Top 5 human foods that are safe for cats
Top 5 human foods that are safe for cats

We may feed our feline friends human foods because they are easily available. Plus, feeding them these foods may save us money and maybe a little cooking time. However, not all human foods are good for cats. In fact, certain human foods can be fatal to their well-being. Therefore, it is important to know which human foods are safe to eat. Here are five such foods you can serve to them with ease.


Fish contain omega-3 fatty acids, which are known to maintain cats’ eye health. Omega-3 is also known to curb health issues such as kidney disease, arthritis, and heart disorders. However, do not feed your cat any raw fish as it can lead to a gastrointestinal upset when consumed. Canned or cooked fish, on the other hand, make for delicious healthy cat treats.


Vegetables contain essential vitamins, minerals, water, and fibers. When combined, these properties promote healthy digestion in cats. To get your pet to eat these greens, merge them into a veggie burger. Your cat may enjoy nibbling on the healthy cat treat. Cantaloupe, cucumber, steamed broccoli, and asparagus are some vegetables that offer several benefits to a cat’s health.


Oats isn’t just a great addition to our breakfasts but is also healthy for cats. Oats is a good source of whole grains and contains several proteins per calorie. These properties benefit the heart and digestive system while maintaining the overall health of your pet cat. Other sources of whole grains include mashed brown rice, wheat berries, barley, even cooked millet, and couscous.


Cats are carnivores and therefore require protein from meat to stay healthy. Giving them cooked chicken, beef, and turkey can significantly give them the necessary macronutrients. These proteins help cats develop good vision, a strong heart, and maintain a healthy reproductive system. But avoid serving leftover meats as they could make your pet sick.


Eggs are another healthy food source both for humans and cats. They have animal protein, amino acids, and taurine. Eggs are also rich in other properties such as vitamins A, D, E, and B12. These elements give cats the nutrition they need to stay healthy and ward off any potential illness. But you ought to cook the egg before serving it up to your pet as raw eggs can make them sick.

Apart from human edibles, you can also serve up foods designed specifically for cats.

Purina Pro Plan Urinary Tract Health

The chicken-flavored product from Purina helps reduce urinary pH in cats. It also induces low magnesium levels to maintain your pet’s urinary tract health. Further, the canned cat food contains 25 essential vitamins, minerals, and taurine to improve the feline’s overall health. You can buy the Purina Pro Plan Urinary Tract Health cat food from Petco at $32.88.

Iams™ Proactive Health™ Adult Indoor Weight & Hairball Care

Iams™ Proactive Health™ Adult Indoor Weight & Hairball Care offers required nutrients to cats. The L-carnitine content also helps burn fat and helps maintain a healthy digestive system. The formula also consists of a proprietary fiber blend (with beet pulp) and may significantly reduce hairballs. You can purchase a 3.5 lb. pack of the product for $7.79 on the IAMS official website.

Hill’s Science Diet Adult 7+ Hairball Control

This is an anti-hairball dry cat food from Hill’s Science Diet. The chicken-flavored product is rich in natural fibers that reduce hairball formation in older cats. It also contains essential nutrients for healthy skin and fur. A 7 lb. pack costs about $30 on Petco.

Royal Canin Feline Weight Care Loaf in Sauce

The Royal Canin Feline Weight Care Loaf in Sauce is a balanced cat food formula for weight control. Its L-carnitine content promotes fat metabolism and improves muscle mass. You can buy a case of 24 X 5.1 oz. for $54.96 from Petco.

  • Tips for buying trundle beds

    If you want a bed that will save you space, but will not be too small, trundle beds are the best option. A trundle bed will suit the bigger families living in small quarters or those who have rented a new apartment, but want a bed that won’t make your room look clumsy. It is even very helpful when you have visitors in your house. But before buying a trundle bed you must have knowledge about certain things, which are listed here.

    A trundle bed is a special modification of a normal bed in which a smaller bed can be inserted underneath a larger one. So with a single piece of furniture, you will get more than one sleeping space. It is very similar to bunk beds, but in this case, you can pull out that extra bed when you need it. At other times, it would just look like a normal twin-sized bed.

    Why should you opt for a trundle bed?
    If you want to save space, buy a trundle bed. You will get two beds in the same space as one. There are various shapes of trundle beds available in the market. You can opt for fascinating ones shaped in the form of a lounge which will, in turn, serve you both purposes. You can use it as a couch in the daytime and then take out the smaller bed when you need it.

    For whom are trundle beds best?
    Trundle beds can be used by anyone. But due to the smaller size of the bed which stays underneath, it is best suited for teens and children. It also serves best for guests who stay overnight in your house. However, if you have someone in the house who has a back pain, then trundle beds are not the option for you. Also because of its closeness to the ground, it is not an option for elderly people who may have a problem of getting up on their own.

    Know about the material of your trundle bed
    Trundle beds are available in various materials that are used in all other standard beds. They do not need any specific material. Trundle beds can be made of wood or even metal. Some brands even provide upholstered trundle beds. So it is best that you choose the material of your bed based on the other interior decorations of your house, also keeping your budget in mind.

    Are trundle beds available in all sizes?
    Trundle beds are crafted in a way so as to be easily accommodated in compact spaces. But they are available in various sizes. The twin size is the most common one.

    Since, this is one bed that is available in all shapes, sizes, and colors, purchase a trundle bed that suits you the best and solves all your space issues.

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  • How to deal with itchy skin

    You may be suffering from itchy skin because of a number of reasons. From a flea bite to severe conditions like psoriasis, itchy skin can be caused by different medical conditions. The best way to understand it is by diagnosing the itchy skin symptoms. Consulting a doctor will be the ideal way to treat itchy skin symptoms and get a prognosis on measures to be taken to control the itchiness.

    However, often it is not possible to consult a doctor. You must be aware of these procedures that will help you control itchiness.

    Use a good quality moisturizing lotion
    Apply a high quality or medicinal moisturizing lotion to the itchy area at least once a day.

    Use creams and gels that have cooling effect on your skin
    Try to use creams and gels that are based on items like, cucumber, aloe vera, mint, and lemon that induce a cooling effect on the skin.

    Avoid things that make your skin itch more
    Try to avoid using clothes or foods or conditioners that accentuate the itchiness of your skin.

    Apply anti-itch cream or lotion to the affected area
    Anti-itch creams are easily available in a pharmaceutical store. Apply to the affected area at least 2-3 times daily.

    Don’t scratch
    It is hard not to scratch when your skin is itching like hell, but try not to scratch it as it may lead to a nasty infection. Wear gloves if necessary.

    Apply a cold and wet compress
    Wrap the affected area with a wet compress preferably using ice-cold or cold water.

    Bathe in different solutions
    Prepare a bath by dissolving baking soda or finely ground oatmeal in lukewarm water. Soak your whole body in it for about 30 minutes. Wash it off with regular water and apply moisturizer.

    Itchy skin symptoms will abate if you follow these uncomplicated remedies. But if the itchiness persists, it is advisable to consult a doctor and let him/her take a look at your itchy skin symptoms.

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  • How much does it cost to repair your broken TV?

    Deciding whether to replace or repair your broken TV depends on the severity of the problem. Having a thought to buy a new TV would be an expensive guess though the cost of TVs has dropped in recent times. That does not mean you need to throw good money on a refurbished one. In fact, repairing your broken TV and press ahead despite difficulties isn’t the best option to save money. Repair charges can be high or low depending on the condition of the TV and the TV model. If you feel the repair rates to be expensive or more than 50% of the TV price it is advisable to snap up a new one. Here is a quick guide that talks about the amount you need to spend on your broken TV.

    Standard repair cost
    Modern LCD TVs are designed to last 40,000 viewing hours that would stay in good working conditions for about 20 years after which it will slowly show signs of common issues like discolor and burn outs. Don’t get confused in choosing the right TV repair station as it is always better to opt for the authorized one. The best buy website charges minimum of $99.99 for the first visit and if your TV is too costly to fix the best buy store provides coupon for 10% off the purchase of a new TV.

    Model and size of your TV matter
    The cost of TV repairs depends on a number of factors. While the location of the shop and the type of services they provide are the major reasons for expensive repairs, the size and model of the TV is also one of the factors. People repair and re-repair old analog TVs thinking that it is money saving but analog TVs are no power saving device and the you will have to pay heavy as parts are getting harder to come by. TV repair rates hike from 42” models and additional charges are levied on plasma, LCD, or LED models.

    Do it yourself
    If you can’t get a single service man who does repairs to come to your house, you can try and diagnose the problem yourself. The service men would prefer to take it along with them and charge you extra. Try to identify the problem, and check if there are any loose connections with the wires or fittings to make it work or refer with the user’s manual to do the basic repair without spending money or unnecessary services.

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  • Features of iPhone 7 Plus

    iPhone 7 Plus 128GB is an amazing smartphone from Apple. The mammoth battery backup is one of the aspects of Apple iPhone 7 which makes it unique in the real sense. The camera of iPhone 7 Plus 128GB is it’s another unique innovation that makes Apple iPhone 7 a crowd puller, and it can always be purchased from any of iPhone 7 Plus deals.

    Here are some cool features of the new iPhone 7 Plus 128Gb that you should know

    Design and Display

    iPhone 7 Plus 128GB has a 5.5 inch full HD LCD which produces 401 pixels per inch. Its retina display is also able to produce a range of colors which produces some good viewing angles. The Apple iPhone 7which can be purchased from any of iPhone 7 Plus deals come in different shades of black but are very similar in look and size to iPhone 6 and 6S.

    Operating System and Configuration

    iPhone 7 Plus 128GB is powered by a quad-core processor which has an A chipset which has been exclusively built for the Apple iPhone 7. It operates on iOS v10 and comes with a single SIM, GSM. It supports a Nano SIM and is water resistant.

    Storage and Camera

    iPhone 7 Plus 128GB is known to have the best camera Apple has come up with yet. It also has dual 12 MP cameras and has optical image stabilization. The four smart LED flashes in Apple iPhone 7 which have been fitted together deliver photos 50 percent brighter than in case of iPhone 6S. The portraits also come up lively in iPhone 7 Plus 128GB which can always be purchased from iPhone 7 Plus deals. Auto flash, face detection, HD video and image recording and touch to focus are some of the innovative features of a camera which Apple iPhone 7S has.

    Apple iPhone 7 comes with 128 GB of internal memory, and it cannot be expanded any further.

    Air-pods and Audio

    This variant of Apple iPhone 7 which can be purchased from iPhone 7 Plus deals comes with two stereo speakers which provide the users with twice the audio output of 6S. The normal 3.5 mm headphone jack has been replaced with a lightning connector and the new Apple Air Pods. Music lovers, however, can get a bit disappointed with iPhone 7 as it does not support an FM radio in case you wish to listen to some music on the radio.

    Battery and Connectivity

    iPhone 7 Plus 128GB comes with a large li-polymer non-removable battery which can provide an avid user with a battery backup of 21 hours. The smartphone is also equipped with mobile hotspots, Bluetooth, GPS A-GPS, tethering and lightning port.

    The exciting iPhone 7 Plus deals showcase a range of Apple iPhone which comes in various exciting colors including Gold, Black, Red, Silver and Jet Black. However, a big limitation of Apple iPhone is that it does not come with expandable memory.

    However, innovation has been put to true use in iPhone 7 Plus 128GB, and it comes with a back-illuminated sensor, and a quad-core LED Flash. This smartphone is an excellent option for anyone interested in regular and comprehensive shooting as it offers continuous shooting, high dynamic range mode and burst mode of shooting.

    The iPhone 7S also sports a fingerprint sensor which is located on front side of the smartphone which also makes it unique among the smartphones in the market in its range.

    Pick up your favorite iPhone 7S from the market and make a difference in which you have been using smartphone until now.

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  • Chenille bedspreads are a beautiful decor for your bedroom

    Everyone loves to have beautiful bedspreads. The origin of Chenille bedspreads dates back to 1930’s in Georgia. During this period, the US highway 41 was lined with a clothesline full of chenille bedspreads. People passing through the highway would often top and buy these bedspreads.

    Chenille can be an excellent choice for those who want to give a luxurious yet traditional look for their bedroom. They give a cozy feeling in winter and in the months of summer they look light. These bedspreads make your bedroom look peaceful and homely which had made them more popular than the cotton bedspreads.

    Chenille bedspreads come in two varieties namely hobnail and needle tuft.

    Needle tuft: In this variety, the loops are raised but not cut. The loops in needle tuft are always made in floral patterns.

    Hobnail: In hobnail variety, the loops remain uncut but their pattern is compact.

    Where can they be bought?

    The most prevalent chenille brands in the market today are Cabin Crafts, Bates, Morgan Jones, Hofmann. Bates was the first company to produce hobnail chenille. They use hobnail pattern to make bedspreads for Martha and George Washington. You can find the reproduction of these bedspreads in most of the branded stores. Giant stores like Walmart, Target, and Sears sell the reproduction of these bedspreads. You can find big sales and discount offers online in stores like Better Homes and Gardens and Etsy. Stores like Bates mills store, vintage chenille bedspread and chenille bedspread offer bedspreads of all sizes and varieties online. You can also shop them at exclusive stores like Vintage Chenille Bedspread and Vermont country store.

    How to clean?

    Chenille fabric needs to be cleaned as per the instructions given. If you add a stain by accident, get it treated right away. Otherwise, it becomes hard to remove the stain from the fabric. Use a cotton towel or a baby brush to faint the stain. If the stain is hard to remove at home use the services of upholstery cleaners.

    These bedspreads bring in a traditional look to your bedroom.

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  • Best lease deals on luxury crossovers

    Buying a luxury crossover may not be a possibility for everyone, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t fulfill your dream of owning one of these smooth riding vehicles, at least for a short period. Leasing luxury crossovers have become much more affordable as automakers need to purge 2017 vehicles to pave the way for the newer 2018 models. Let’s take a look at the best lease deals available on luxury crossovers:

    • Acura RDX which offers substantial value due to its healthy list of standard features can be taken out on lease for the rate of $299 per month for 36 months with $2,499 due at signing. This luxury crossover is equipped with a peppy V-6 engine with a comfortable cabin. The Acura RDX has received an above average reliability and impressive crash test scores.
    • BMW X1 ranks high on the list of top rated luxury crossovers and can be leased at $319 per month for 36 months with $4,244 due at signing. It is a sought after vehicle due to its performance and versatility. It comes equipped with a roomy cargo area and has spacious rear seats.
    • Cadillac XT5 comes with a lengthy list of standard and available features. It can be leased out at $389 per month for 36 months with $3,749 due at signing. It has a first class cabin which offers plenty of room for passengers and cargo. This luxury crossover earns excellent safety scores and a good reliability rating.
    • Infiniti QX30 is a sure head turner because of its spectacular looks. It can be leased at $279 per month for 39 months with $2,699 due at signing. The Infiniti QX30 comes with attractive interior and comfortable seats. It also comes with a long warranty and is very fuel efficient.
    • Lexus RX is a very reliable vehicle and can be leased at $399 per month for 36 months with $2,899 due at signing. It boasts of a comfortable and spacious cabin. It features a V-6 engine which delivers plenty of power and gets good gas mileage.
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  • Thermostats for efficient home heating systems

    Imagine you just stepped inside your home and suddenly find yourself transformed into a lightened mood! Everything around you seems wonderful and life suddenly feels great. That’s what a heating system is meant to do – make you cozy enough that you just unwind from a hard days work. Besides, having the heating at the right temperature will not only keep us comfy but also cut down on the energy bills. Effective heating controls are a crucial part of an efficient boiler powered central heating system. Smart usage of controls can help you minimize energy consumption, thereby ensuring every room is at the right temperature.

    Thermostats or central heating programmer as they are called is a small device that controls the times at which the central heating should turn on or off. There are also room thermostats which is normally placed in the living room or the hall. It responds to the air temperature around it and controls the boiler operations. For example, if the temperature is warm enough the thermostat sends a signal to the boiler to stop. Technology has also brought Thermostatic Radiator Valves, which are placed on the radiators in rooms, making it possible to control the temperature in the room. For instance, in rooms which are not used regularly, you can turn the heating down to conserve energy.

    Smart thermostats are the most sought after technology these days. Literally, the heating system of your home is controlled from a tablet or mobile phone or a computer from a remote location! The very idea of the ability to remotely control your home and its temperature does have a lot of benefits to it.

    A detailed report on the usage is made available to the user. This helps in assessing the consumption pattern and make necessary alterations.
    More often than not, we forget to turn off our heating system and realize it only when we are miles away from our homes. With smart thermostats, it is just a few seconds away! Just grab a smartphone, connect to the internet and just turn it off from anywhere in the world.

    Smart thermostats provide the ability to heat your home far more efficiently which keeps you healthy in the long run.

    A particular make of smart thermostats is even capable of learning and understanding when the house is likely to be occupied and when it is likely to be empty. This allows it to automatically pre-heat the house so that it’s at a comfortable temperature when the resident arrives. The technology is so evolved that even if there is a change in the lifestyle of these residents, these smart thermostats adjust the schedule, maintaining energy saving and comfort.

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  • Why Krups appliances are popular

    Designing a fully functional kitchen without compromising with the aesthetics can be quite a tricky task. Some homeowners either end up getting their kitchen cluttered with accessories and appliances of different types, while there are others who compromise with their daily needs just to keep some space free. If you do not want to be any of them, it will be recommended for you to get Krups appliances. Whether you need a coffee maker or you are interested in purchasing a mixer grinder, Krups has everything that you might feel is important for your kitchen. Just place the order appropriately and get your requirement fulfilled.

    Although there are multiple brands manufacturing small appliances for kitchen, not all of them enjoy the same popularity as Krups, and there are obvious reasons for it. When it comes to Krups appliances, you can certainly expect precision in the job done. Whatever be the item that you want to prepare, be it a glass of rich aromatic coffee or some deep fried chicken dishes, you can expect to relish the perfect taste by preparing them in appliances manufactured by this reputed brand. You need to add the ingredients appropriately.

    Perfection is a key factor in the immense popularity of Krups. Ease of cleaning and maintenance is another major factor leading to the huge demand for Krups. The appliances are designed in such a way that you can clean them after use. Most of the accessories, which require cleaning are dishwasher safe and requires minimum effort for cleaning.

    Krups has always maintained a keen observation on the changing requirements of customers. That is why they have kept on improvising their existing line-up with several add-on features. Not just that, the company has also introduced many new appliances to perfectly meet the requirements of the buyers. Therefore, by visiting a Krups store, you can expect to get almost everything that you need for your kitchen.

    Being a leading manufacturer of kitchen appliances, the company also has a keen eye for designing aesthetically beautiful products. Therefore, you can make your purchase without worrying about the dampening of your interiors. Just check the catalog of the company and select the right model for your purpose. When you are selecting kitchen appliances, give due importance to size factor. Mismatch in size can affect the functioning of the device as well as its aesthetics.

    Nowadays, you can find many online stores offering Krups appliances for sale. You can check them out and place your order by finding the right piece for your purpose. Before placing your order to an online store, you should verify its authenticity and avoid getting duped by scams.

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