Overview of an electric three wheeler
Overview of an electric three wheeler

E-rickshaws and electric tricycles are two more names for three-wheeled vehicles propelled by electric motors rather than traditional internal combustion engines. They provide a green and environmentally beneficial kind of transportation that is becoming increasingly well-liked around the globe. Electric three-wheelers are a practical option for personal mobility, delivery of commodities, and public transportation. Electric three-wheelers are typically made for short-distance travel in urban and suburban regions. So let’s learn more about them.

Purpose of electric three-wheelers
Electric three-wheelers are primarily used as a clean and effective form of transportation. They are frequently used as a more luxurious and practical alternative to typical auto-rickshaws, cycle rickshaws, or pedal-powered tricycles. Electric three-wheelers are particularly well-liked in highly populated areas, where they help ease traffic congestion and improve air quality.
Electric three-wheelers offer safe, reliable, and efficient transportation compared to conventional cars. They aim to provide accessible, affordable, clean transportation solutions while minimizing adverse environmental effects, enhancing air quality, and generating economic possibilities.

Benefits compared to traditional vehicles

Environmental benefits
Electric three-wheelers emit a vastly reduced amount of carbon dioxide compared to conventional vehicles, thanks to their zero exhaust emissions. By lowering greenhouse gas emissions, metropolitan areas will have better air quality, lessening pollution and associated health problems.

Electric three-wheelers have less expensive operational costs than conventional vehicles. Due to the more straightforward design and fewer moving parts in electric motors, maintenance costs are also lower than with gasoline or diesel fuel. As a result, electricity is typically less expensive than these fuels. As a result, drivers and operators can use electric three-wheelers as an affordable form of transportation.

Noise reduction
Electric three-wheelers don’t have internal combustion engines, so they run softly. Lowering noise pollution improves the quality of life for both pedestrians and passengers.

For people who might have trouble driving conventional vehicles, like older people or people with mobility issues, electric three-wheelers offer an accessible method of transportation. Its open layout and low floor height make electric three-wheelers easier to board and exit.

Job creation
As the electric three-wheeler market expands, new employment possibilities in production, assembly, maintenance, and operation may arise. This can enhance livelihoods and support local economic growth, particularly in areas with significant demand for electric three-wheelers.

Regulatory Support
Many municipal and state governments are implementing rules and offering incentives to encourage using electric three-wheelers. This comprises incentives that promote the switch to electric mobility and assist in expanding the market for electric three-wheelers, such as subsidies, tax breaks, and priority lanes or parking places.

Types of electric three-wheelers

Passenger e-rickshaws
Urban and suburban areas can use passenger e-rickshaws to transport people. They typically accommodate 2 to 6 persons depending on size and style and are well-liked for short-distance commuting.

Transport trikes
Electric freight or cargo trikes are made for carrying goods and cargo. They have a larger cargo bed or separate compartment in the back, which may accommodate heavy loads. To provide last-mile delivery services, cargo trikes are frequently deployed. They provide maneuverability, simplicity of parking, and reduced delivery times in congested traffic.

Delivery vehicles
Three-wheeled electric cars are being used for delivery purposes more and more frequently. These vehicles are intended for short- to medium-distance package and cargo transportation. Secure cargo compartments, movable shelving, or compartments explicitly designed for different types of deliveries are frequently found on delivery vans. They are used by local businesses, e-commerce sites, and courier services to do last-mile deliveries that are both effective and sustainable.

Food carts and trikes for vending
Electric three-wheelers are modified for use as vending trikes and food carts. These trucks have specially constructed food carts or vending machines enabling people to operate mobile businesses selling food, drinks, or other goods. In addition, they offer a flexible and environmentally responsible solution for small companies and are frequently seen in outdoor markets, parks, festivals, and tourist destinations.

Recreational three-wheelers
Electric tricycles and electric scooters are two examples of three-wheelers that can be used for leisure. These cars are intended for individual usage and offer an enjoyable and environmentally beneficial way to explore urban or rural areas. In addition, they frequently include additional storage for personal items, adjustable handlebars, and comfortable seating.

Customized three-wheelers
Customized electric three-wheelers can be made for particular uses and industries. Some types, for instance, are modified for usage in the waste management industry and come with bins or compartments for storing and moving trash. Some are modified for use in the hospitality sector, offering shuttle services inside resorts or tourist hotspots.

Things to consider before purchasing an electric vehicle

  • Examining your everyday commute and driving style is the first step. Examine the EV’s range about your needs and the accessibility of charging stations in your neighborhood.
  • Consider your budget next. It is crucial to consider any potential long-term fuel and maintenance cost reductions.
  • Examine the charging time and options as well. Fast charging and level 2 charging are available on different EV models. Examine whether the charging period fits your schedule and whether fast-charging facilities are available on lengthy journeys.
  • Finally, think about the effect on the environment. Zero tailpipe emissions from EVs reduce air pollution and the carbon footprint. Analyze the overall sustainability and future advantages of switching to electric vehicles.

Electric three-wheelers offer income generation options through delivery services and other transportation-related businesses. Additionally, their expanding market encourages job growth in the charging, manufacturing, assembly, and maintenance infrastructure.

  • 5 effective treatments for atopic dermatitis

    Atopic dermatitis is a kind of inflammation, which results in redness, itching, cracking and swelling of the skin. This is seen in adults but more commonly in children. This condition usually starts in childhood and its severity increases with age. Often, the rashes may ooze and thicken over time.

    Even though this is an incurable disease, atopic dermatitis treatment options can help to relieve various symptoms such as severe itching, skin inflammation, skin infection, and scaly lesions. Treatments can also help to prevent the formation of new lesions. The symptoms can be controlled to some extent using various home treatments such as the ones given below:

    • Mild atopic dermatitis treatment can be done at home using skin barrier repair moisturizers, which help to prevent dry skin. It is advisable to use thicker creams instead of lotions and ointments like petroleum jelly, which helps to lock in the moisture of the skin. These must frequently be used.
    • Preventive care measures for atopic dermatitis treatment include bathing in lukewarm or warm water instead of hot water to prevent the skin from drying out, avoiding allergens such as harsh detergents or soaps that may trigger rash formation, and avoiding scratching of the affected areas.

    Depending on the severity of the rashes, a doctor may prescribe any of the following treatments:

    • When the rash covers large areas of the body, the doctor may prescribe high strength topical corticosteroids or oral corticosteroids. These are also used if there are skin infections.
    • Treatments like phototherapy or psoralen plus ultraviolet light therapy (PUVA) which use exposure to ultraviolet light, with or without medication may be helpful.
    • If other treatments don’t work, then interferon (a type of protein that the body produces and helps to fight infections; also available as a drug) or cyclosporine (a drug to suppress the immune system) is sometimes used in adults.
    • Antihistamines (drugs used to treat allergies) are often prescribed to reduce itching.
    • Another effective atopic dermatitis treatment method involves the use of wet bandages and topical corticosteroids for wrapping the affected area.

    If the rashes don’t get better with these home treatments, it is better to seek medical attention immediately.

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  • Different types of auto glass & how to maintain them

    Have you ever wondered why the windshield glass does not break into sharp shards of glass when a car meets with an accident?

    That is because the glass used to make the windshield and the side windows of the car is not regular glass. It is called auto glass and is specially designed to meet the needs of an automobile.

    Here are some things about the auto glass of your car you did not know about:

    The first type of auto glass is called the laminated glass. You can see laminated glass in the windshield of your car. Not just that, laminated glass is also used for other purposes outside the automobile industry. It is used wherever there is a possibility of human impact.

    The laminated glass is made by bringing together two glass sheets and sticking them with polyvinyl butyral and then heating it to high temperature.

    Laminated glass in the windshield helps to protect the car accident victim from getting a major injury if he or she is thrown off towards the glass in full impact.

    Laminated auto glass can be easily repaired if it has a minor crack. This is done by drilling a special adhesive into the glass with the right pressure.

    The second type of the auto glass is called the tempered glass. Tempered glass is also used these days to protect your cell phone screens.

    In this, a single glass is introduced to heat and then it is rapidly made to cool down.

    You will find tempered glass in the glass of the side and back windows of your car.

    Just like the laminated glass, tempered glass is harmless when it shatters and breaks down into pieces. These glass pieces won’t have a sharp edge like the regular glass.

    One of the major difference between laminated glass and tempered glass is that while laminated glass can be fixed if damaged, tempered glass can only be replaced.

    Tips to maintain your car windshield:

    As soon as your car spots a cracked windshield, get it checked and fixed by the auto glass experts.

    Change your windshield wiper twice a year.

    Park your vehicle in the shade to protect it from overexposure to UV rays.

    Don’t keep your car out on chilly night, instead park them in garage. Drastic fluctuations in the temperature can cause the windshield to crack and damage.

    Avoid slamming your car doors as it puts pressure on the glasses of the windshield.

    Be aware of what cleaning products are you using on your vehicles. Stay clear of products which contain ammonia.

    It is best to spend on a good auto glass specialist and get your car’s windshield repaired, as you will thank yourself later if you ever are in a car accident.

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  • 5 clever hacks to choose the best air purifier for your home

    Life can be quite difficult for people who suffer from allergies since even their homes aren’t safe from the allergy-inducing entities. However, since the inception of air purifiers, one can say that such people can easily combat their allergy woes. There are elements in the air that aren’t visible to the human eye; however, they can wreak havoc if they enter your system. To prevent air contaminants as small as 1/3 of a micron from entering your body, you have to choose the best air purifier for your home.

    Since there are a plethora of brands manufacturing air purifiers, how do you choose the best air purifier for your home? Here’s how you go about it.

    Does the air purifier say HEPA air purifiers?
    Modern air purifiers are mostly HEPA air purifiers, or High-Efficiency Particulate Air filters, that are designed to trap microscopic contaminants. These can eliminate 99.97% of the particles, even the ones that are as small as 0.003 microns! With regular air purifiers, there are high chances that these microscopic particles can get through and cause irritation to the occupants of the house. So, if you wish to choose the best air purifier for your home, choose a HEPA air purifier.

    Activated charcoal is a must
    Ensure that the air purifier you choose for your home has activated charcoal in it. The activated charcoal is instrumental in removing harmful gases and bad odors from the room it is placed in. Potent charcoal filters are effective in eliminating the heaviest smoke and can keep the environment inside the house clean.

    Opt for an air purifier with a pre-filter
    As important as the HEPA filter is, you must not overlook the effectiveness of a pre-filter. Without a pre-filter, the larger particles in the air can directly reach the HEPA filter and reduce its efficiency. To prevent such instances from occurring, opting for an air purifier with a pre-filter will be a wise decision.

    A high Clean Air Delivery Rate
    If you wish to buy the best air purifier for your home, you will have to check the Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR). The higher the CADR, the better the quality of air for you to breathe in. This number vouches for the purifier’s ability to cleanse the air of different contaminants. So, ensure that you opt for an air purifier that has high CADR.

    Avoid negative ions, UV lights, and photocatalytic oxidation
    It is imperative that you avoid buying an air purifier if you see negative ions, UV lights, and photocatalytic oxidation in its specifications. These three specifications can release ozone as a by-product, and ozone is harmful to the lungs and can incite asthma attacks and other respiratory issues.

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  • iPad Air – A Thin and Stylish Budget Tablet

    The iPad Air was launched in November 2013 and was much loved by Apple fans. The company sold many pieces of this table till it was discontinued in 2016, after the launch of the iPad Pro. The iPad Air was launched with a thinner design and bore many similarities with the iPad Mini 2. It also had the similar A7 processor, which was accompanied by an M7 coprocessor. You can still buy this iPad Air in the market if you do not mind investing in an old model because, as already mentioned, the iPad Air is a discontinued product. Read on to know about the specifications of the iPad Air.

    The iPad Air has a dimension of 240×169.9×7.5 mm and weights between 469 and 478 grams based on the connectivity method, which is Wi-Fi or LTE. This iPad has the option of a nano-SIM as well.

    The iPad Air has a display made of LED-backlit IPS LCD, which is complemented by a capacitive touch screen and 16 million colors. The screen size is 9.7 inches and has a resolution of 1536×2048 pixels. It also has an oleophobic coating and a scratch-resistant glass.

    This tablet comes with multiple options of internal storage. You can get an iPad Air in different storage variants of 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB. Depending on the storage capacity, the price of the tablet varies. The RAM capacity of this tablet is 1GB for all internal storage sizes. There is, however, no card slot for external memory.

    The front camera is 1.2 MP and comes with features like face detection so that you can click good selfies and also chat over apps like FaceTime. The rear camera is 5 MP and features HDR.

    The Apple iPad Air has stereo speakers, and it comes with a 3.5 mm jack, so you can connect it to other outputs as well. It also has active noise cancellation along with a dedicated mic.

    Operating system
    The iPad Air works on iOS 7 and is upgradable up to iOS 11.4.1. It incorporates Apple’s A7 chipset and has a dual-core 1.3 GHz Cyclone CPU and a PowerVR G6430 GPU.

    The iPad Air is a good tablet considering all the features that it has to offer. Therefore, if you do not mind buying an old model, you can go ahead and invest in a stylish iPad Air.

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  • All about Rothco and Under Armour jackets

    Be it Guess, Lacoste and Hugo Boss, jackets from these known brands have been popular all over the years. There are brands like Rothco and Under Armour that are building their popularity in the United States with their fantastic jacket collection.

    Here’s an overview of these brands which will help you shift your focus to these brands that offer top class jackets.

    Rothco and Under Armour have been known for providing stronger apparels. They make sure their customers are satisfied. They mainly aim at a stronger version of their jackets and Rothco being the ancient supplier of survival, adventurous, outdoor and military products are really great. It started as a family business, back in 1953. Even now, Rothco jackets are popular for their military clothing, and they have been the first choice in serving military equipment. It is a store with over 10,000 dealers worldwide. The main purpose of military apparel is protection, safety, and survival which are well incorporated in their jackets. The Uniform work wear, gift and hobby market, screen printing and embroidery work all this was part of Rothco’s marketing campaigns.
    Under Armour incorporation is another company from the United States that is into footwear, casual wear, sportswear, etc. In 2009 they announced a voluntary recall of athletic cups as they were proved to be unsafe due to easy breakage. The Under Armour jackets have told to have brought a 27% increase during fall and winter. Dedicated revenue of approximate $1 billion has come from the Under Armour jacket sale.

    Over the years, Rothco jackets have been placed 24 hours’ delivery, and they have all been 99% consistent in bringing a dedicated workforce in place, and a state of stocking well in prior is all that it takes.
    Rothco Jackets and Under Armour jackets are an adornment to the wardrobe. The sheer presence of such a rich looking jacket will be an addition to your wardrobe. The basic essence of Rothco jacket website is that it is user-friendly and lovely to look at. It gives off a military feel, and the color of the website is brightly military. The drawbacks would be that every item has to be clicked to know the details whereas the Under Armour is a brand available in almost all retail stores and websites apart from their own physical store and official website. The athletic benefits of the Under Armour and Rothco jackets is the major reason why they are sold at a very good rate. While Rothco jackets are solely for military uses, Under Armour has sponsorship for almost all sports including football, golf, Rugby, Hunting, etc. Testimonials for Rothco jackets and Under Armour are always welcoming and commendable.

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  • Five questions to ask before you hire a rodent pest control expert

    Allowing rodents to roam around can prove to be an enormous mistake, for both commercial and residential properties. It puts your health as well as safety at risk. Thankfully, there are rodent pest control experts who help us get rid of rodents effectively. If you are planning to hire the service of a rodent pest control company, here are the questions to get the best results.

    • Are you licensed to do the job?
      The rodent pest control experts often use chemical products to keep the rodents away from home. This can create allergies or health hazards to the members of the home. However, companies with professional expertise use permitted chemicals only. Therefore inquire if the company is licensed and insured to do the task.
    • Can you provide references?
      Do not be reluctant to ask for a few references of the company so that you can assess the credibility of the team. If the company is competent at its services, they will be happy to provide you with references of former clients. It is always better to choose a company with considerable experience and expertise to do the job.
    • Will there be a contract?
      Ask the representative of the company whether they provide a written agreement regarding the work. Moreover, you should get a written estimate relating to the cost of the job after they inspect your property. Make sure they do not ask for any hidden charges, once the work is over.
    • How do you prevent rodents?
      Here is the most important question. Professional rodent pest control experts employ various methods to control the organisms. You should precisely understand the techniques they are using and, most importantly, how safe it is for you as well as your pets. Inquire whether you have to vacate the home while the professionals do their job.
    • Is there a guarantee?
      Most of the companies offer you a guarantee that your home will be free of rodents for a definite period. If not, do not be hesitant to ask how they prevent rodents from coming back to your property.
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  • Enjoy lease deals on these new Volvo cars

    Volvo’s recent car launch includes the new S60 and XC90 and these are currently available on lease. The automobile company offers monthly payment at low rates, which means you can drive the top-tier models without having to shell out a lot of money. Leasing a car is a good option for short-term use or to write off tax. With a Volvo, you’ll also enjoy great features, which is a plus. Take a look at the following Volvo cars and new lease deals available.

    XC90 T5 FWD Momentum

    The powerful and angular XC90 is available for a monthly payment of $579. It comes with front park assist, wireless charging, and other standard Volvo features, which make it a well-rounded car to have. The lease deal includes destination fee and a lease bonus application of $1800, which is like a prepayment for future charges. You are required to pay $4,979 at signing. You can contact an authorized Volvo retailer to avail of this new Volvo lease deal.

    S60 Recharge R-Design Expression

    For a versatile hybrid sedan, go for the S60 Recharge that has a lease deal of $419 per month. Similar to the XC90, the price is inclusive of destination fee; however, in this deal you will get a $6,750 lease bonus application. This car comes with the blind spot information system (BLIS) feature that maintains safety while lane changing. As with all Volvo cars on lease, the user will have the responsibility of mileage limits and excess wear.

    S60 T5 AWD Momentum

    If you’re looking for a spacious three-powertrain car, this S60 Momentum can be your short-term ride for only $379 a month, thanks to the new Volvo lease deal. At this price, you can enjoy features like keyless start, hands-free communications system, and electronic stability control. Volvo doesn’t take a security deposit and offers an application for a $3,500 lease bonus. This is a good car to get on lease as it is cheaper than the others, looks incredible, and offers a seamless driving experience.

    Before you pick a car, check for maintenance, registration, and dealer charges to make an informed decision. Also, to get a Volvo car on lease, you have to meet certain requirements including credit standards. So, go through all the terms and conditions before you get the car.

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  • Three tips for choosing stylish plus size clothing

    No matter what shape you are, flaunt what you got! Confidence is the only accessory you need irrespective of your figure or weight. A variety of options in plus size clothing are available at Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, Macy’s, etc. There are a variety of these retail stores as well as online merchants that offer a variety of plus-size clothes to choose from. However, with variety comes confusion. During such a dilemma, there are certain staple clothes that you can rely on.

    Below are some plus size clothing options that can be your go-to.

    The perfect fit
    While many people assume that wearing loose and baggy clothes are great for women with fuller-figure, it rather does the opposite. Boxy and baggy clothes tend to maximize the shape of one’s body to its fullest potential. Hence, rather than opting for loose clothes, go for tailored pieces that look more structured and flatter your curves. Some of the popular tailored pieces you can opt for are straight-leg trousers, button-up shirts, structured single-button blazers, etc. When it comes to formal wear, a tailored suit that fits you perfectly will give you the comfort and look that you desire.

    Step in the dark
    When it comes to plus size clothing, one of the simplest clothes you can rely on are the dark-colored ones. Especially, the color black is known as the perfect slender coloring. So, when you are in doubt regarding what to purchase, any good black outfit is your go-to. Whether it is LBD, black jeans, a basic tee, or those tuxedo pants, you can simply never go wrong with black. Also, black is known to be one of the go-to colors for most women when they are confused about what to buy or even what to wear.

    Focus on the cinched-in midsection
    A cinched-in midsection always tends to look appealing and flattering irrespective of the figure. Choosing waist-cinching silhouettes enhances the appearance of one’s body and gives a more hourglass appeal to it. You can simply opt for outfits that are tight near the waist section to flatter your curves or you can enhance an outfit by simply adding a belt near your waist to give your figure more definition.

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