as, common cold, infection in the voice box, mononucleosis, herpangina, influenza, mumps, etc; bacterial infections can occur from strep throat, inflammation in tonsils or epiglottis or uvula, in rare cases, STD; and irritants and injuries also cause throat infections such as, smoking, mouth allergies, and stomach problems.

    Prevention of a throat infection will depend on the cause, but the one type of prevention that will help all the ENT infections away is the care from the start. Keeping yourself away from habits of smoking, drinking freezing cold water, keeping yourself exposed in the cold for too long, eating healthy so your immune system can handle such infection in the initial stage, and visiting the doctor regularly are some of the prevention methods that will always help you stay away from these painful infections.

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  • The online used car auction trend

    Used cars auctions have gone to a whole new level due to the advent of the online dealer auctions which enable buyers to bid on good deals for used or salvageable cars. Similar to the dynamics of a dealer auction set up in a place, the virtual auctions too are real and highly profitable for both the direct buyers and dealers who first buy, repair, and then resale for profits. While buyers can directly be a part of auctions, exclusive third party dealers also aid in bidding on your behalf at a small fee making it a win-win situation for all parties involved. This online trend has become quite a hit among buyers as they get to choose from a wider variety at the same spot without having to wait for the course of a few auctions to get a deal late. However, this method is tricky if you’re a first-time buyer. There are precautionary points that a buyer may want to note before bidding on used cars online in order to get the best out of it.

    What to buy?

    Start with looking for recently repossessed cars as they will be ones where the damage is newer and are comparatively in better shape than ones that have been sitting in the yard for long periods of time. When you buy a car out of an auction there is a high chance that you may incur post-buy repairs to fix the glitches. Getting a newer car helps navigate other possible problems that had been ignored over a longer time duration. There is also the chance that the car is being auctioned due to a negligent owner and then you might be looking at a money-saving deal.

    Buy closer to home:

    You may want to watch where you’re buying from since buying closer to home would mean you get to inspect the car instead of being blindsided in a long-distance shipped car that you get to see only after you have bought it. This will save big on being safe than sorry. Close on a deal that checks your mechanical test as the deal may expire soon.

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  • Fall Allergy – Best ways to treat it

    Fall allergies forcing your kids to bide their time inside the home? You can find some of the tips enumerated below helpful for your children. Before reading those, let us understand some of the fall allergy signs.

    Fall Allergy Signals

    During fall, it is estimated that more than 30 million Americans suffer from various kinds of allergies. The most common allergy that most of suffer from is the hay fever or allergic rhinitis. Hay fever is caused by many types of plants. One plant that causes hay fever is ragweed and there are 17 different types of this plant that cause this allergy.

    In all there are 7 signs of autumn allergies and symptoms. They are –

    • Sneezing
    • Post nasal drip
    • Itchy throat, nose and eyes
    • Asthma attacks
    • Fatigue
    • Congestion
    • Coughing

    How to treat fall allergies?

    Buy a dehumidifier-
    During fall, our homes become humid because of the retention of moisture. Such an environment is ideal for the growth of molds and dust mites. If you are allergic to these organisms, you must buy a dehumidifier. This machine sucks up extra moisture from the air and makes you comfortable.

    Staying clean- Washing yourself after a day’s hard work is not a bad idea after all. When you come home after spending a lot of time out, you also bring back home a lot of pollen. Remove your shoes before entering your house. Change your clothes at your door way so that no pollen enter your home.

    Monitoring pollen levels- If your area is a high pollen zone during fall, then stay indoors for some time. Restrict your activities to your home and do not venture out. Keep away from allergens. Once the pollen level is stabililized, you can resume your normal life style.

    Laundry – Don’t hang clothes outside to dry. Laundry is a good magnet for pollens. Avoid drying your clothes outside. It would be a good idea to use a washing machine, instead.

    OTC medication – It is a good idea to take OTC antihistamines. These days these drugs are non-drowsy, long lasting and are also more effective. You should start taking these medicines a few days before the onset of fall and continue taking them for the rest of the season.

    Replace your air conditioner filter – You should change your AC filters regularly. These are the best places for the pollen to live and grow. Replace these filters with hypoallergenic ones.

    Switching on an air-conditioner at night – You are probably spending close to 8 hours every day in the night sleeping and relaxing. Switch on your air-conditioner so that your room is free from pollen. Use HEPA filters in your machine to minimize the growth of these particles.

    Is it the dog? In case you have a dog as your pet, then don’t let it come near you and sleep in your bed. Dogs are carriers of pollen but, many pet owners are oblivious to this simple fact. Make the tough decision and keep your dog away for some time.

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  • Challenge your core strength with CrossFit exercises

    Currently trending among flocks of fitness freaks, Crossfit is a form of exercise that challenges and demands you to level up your game in efficiently increasing your core strength. The nerdy definition states that CrossFit is a training program that builds strength and conditioning through challenging workouts that are extremely varied.

    CrossFit is a tailor-made workout session that involves minimal or no equipment to work on. What it involves is a lot of natural muscular movement mixed with cardiovascular sessions. This way, it helps in improving various aspects of functional strength. It does not specialize in any one form of exercise. Its simple goal is to enable you to build a core strength which eventually helps you stay fit and free from lethargy.

    The exercises involved in CrossFit are completely unconventional. There are no ellipticals, treadmills, weight machines or any other gym equipment. CrossFit is a perfect way for beginners interested in weight training. Through CrossFit, you will learn to do all the important lifts. It is a great milestone for fitness fanatics. CrossFit is structured in a way that it challenges every other aspect of your strength every day. CrossFit requires built-in teamwork, camaraderie, and competition. Almost all exercise in cross fit are time competent.

    Although, CrossFit might not be beneficial for someone who considers themselves to be specialists. Powerlifters for starters might find limited or no workout regimes that require powerlifting. Sport specific athletes are the ones that train with a particular set of exercise that make them efficient with that specific sport. Every sport requires certain types of power in the specific muscle which might be seldom possible with CrossFit. Even then there are athletes that combine CrossFit with sport specific workouts, CrossFit football is one such example. There are individuals that love to work out alone, CrossFit is a group training this means that you might not get an opportunity to follow your own regime and your form of workout.

    Is it dangerous? Yes, it is! If you are one of those who would sacrifice form in exchange for finishing the workout quicker. You need a spotter at all time that helps to keep your form correct at all times. Doing CrossFit in the wrong form can be very harmful to the body in the long run. Since CrossFit involves some kind of strength training, it needs to be done in correct form. You also need to follow proper diet pre and post the CrossFit sessions, so that it helps you maintaining stamina during and even after you are done training.

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  • How to get your Moth orchids to rebloom

    Moth orchids, commonly known as Phalaenopsis, are a popular pick among aesthetic gardeners due to their unparalleled beauty and ease of growing. The bloom season for moth orchids spans several months. However, getting them to rebloom can be tricky. Like many other flowers, Phalaenopsis bloom only once a year. This implies after your plant is done blooming, you need to work hard to keep it alive and healthy until the next blooming season unveils. Here are some indoor orchid care tips to get your moth orchids to rebloom:

    • Water and humidity – You need to monitor the level of watering and humidity closely. Even the slightest neglect on the Phalaenopsis can create some major setbacks. If the plant is growing in a free-draining blend of fir bark, you need to water it regularly. Also remember, never let the roots dry out completely.
      In cases of dry weather like the winters, increase the humidity with the help of orchid pots set on a tray of pebbles or opt for a special humidity grid. Place the pots above the water and don’t let them submerge to ensure right indoor orchid care.
    • Soil – Due to their epiphytic character, Phalaenopsis grow well in a chunky mixture of pine bark, charcoal, and sphagnum moss. This soil mix drains very rapidly and allows the roots to get plenty of air.
    • Fertilization –  As part of indoor orchid care, especially for Moth orchids, regular fertilization of the plant is necessary. Use specialized water soluble fertilizers that are formulated for orchids.
    • Light – A healthy Moth Orchid plant needs adequate light. Phalaenopsis thrive in bright lights instead of direct sunlight. They also grow well under full spectrum lights.
    • Temperature – Night time is crucial for moth orchids. These plants flourish with dropped temperatures during the night, usually about 10 to 15 degrees F.

    These easy tips to get your Moth Orchids to rebloom will help you choose an ideal spot for growing your flowers indoors.

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